Last few hours   
05:22am 19/08/2003
mood: Pissed off at Self
music: I like kittens
Well it is early in the morning and I am stupid. We are about to return to our damn near year round' hell and I have to wake up at 4 in the morning because I don't want to go. Damn the mind and how it works. I know last night was fun I acually sat there and talked to my family, something that I haven't done since I was about 8. I also finished reading a book this morning, trying in desperation to go back to sleep I ended up trying to finish 70 some pages in a novel by John Saul. That acually seem to wake up up even more than what I already was so here I sit now, too tired to stay awake, too awake to sleep...
03:48pm 05/08/2003
mood: amused
music: Basement Jaxx Where's your head at
Due to moral support I suppose I shall talk about my summer some more... To fill you in on what has happened well a lot. I have bought copious amounts of weed. Which is pretty nice, and I have also someone gotten my bowl stolen from me. I think my house at it. But other than that I think it has been a pretty good summer, I think I might be a dealer or something like that to like get some money and stuff. so if you want anything you don't know who I am *wink wink*
12:19pm 18/07/2003
mood: tired
music: Rockapella - Carmen Sandiego
After last night I am tired... plus no one comments or anything on this thing so there is really no need to write in it I think... so I don't know I think I might stop but then again I might not....?!
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Time for love!   
01:00am 18/07/2003
  I am having fun drinking my life away with my good friend David, David has been up for like... 2 days now and well we have had like 6 to 7 beers each and not really feeling anything so I say to hell with beer we need hard alcohol. Well I think I have made up my mind on who I would really like to be with... I was going for either Cassie or Lizzie and Since Lizzie is like OMG GUYS!!!11 I think I will be all like... OMG CASSIE!!!11 yup yup... but other than that I guess this day has been ok... umm I don't know what the fuck david is talking about but I have to like wash my face with smoke...
Wow it makes my pores tingle!!! But I think that I have written enough for today... so later fellas!! :)
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At DAvids   
10:28pm 14/07/2003
mood: high
music: Robin Willams!! :)
I am at DAvids house today. WE are probably going to do nothing but play a little X-Box *wink wink*. It's pretty fun to do that then stare at things :) plus I have been chugging Mountain DEW to keep thine soul from dieing... uhh yeah I just hope that everyone comes to my party and I hope it doesn't suck ass like the partys have been... but umm I think I will go drink some more Mountain dew and brethe in a paper bag for fun :).
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At Davids   
10:26pm 14/07/2003
  I am at Davids house today. I don't know what we are going to do. So far we have been watching TV... I like caffine it keeps me up and happy. PIgs with stuff on them are cute!!! yay!... Well I am hoping that everyone will come to my big birthday bash that I am having the 19th. IT will be pretty cool... but yeah I guess I will go and drink some more mountain DEW!  
My Arse is on fire!   
04:43pm 14/07/2003
mood: lethargic
Yes, my Arse is on fire. I guess that Eggroles and Ham and cheese hot pockets don't go together, they form some type of multen lava that eats your bowels. So I shall die now