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name - leah rebecca
a.k.a. - yo, yoffinator, nobody, shorty, scout #18, dork, lexie, dan's gurl, mrs. pomerleau..the list goes on
age - 13
b'day - Aug 1, 1989
sign - leo
location - ma
school - 8th grader @ rcms
stats - single
height - 5'1"
hair - dark brown
eyes - blue

colors - blue/orange
person - idk
season - spring/summer
soda - sprite
kind of music - all kinds...
band - good charlotte
fast food place - Mickey D's
number - 1, 8, 18, 81
tv shows - Boston Public, Friends, True Life, Punk'D
animal - dog

advice, aim, babies, baseball, basketball, blurty, boobs, boston, boston public, boston red sox, boxers, caesar salad, candles, carebears, cell phones, chatting, cherries, chicken fingers, classic, comedy, cookie dough, corn on the cob, craziness, dan, diaries, digital cameras, disney channel, dorks, dr seuss, dreaming, eminem, excersize, family, flare jeans, flirting, flute, football, french, friends, fun, games, gc, giggling, goldfish, guys, h&m, heroes, hockey, hocus pocus, hugs, ice cream, ireland, ja rule, jewish, jimmy eat world, john q, jokes, kfc, kisses, laughing, life, light blue, lilacs, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, love, lyrics, magazines, magic, makeovers, massachusetts, mcdonalds, me, movies, mtv, music, my backyard, my quoteness, nickelodeon, pac sun, pastel colors, pdas, performances, performing, pervertedness, photography, pictures, pillows, pizza, pop tarts, pouring rain, presents, pringles, puppies, r&b, randomness, rap, reeses peanutbutter cups, roses, save the last dance, shooting stars, shopping, shows, silliness, slippers, smiles, softball, songs, spin the bottle, spring, steak, strawberries, stuffed animals, subway, summer, sunshine, surprises, sweatshirts, swimming, talking on the phone, teddy bears, teens, ties, true life, trust, truth or dare, waffles, watermelon, websites, weirdness, anaheim angels, new york mets, tampa bay buccaneers, san francisco 49ers writing,

.joqqers, labels, straight leg jeans, britney spears, jamie-lynn spears posers, heartache, being alone, cheaters, liars, backstabbers, ditchers, haters, school, tomatoes, liver, mustard, spicy food, working, chores, rejection, heartbreakers, protestors, fakeness, drama and the new york yankees

··GoIn FrIeNdS oNLy·· 4·29·03@04:19pm
»mood  :  accomplished

This journal is goin 'Friends Only' ...it may get a bit more personal, I don't want certain people reading it and all the other reasons I can't think of at the moment!

*Comment to be added

* Keep commenting/posting to stay

**Quick ? for anyone that can answer** On my 'recent entries' page, I have a bunch of info on there...how do I change some of it? It's not in my overrides.... ....thanx to n e 1 who can help!

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··ShOrT 1·· 4·28·03@04:38pm
»mood  :  excited

hey..heres a quick update..yesterday..nuffin really....i won my softball game yesterday 21-16 or somethin and they rescheduled one of our make-up games for tonite (which is y this is short) and its aganst the same team so hopefully we'll win..we def. can... umm.. my lil cousin came over after...soo cute! they're movin up to NH Fridayy :( but my dad might go up there on Sunday to help them move in ...so i might join him.... school today -- blahh.... o well... i think we have 37 days left..seem like a lot, but w/e..i'll survive... we got our 'spring potraits' back today and i think mine came out pretty well so I'm going to try to scan it or something and get u guys a pic of me..okk..my sis needs to use the computer and I need to get ready for my game..wish me luck! :-P

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··I hAvE nOo cLUe..((i got carried away on this entry...whoops))·· 4·26·03@08:17pm
»mood  :  contemplative

number of people you could trust with your life: maybe 2 or 3

^ I read that off a survey from Lesli cherri_lolipop ((You get publicity from my interest! lol))

Honestly, if I answered that question, my answer would be 1. And that's my mom. Might sound pathetic, but it's the truth. People these days are so... what's the word... MEAN. Girls are just jealous, lying, backstabbing, little things. And there aren't any boys that are sensitive either. I mean, let's face it, how many are there? 2. And they're dating each other. This isn't like a vent entry..it's a the-truth-that-no1-really-wants-to-admit entry. I mean, I know some of you have best friends that you think wil never turn on you or hurt you in any way or whatever, but you know deep down there's this *teeny-tiny-eensy-weensy lil part of you* that's not sure if she'll live up to you expectations. I mean, your expectations are pretty high. She/He's supposed to be there for you and always encourage you and never be mean and make you laugh and stop you from crying and all that other stuff. So you know there's bound to be one day where she doesn't and you get all confused and wonder what you did wrong....and why you're not perfect...and how come no1 likes you... and ten you get all depresed and stuff...now im not talkin about jz best friends, but everyone..family, boyfriends, best friends, strangers, THE WORLD. idk..maybe its me in one of my perspective moods, but it jz seems that way...too much thought will screw you over. and that sucks, so stay busy! lol...i have no idea what im talking about and i'll probably look at it tomorrow and realize how much of a loser I sound like, but for now, whatever. It seems like all my blurty girls are depressed and its all caused by other ppl..and then they analyze it ((which is what im doing..sry im hypocritical at the moment)) and then everyone is like "fukk life. i wanna die" and i've had a few friends that have attempted suicide...and im jz hopin this entry will help everyone...help them realize that the world is full of mean peope and its every1 for themselves...if you dont keep yourself sane who will?

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··Username suggesions?·· 4·24·03@07:24pm
»mood  :  rejuvenated

I need a new username cuz this one blows. I don't like Dan anymore, so this sn is more than pointless. Of course, I can't make a decision never mind come up with any ideas... so I'm hopin my blurty grls can help me out some!

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··RiDiN' HiGh...·· 4·24·03@12:13pm
»mood  :  dorky

hey-lo....hmm..last entry was reminiscin..the good ol' days...we grow up too fast.... anyway .... yesterday after softball practice, cynthia and i walked down to the softball fields to watch part of one of the games.. (one of the teams playin is the 1 I hafta play tonite) then her mom came around 7 and we came back here and chilled for a bit.. then shannon came and they slept over.... good times.. stayin up till 4 am talkin about anything and everything! hehe... they left about 15 minutes ago... dad came home from work for a bit... we're gonna get some chinese food for lunch and then I might help him at work... i dont really wanna, but whatever... then I have my softball game at 5:45, but I hafta be there around 5ish.. hopin the rain holds up so I can playy.... after the game me and cynthia are gonna sleep over shannon's ...mucho fun.. Harry Potter 2 (lolz) and PIZZA ...(u dont kno how long it has been since I had a slice! lol..passover blows....hah) I think that's about it... gonna go get some eatins.. then I'm off... I have other ish to write, but no time... next time I'm here u kno I'll spill ....lol... but expect it to be friends onlyy.... whatever. I need a layout for this thing and I wanna start a site, but I'd need a layout for that too... thank god its vacation.... and thats all i hafta say! :)

omg..i was watchin elmo's world this mornin..what a cutie! lol .... mr. noodles and dorothy ... i ::heart:: that part of Sesame Street ... my lil-kidness is gettin to me!


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··ReMiNiScIn'..·· 4·23·03@12:36pm
»mood  :  refreshed

*SuMdAy wHeN wE sIt ThErE aNd ReMiNisCe
We'LL aLL saY tHeRe WaSn'T tOo MuCh wE mIsSeD
aNd tHRu tHe TeArS we'LL sMiLe aNd ReCaLL
tHaT jUsT fOr A MoMeNt wE hAd iT aLL*

Everyone has those days where you look back and wish you were 6 again...

* You picked weeds to give to your mom.

* You took your favorite doll with you EVERYWHERE.

* 'Fake people' were robots.

* School was actually fun.

* You watched your mom do everything; you were like her shadow.

* Barbie was rich! (Some things never change..)

* Your best friend was the one who had the crayon you wanted.

* The biggest name-calling was 'Stupid'. slut, skank, whore and hoe weren't even heard of.

* Rain was cool because now you got to wear your new shiny raincoat.

* You only kissed your mom.

* The most painful thing was falling off your bike.

* The funniest thing was when you made Barbie and Ken make-out.

...the good old days.

DoN't WaStE yOuR yOuTh GrOwIn' uP.

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··TeA fOr ToOsDaY!·· 4·22·03@10:45pm
»mood  :  dorky

hmm...yesterday was eventful! lol...my dad shaved off his mustache! lol... he had a beard since as long as I can remember until about 3 years (or so) ago..and then he just ahd a mustache and he's totally SHAVEN for the first time since I was born!!! may not sound like much, but he looks {crazily} different.. I think I like it though...

Anyway...didn't do anything big yesterday.. went to a softball game with Cynthia around 5:30..went and watched Courtney ((mucho fun...the only ones cheerin...me, cynthia, kari, courtney's mom, kayla's mom and chelsey's mom)) I have a game Thursday...blahh..we dont even have uniforms yet! We should be getting them tomorrow at practice...

After the game, Cynthia came back here and then we went to Richard's...played bball ((gawd im gonna hate that sport if I keep playin with boysssss...urgg..they're too good!)) then chilled inside and played video games... came home around 10 and ended up talkin to Rich online for a while

Today -- Didn't do much.. started my english outline.. call me a nerd, I'm just tryin not to procrastinate... Then my dad offered to tkae me to the mall (there's a first) and he was like 'get what ya want' ..but wouldn't ya know this is the ONE day I can't find anything I wanna buy! o welps... nice lunch in the food court as my dad makes fun of the 'teenyboppers' ..lol..pet peeve..lil 11 yr. old kids roaming around.. WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?!?! haha...

Came home and set up this gym thingy..it's an excersize machine and it's really cool..Leah's gonna get muscles..woot woot...lol...[[does excited dance]] anywayy.. not much else going on... softball practice tomorrow ... might help my dad at work or get together with Shannon ...I need the cash, but I need the fun :-\ we shall see.....

Here's a survey now...bladdy blah..I'll shut up, you have a lot to read ;)

stole this one from Jaimie...hope that's ok :) ....this one is for all the ppl I jz added to my blurty...so ya'll know about moi! :)

1) Your Name: Leah
2) Your BLURTY User Name: danzgrl224
3) Story Behind ^above^ User Name: umm..welp dan's this kid i liked/kinda still do0o...and I'd change it, but I'm too lazy! so, yeah..there ya go!
4) Nicknames/Who Gave Them To You: yO, yOfFe, YoFfInAtOr, lIl YoFfE, NoBoDy, ShOrTy, ScOuT #18, DoRk, LeXiE//my friends and parents
5) Age: 13
6) Birthday: august 1
7) Siblings: 2 [older] sisters
8) Hair Color: brown
9) Gender: girl
{ok, enough with the easy questions}

[ interesting questions ]

10) Would You Fuck A Dead Chicken?: -negative- lol
11) Whats The Latest You've Ever Stayed Up?: all night
12) Who's Your Worst Enemy?: i dont think i have any enemies..ppl i dont like, but i dont think i kno anyone who hates me... wow..i feel loved!
13) Can You Say The Alphabet Backwards?: yeah
14) Do You Act Your Age?: sometimes
15) What CD Is In Your CD Player Right Now?: dane cook (comedian)
16) Do You Want A Tatto? If So, What Do You Want?: idk if I do..I'd get one on my upper back..the actual 'red sox'...idk what else
17) What Are You Wearing?: comfy pants and an AE shirt
18) Who Do You Love?: my parents and true friends
19) Are There Secret Messages In Songs?: idk about secret, but there are def. {{strong}} messages!
{on with the next set}

[ Do You Beleive In ____? ]

20) Magic: nah
21) God: yep
22) Love At First Sight: kinda
23) Yourself: of course
24) Overcoming Obstacles: uh huh
25) Setting Goals: yes
26) A Master Plan: lol yea
27) Sex Ed Classes In Highschool: sure
28) Having Morals and Values: yeah
29) Saying "I Love You" When You Don't Really Mean It: nah..i dont think u should..'I love you' is special...idk..long explanation...
{moving right along}

[ This -or- That ]

30) Eminem -or- Icp?: Eminem
31) Britney -or- J. Lo?: jlo i s'pose
32)Gold -or- Silver?: silver
33) Night -or- Day?: night
34) Thong -or- Underwear?: thong
35) Boxers -or- Breifs?: boxers
36) Tellitubbies -or- Barney?: haha...barney! i grew up with him..who didn't?
37) Short -or- Tall?: tall [er than me..not too hard]
38) Very Underweight -or- Slightly Overweight?: slightly overwheight...ridiculously skinny girls drive me nuts....
39) Freezing To Death -or- Burning To Death?: freezing
{enough with the -or- questions}

[ first thing that comes to mind ]

40) Milk: hows
41) Whack: wood blocks
42) Biting: rubber (wow..iw as thinking teething rings and all of a sudden it sounds like a condom...)
43) Rubber: tires
44) Dog: best friend
45) Peter: Pan
46) Horny: erection...wow..that was outta nowhere
47) Monkey: the lil ones with the cymbals...
48) Safety: pin
49) Contract: athletes
{my brain is starting to hurt}

[ would you ever ____ for a million dollars? ]

50) Eat A Live Spider?: mm...sure...if I kenw he'd be dead in my tummy :)
51) Walk Into A Movie Theatre Butt-Naked?: no
52) Stand Up In Your Highschool Cafeteria and Yell "IM GAY AND I WANT TO MARRY *insert name of member of the same sex that everyone knows*"?: no
53) Pretend To Be Someone's Friend For A Day?: sure
54) Have Sex With Someone You Hate?: no
55) Walk Around In A Spiderman Costume For The Rest Of Your Life?: lol no
56) Never Eat Peanuts Again?: i guess...
57) Walk On Your Hands And Knees For The Rest Of Your Life?: no
58) Screw A Farm Animal?: eww thats fucking nasty,no
59) Go On National TV And Propose To Someone You've Never Met?: no
{ok, those were just all random-ass}

[ s. e. x. ]

60) Have You Had Sex?: no
61) Are You Agianst Premarital Sex?: I wouldn't, but its not like anyone else shouldnt..idk
62) Are You Open With Your Parents About Your Sex Life?: well i dont really have a "sex life"..i would prolly say no though
63) Have You Ever Questioned Your Sexual Orientation?: nope
64) Do You Think The Media Is Sex Centered?: kinda
65) Would You Have A One-Night-Stand?: maybe
66) Do Guys Have An XX or XY Chromosome Pair?: XY
67) Are People Who Abstain From Sex Looked Up To Or Down Upon As People?:both
68) Is Sex About Love Or Is It Purely Physical?: both
69) <-- Do You Know What That Means?: heh yea
{*giggle* sex is a funny word}

[ name 4 of the following ]

70) Things Around You: my ice cream :), blank cds, a stapler and the ESPN magazine
71) Good Things About Yourself: I'm smart, funny, optimistic, outgoing
72) Bad Things About Yourself: im online too much, i have sucky friends (some of them..no names), i can be self-centered at times, i tend to be brutally honest at times
73) Of Your Favorite Songs (And Your Favorite Line/s From The Song): i ahve a bunch, but i ahevnt listened to too much music lately.. :-\
74) Things To Do: play sports, chill with friends, eat, sleep
75) Of Your Best Guy Friends: dylan, rich, dan r., collin
76) Of Your Best Chick Friends: cynthia, taneisha, mariam, shannon
77) Of Your Favorite Articles Of Clothing (pants, shirts, hats, underwear, etc): lowrise jeans, old-school t's (carebears, sesame street, etc), boxers, XL sweatshirts! lol
78) Things In Your Wallet/ Purse: money, pen, gum, paper, cell phone
79) Things You Did Yesterday: watch tv, read, go for a walk, go to the softball field (watched a game)

[ some of your *least* favorite things ]

80) About School (Or Work): the work,some of the people,and the teachers
81) About Yourself: phsyically: my legs!!! urgg...
82) About Other People: drama!!
83) About This Survey: it's somewhat odd
84) About The World: haha,i could go on and on
85) About Your Life So Far: everybody wants me to be something other than who i am... i feel like i have to fight to be who i want to be
86) About Kinky Sex: ive never had sex at all,so that doesnt apply
87) About Religion: some things about it are good,some bad
88) About The Law: same as above
89) About How Nice People Get Screwed Over: its fucked up
{to hell with things you like! im not here to please people}

[ last but not least ]

90) Name One Person That Has Seen You Cry: my mom
91) Do You Use ICQ, AIM, MSN, Or Yahoo?: AIM
92) What Drink Do Order If They Don't Have The Soda You Want?: shirley temple
93) Who's The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?: cynthia
94) Do You Floss Your Teeth Often?: i dont floss,i just brush
95) Would You Not Tell Your Best Friend's Parents That She Was Pregnant If She Told You To Keep It A Secret?:yeah
96) Have You Been On TV?: yes
97) What Kind Of Soap Do You Use?: dial i think..idk!
98) Whats Your Favorite Dryer Sheet Scent?: snuggle, of course!
99) Was This Survey Too Long, Too Short, Or Just Right?: kinda long
{ahem. *bows* you know you loved it}

HEIGHT: 5'0-5'1
SKIN COLOR: pale, but beggining to tan
EYEBROWS: waxed :)
EYE COLOR: bluish, greenish, yellowish, goldish, hazelish..u get the picture
ABOUT EARS: pierced..jz the classic 1 in each ear..
ABOUT LIPS: theyre normal..
ABOUT TONGUE: umm its just chillin in my mouth lol
ABOUT CHIN: its a regular chin
SHOULDERS: umm..ones higher than the other..only slightly tho.(im not deformed lol!) the nurse told me that tho..when we had scoliosis testing at my schoolllllllll....
MUSCLES: i got 'em! lolol!
STYLE: whatever's confy and i feel good in
PIERCINGS: 2 = 1 in each ear
---Right Now---
WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: black raspberry ice cream w/ chocolate chips :)
WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE?: cant tell..its pitch black
HOW ARE YOU?: I'm fiine
---Do you...
GET MOTION SICKNESS?: i did once..when i was on a cruise and we went thru this big storm..but i jz sat outside! LOL
LIKE TO DRIVE?: im too young to drive

TV SHOW: boston public, friends
SHAMPOO: pantene pro-v (*the 1 with the blue label* LMAO Chels!)
CONDITIONER: same as above
BOOK: hmm..idk!
MAGAZINE: teen people, espn, gl, cosmo girl
NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK: sprite, shirley temple
THING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND: Sleep, hang with friends, play sports
BAND OR GROUP: good charlotte
HANGOUT: someones [whoevers] house...
FEELING: Being FLIRTY..hehehe
DOG BREED: brittany spaniel and golden retrievers :)
---Have you...
BROKEN THE LAW: prolly, but nothin serious...i mean, sure i've gone out and ridden in a car w/o a seatbelt..lol
MADE A PRANK PHONE CALL: haha many times
SKIPPED SCHOOL BEFORE: no ..my school calls home to the kids who are absent anyway
BEEN IN A SCHOOL PLAY: yes ..like 2nd grade..with the 1 about the whaes..LMAO

BOYFRIEND: nope,single sexy n free
GIRLFRIEND: im not that way
SEXUALITY: straight
CURRENT CRUSH: dont really have 1..maybe dan a lil bit
TOO SHY?: sometimes
BEEN HURT?: kinda
HAVE YOU EVER SAID "I Love You" AND MEANT IT?: to my mom and dad and relatives ya lol
WHO WAS YOUR FIRST BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: dude i cant remember,lol that was far back
IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOUR WOULD YOU BE?: white [so no1 would use me] ..jk..umm...actually white is good..i could live longer...'cept everyone always presses really hard with the white ones..omg..analyzation..stop leah, stop
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: friends,family,hot guys,attention,presents
WHO DO YOU CONSIDER GOOD FRIENDS?: taneisha, mariam, cynthia, shannon, dylan, moe, dan p., dan r., collin
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?: flirt, eat, read,sleep,go online,talk on the phone
HOW DO YOU WANT TO DIE?: 'I'm gonna live forever or die trying' <-- (I love that quote..it's the truth!)
---When/what was the last...---
TIME YOU CRIED?:dont remember
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: o gosh.i cant remember
YOU GOT E-MAIL: a real e-mail: yesterday..a newsletter-y thing: today
THING YOU PURCHASED: a bathing suit last weekend
TV PROGRAM YOU WATCHED: the red sox game and gilmore girls (i was flipping channels)
---Your thoughts on...---
ABORTION: pro choice
PMS: ew,against!
SPICE GIRLS: lol against i s'pose...im surprised they're alive
PREMARITAL SEX: i wouldnt do it, but w/e
DREAMS: they're fun :-p

2think we're meant to be what do you think?

··It's Patriots Day!·· 4·21·03@10:34am
»mood  :  awake

hah..what a MA holiday... anywayy...

think I last updated sometime Saturday so I'll start with yesterday..

SuNdAy -- Went to the Red Sox game..mucho fun..too bad it was only 50 degrees...{brrr} They won :) so that was cool..then I went out for chinese food...chilled the rest of the nite... mostly online..talked to Rich... (sexual conversations) hahha.. I might go to his 'crib' today.. who knows.. other than that, not much planned.. the Boston Marathon is gong on today... 26.2 miles <- crazinessss! I thought I had more to write, but I guess not ..m mommy has te day off cuz of Patriot's Day, so I'd say I was doin' sumthin, but with the Marathon and all, a lot of roads are closed -- incldng the 1 to take my sister back to college, so that'll be an adventure..I'll update later..some one plz comment..i feel so un-read.....or something to that extent...

3think we're meant to be what do you think?

»mood  :  sore

Well...I didn't end up goin to Rich's last nite cuz after I got home from Wal-Mart my mom checked the messages and I had soccer practice.... I saw Dylan and Adam for the first time in a long time... it was def. good to see them... (the boys practiced at the same time) then we scrimmaged against them.. and I think we lost 1-0, but they're a Division 2 Team, and we're D3 ...(basically, we suck and they're good..jp) didn't get to trip Josh ...darn..next time! After practice I was gonna go to Richard's, but my mom like forgot to pick me up so she was rushed when she finally came..and I was jz like..'Don't bother askin Leah'...so I stayed in..but I was soooo sore... then Rich IMed me at like 9 and was like, "U comin'?" and I was like, "Cant..no ride.." and he was jz like, "LMAO" ....idk if u get it..more of an inside joke... (he thinks he has shyt to ride...lol..and i always tell him he doesnt... so he feels the need to try to prove it w/o droppin his pants)

Got up at about 7:30 this mornin... got ready and went to my soccer game..it was soooo cold! But I was smart and wore my GAP sweatshirt..so it wasn't too bad..jz my legs cuz we had to wear SHORTS ...heh ...we ended up tying them 1-1... Brookline is a really good team! lol..but my mom said they're one of those teams thats been playin soccer since they were 2..so we did well....

After that, came home and chilled for a bit..lunch then the mall... got a bathing suit at H&M... I'd take a pic and post it up here, but [1] idk how and [2] i think my sis took the digital camera with her to fl where she is for spring break... It's all black anyway, but it looks madd cute!

Not much else done today... talked to Dylan for about an hour... interesting conversation .... about idk what..guys, grlz, nuts/balls/whatever u wanna call 'em, dan.....

Goin to the red sox game tomorrow with my sister... that should be fun :) I'll prolly update tom. nite... ttu then girlies..toodles! (<-- why did I just think of Elmo? )

Oh yeah... Mr. Noodles. Duh.

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··QuIcKiE·· 4·18·03@02:34pm
»mood  :  sore

hey..last night's (friends only) entry had a mood to it...lol ...I was just really frustrated.it's like, your parents say..."just do your best..that's the best you can do and all we ask for".... but they think your best is just higher than what you think..and it makes for unwanted stress.... for everyone.... ahhh...the struggles o a teenage girl. I should just write a book. ANYWAY...

The Rundown on this entry: (I might start doing this from now on)
[1] Layout
[2] Friends
[3] Picture(s)
[4] Today/Tonite
[5] Tom. mornin

[1] I want to change my journal to layout style..but I need a layout! hehe..well I hav 1, I jz dn't know how to use it..help please??

[2] I want to add more friends to my blurty so if you have a lot of friends on your blurty...invite them over to mine! lol...I'd love more friends.... makes me feel like I have a better chance of peope reading this...besides the select few...

[3] I may have a picture of me up on my other computer, but I'm not sure how to get it onto my blurty..I know there's that code, but it never posts on here....so I need help with that too....

[4] Today..pretty boring so far..it's Passover, so the food is scarce...lol..that's not the word...it's just limited..no cookies, cake, bread.... might go to Rich' later tonite andchill with him, Vo and Josh...who knows...if not u kno I'll update on here... ;-)

[5] Tomorrow morning... I have a soccer game against Brookline (Home) at 9 ...it doesn't look like it'll rain,so I'll finally have a game.. hopefully we'll do well and win, but I'm still sore from 3 days of softball and track.arg...lol..Rich better not beat me up tonite :)

Goin to Wal-Mart now so my sis can get some stuff for her Spring Break trip...looks like ths entry wasn't so short after all..ttul girlies!

what do you think?