Been Thinking . . .   
04:24am 08/07/2003
mood: chillen
music: The Remedy by Jason Mraz
Yeah we still have all summa left but I've already been thinking about school . I mean of course I'm gonna be the same me next year but I kinda wanna change some things . I'm thinking about maybe auditioning for a play depending on what our school is performing . Or maybe I'll try out for softball or soccer since I'm not so bad at either one of them . And I know this sounds kinda preppy but I think I wanna be nominated for homecoming . I mean hey it would be a change and I'd feel eally special even if I didn't win . Well yea that's all for now except that I also hope to have a b/f next year .

I'm out -- xoxo -- much love
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* Tha 1st Entry / Getting Ready 4 Dance *   
11:00pm 02/07/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Cadillac by MEST
Hey guys .. well this is the first entry in my blurty thing . Anyways summer has been good so far but I need to start working soon especially now because of dance class . I have to buy a bunch of stuff for class next year . I hafta buy tap shoes , ballet shoes , jazz shoes , a ballet outfit and a jazz/tap outfit . I went on the Danskin website and added up the cost of what I need no including tap shoes cuz there weren't any on there and so far everything will cpst me $165.00 . So yeah I think I shou;d get a job sometime soon . Anyways thats all I want to post for now but I'll be back later .