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[16 Jan 2004|11:39am]
I saw Hairspray for the second time a few days ago, because I know three people in it (ISN'T THAT EXCITING???) Sabrina Scherff, Willis White, and Jackie Seiden. I hadn't seen them in about three years, since we did Children of Eden together. I thought they were gonna be chorus members or something, but Sabrina was one of the Dymanites (if you're farmiliar with the music at all, she's the one who sings the last Dynamite solo, the really high one). She sounded amazing. Willis played Gilbert, one of Seaweed's crew. He didn't have a solo, but he was always in the front dancing cuz he's soooo good. PLUS HE'S THE UNDERSTUDY FOR SEAWEED. Ahhhh he would be so good at it. And Jackie played LouAnn, one of the Corny Collins council members and she's the understudy for Amber Von Tussle. They were positively phenominal, as was the rest of the show.

Afterwards, I went in this ally behind the stage where Sabrina told me to meet her. Turns out she arranged for us to meet her right outside the stagedoor, so I got to meet all the cast memebers as they left. I got autographs from Keala Settle (Tracy Turnblad), Austin Miller (Link Larkin), Kianna Underwood (Little Inez), Michael Cunio (Fender), Jesse Johnson (IQ), and of course, Sabrina, Willis, and Jackie. It was incredible.

Then Sabrina offered to take me BACKSTAGE!!! Of course, I accepted. First, she took me to the costume room/wig room, then she took me to the dressing rooms. Sabrina and Jackie share a dressing room, and Willis and another guy share one. I got to see them both.

Then, we were walking by all the stars' dressing rooms, and BRUCE FRICKIN VILANCH (Edna Turnblad and very famous man) was sitting there in his boxers!!!!!! I practically had a heart attack, then he invited us in. I got his autograph and I almost asked for a picture, but then chickend out cuz...he was in his boxers.

THEN THE BEST PART HAPPENED. Sabrina took me onstage!!!! I got to stand on the stage and look out. Then we took a picture by the big hairspray can (the one Edna/BRUCE comes out of in the finale). After we left, we met up with Jacqueline Arnold, who played Lorraine in this show and JOANNE IN RENT, and I took a picture with her and Sabrina.

In total, it made for the best night of my life.

Go to and click on the link that says bios to see Sabrina and Willis and everyone else. Sadly, Jackie isn't on there cuz she was just recently added to the cast. If the show comes to tour in your town, I highly suggest seeing it. I found it to be better than the broadway cast (shhhhh, don't tell).
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[21 Dec 2003|02:39pm]
my gosh i haven't updated in so long. short update of time passed.

sync show was amazing. dani, beler, kevin, riss, netali, tome, blake, kelly, mike, mark etc. came, which was so sweet. it went really well and i'm so happy. mark made a SYCNOPATION DVD with scene selections that have moving images above them so you know what you're getting in that scene. i'm amazed.

sync performed at the chorus concert. it went okay. we did secret syncer beforehand, which was fun. i had andrea and got her a notebook saying, "dance as though no one can see you. sing and though no one is listening. live as though heaven were on earth" and diva soap. Fay had me and got me A COW and a bunch of candy.

dan david came to that show. (note: dan david is a graduate of shs and i have had the biggest crush on him) he came up to me after the show and he remembered my name and gave me a hug. and he told me that after he heard me sing for the first time, he told mrs. snelton and neutson about me. it made me so happy!

i went to colorado and skiied. it was good stuff.

this morning we had our christmas, since we go out to flossmor with the rest of the family on christmas eve. i got a trip to florida. the card said "SURPRISE YOU'RE LEAVING IN 5 DAYS." surprised is right. guess this means i have to cancel plans with my brother where art thou group, kevin, marian, and di. aw man and courtney and i were gonna go karaoking.

but i'm really happy cuz i've never seen their new house before in florida. i've seen pictures though and it's HUGE and gorgeous. i'll be there for new years eve, which will be fun with elise, robbie, mac, cam, and reese. danny has to stay home cuz he has a basketball game. sad. it'll be fun though. studying for finals will be hell though.

happy winter break everyone.
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[07 Dec 2003|11:24am]
Getting psyched for sync show.

Saw the Pike's in the dance show yesterday with Emily and ran into Noelle and Jilly. They're both getting sick. Not a good sign. Emily and I had a blast though. I've never laughed so hard (ok...maybe i have...but this is defiantly in the top 10). The Pike's were AMAZING! I knew they had to be good if they were in the Joffrey...but they're beyond incredible. Like...way beyond. They were the only freshman in the show and they choreographed one of the dances. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Today is the tree lighting ceremony. It should be fun. I wonder if I have to bring my sheet music, or if I'm suppose to be memorized. That could pose as a problem. It'll be fun to see everyone though. As a group, we do sound incredible.


[25 Nov 2003|10:25pm]
Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post more than once if you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ/blurty to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ/blurty) have to say. It doesn't have to have anything to do with me or even anything to do with anyone on LJ/blurty. Whatever you wanna say, say it.
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[17 Nov 2003|08:06am]
here's a recap of the past 3 days:

friday's show was amazing. we all had so much energy and it showed onstage. i love this cast so much. once the curtain closed, we all hugged and smiled and it was happy. marissa and the salats, emily, julia, and my mom got me roses cuz they're super like that. plus, dani, sivan, ben, dan, and meg came. it made me happy.

but the real fun came at the cast party. it was at amanda's house, which is beautiful and HUGE. her basement is like the size of my whole house so it was the perfect place to party. and we partied hard. we had the the whole cast make a crowd and all the leads went crowd surfing across us, and there were breakdancing circles and it was amazing. ~BECKY AND I WERE MAD HOT WITH OUR ATTACKING GRINDING SHIMMY SHAKEDOWN.~ we attacked grinding couples and danced our hearts out. plus i partied with em, lauren, jennie, kelly, noelle, and david. it was hot.

the next day, saturday, our show was just as good. it was nice having danielle in it too. she's so sweet. my favorite part though was having story time after cinderella darling. most of the girls go into one of the dressing rooms and we tell hillarious stories. lauren, arielle, jennie, noelle, and jessi are the queens of storytime. i love it.

mark gave me the prettiest flower because he's a sweetheart, and courtney got me a chocolate rose. i have the best friends. and i guess josh came that day too.

afterwards was another cast party. it was at jackie's house and it was just as fun. becky is my party partner and we danced all night and occasionally ran outside or sat in the loser seats. and i love jessi, who was dancing in her seat with her broken foot. i love her.

sunday was our last show. it was so sad. it's awful to think that that was the last time i would be sharing those moments with those people. after the show, everyone was hugging and crying and i was so sad. especially when i thought about the seniors. ah.

during intermission, we did cast awards. miss j gave this whole speech about how they all had to be nice and no mean ones or provokative ones, but no one listened to that. i got "most likely to fill addictions" haha. my all time favorite one was david's though. at the cast parties, let's just say david and noelle disapeared for awhile into a closet. david's award was, "the only jew to be singing noelle on hannukah." i laughed my ass off. sweet little jilly got "most likely to use a whip in bed." oh gosh.

my parents and zach and his family both got me bouquets of gorgeous roses. and julia came again and brought me another rose cuz she's just the sweetest.

i'm going to miss not seeing my cast mates every day after school. and i'm gonna miss the show, amazingly. as much as i hate the annoying music, i've grown to love it. i'm not gonna miss the people yet though, cuz i'm seeing them today afterschool. :-) aw but it's gonna be the last time we're all together. awww!
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[13 Nov 2003|05:26pm]
Today I didn't have to go to any classes in order to perform How to Succeed for the Junior Highs. It rocked. It was our first performance, and it went splendidly. Except for the fact that we learned our bows and our finale song at 9:00 last night and this morning no one remembered the words.

Before the show, Em and I had everyone kiss our stars for good luck. It made me happy.

After the show, we had a 1:30 call for cast pictures. It was fun...sorta. I dunno how to explain it. It was fun for about 15 minutes and then I wanted to go home.

I'm really excited about tomorrow. Tomorrow is opening night, and then the cast party at Amanda's afterwards. We'll have a blast.

I have Sync tonight. :-)
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[10 Nov 2003|11:38am]

How Would YOU Take Over the World?

i love it.

[10 Nov 2003|11:13am]
Yesterday was the first day we got to do the run with crew backstage, props, sets, lights, and all that jazz. Today we add in the element of costumes. I love seeing it all come together. I love the energy backstage. All of us are so close, we just sit together in one big group and talk...or break out randomly into "Stacy's Mom." I love it. Everyone brought a bunch of junk food and we pigged out and hung out. It was amazing. I'm gonna be so sad when it ends.

I really can't think of any way I'd rather spend my days off school.

I also watched Sixteen Candles last night. I love that movie. It makes me laugh.
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[08 Nov 2003|09:55am]
Musical is next week! I'm psyched. Today is Saturday, and I had rehearsal everyday this past week. SHS has school off Monday and Tuesday, but I have to be there for musical rehearsal along with going on Sunday. But honestly, I'm not mad about it. I really love the people in the show and I adore spending time with them. I can't think of a greater group of people I'd rather spend my weekend with.

Syncopation is coming along nicely also. We've blocked all of Rent, all of Annie, and some of Chicago. We still have to learn the rest of the Chicago and Annie music, and block and learn Jekyll and Hyde. But I have confidence in us.

Thursday, musical performs for the 8th graders. All my buddies are coming, and it makes me happy. Plus I get to miss the whole day of school. Then Friday is opening night, and we also perform Saturday and Sunday.

This week will be good. I know it will be.
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[25 Oct 2003|06:19pm]
Yesterday, I stayed after school for musical rehearsal, then Hannah's mom picked up me, Hannah, Emily, Julia, Meg, Christine, the other Kelsey, and Dan and drove us to Regal. Hannah had Fandango-ed 33 tickets for a bunch of us to see the premiere of Scary Movie 3. Along with those 33 people, 25 more or so were coming. It was insanity. The people I can remember that came were Josh, Dani, Roberto, Kevin L, Kevin S, Kevin D, Shana, Ben, Emily Bats and Box, Jordan, Carolyn, Julia, Dan, Hannah, Christine, Meg, Kelsey and her scary goth friends, Paul, Marina, and a lotta others. I don't even remember anymore. The movie was okay, but we had fun.

Afterwards, we all walked over to City Park. Ashley was working at Jamba (yay!) so I went in and bought one. Then I hung out with Kevin, Ben, Emily, and Paul the whole time. It was super. I love them mucho. Dan, Berto, Emily, Kevin L, and I then carpooled home. Dan got scared once we started singing Kumbaya or however you spell it. What can I say. We rock.

Today, I had an audition in the middle of the day so I spent the first half and the last half lounging around. Caitlin, Rives, Kirsty, and Kirsty's sister come over tomorrow. I'm very very very excited. Ethan can't come because he has a football game, but it'll be super without him. I'm so looking forward to seeing them.
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[14 Oct 2003|09:37pm]
I definatly just wrote a whole entry on homecoming and it got deleted. I'm mad. was amazing. Homecoming literally went on for about 3 days. It started on Friday night when all the Syncopation girls (me, Ashley, Dara, Noelle, Andrea, Vicky, Lauren, Laura, Emily...and I think that's it) came over to decorate my dad's car for the Homecoming parade. It turned out so well! We painted the windows and put streamers and balloons all over...I have mad hot pictures.

Andrea picked me up bright and early for the parade. I borrowed Laura's Syncopation pants and shirt so I was all geared up. Emily dressed up in a full clown outfit (I love her), Dara and Noelle sat in the trunk and blew bubbles, Andrea drove, Vicky got shotgun, Ciggy stood in front and supported us, and Em and I ran around passing out candy. B.O.S.S. (thanks i'm there #1 fan) had a float too so I hung out with Em, Berto, Kevin, and Beler afterwards.

Then, Andrea drove me home and I met Riss and Dani at The Best to get our hair done. I got this really pretty partial up-do (i can't even describe it...but it rocked), Marissa got this really flattering hairstyle for her, and Dani got her whole head curled! It was perty. Then we trecked over to Nails 2001 and got manicures and peticures. My nails matched my dress color perfectly. I was really happy.

At 6:30 we (Berto and I, Dani and Josh, Carissa and Scott, Riss and Jordan, and Em and Alex) went to Emmy's house for pictures. It was insanity. Everyone was taking pictures at once, but they turned out soooo well. It was super.

Then we went to the dance. I can't even put into words how perfect it was. I loved being there with Berto, and I loved being there with my friends. We had to put three freakin tables together to fit everyone, but I also hung out with Kevin and Em and that whole DW crowd a lot of the time. It was so super.

Afterwards, the guys went to Josh's house and the girls went to Rissy's to sleepover. We girls had a great time just talking and eating :-) and laughing. I love my girlfriends. We're so close.

In the morning, we met up for breakfast at IHOP (girl's treat) and then headed over to Escape for laser tag, bowling, and batting cages. First was laser tag, which I lost terribly at, then Jordan left and the rest of us bowled. I TOTALLY WON THAT GAME!!!!!!!! Woo me. I beat the guys too. The batting cages were hillarious. The ball almost killed me.

Then the girls went back to Rissy's and the guys went back to Beler's, we stayed for about an hour and a half or so looking at pictures certiain people had developed already, and then went home.

That night, me, Riss, Berto, Dani, my Paul :-), my darling Kevin Denning whom I adore, the other Kelsey, Ben (who once again had his hat on), Emily Batsford and Boxer, Riss, Hannah Black, Meg, Katie, Christine, Ben and Kelsey's brothers, and a bunch of people I didn't know went to go see School of Rock. It was soooo good. AND ADAM FUCKING PASCAL WAS IN IT! He's so pretty. I love him so much. I'm gonna marry him. We had a great time. But I missed a lot of the movie cuz Kevin was talking nonstop...but I didn't mind. He's great.

Afterwards, my Kevin Denning, Riss, Em Boxer, Berto, Dani, and I went to dinner at Hooters where we pretended it was Kevin's birthday and he told the waitress he was 21. Yeah...we had an awesome time.

And it's not over. We're having a picture party (exchanging pictures) and a girls only scrapbooking party. i'm psyched. And I love my friends. New and old. I love how my new friends are getting along so well with my old friends so we can all hang out together. It's so nice. :-) Yay for me and my buddies.
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[10 Oct 2003|05:16pm]
Today was a good day. Friday Morning Theater Thing was this morning (it was hillarious-Jilly was in it) and Berto gave me a rose in chorus. Randomly. It was the very sweetest thing ever. It made the rest of my day pleasant. :-)

Then came the assembly. CHORUS BEAT BAND FOR WALL DECORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. If I didn't already update about this, I was at school at 11 AM Sunday morning decorating the chorus wall, and again at 7:30 AM Monday morning to finish. I worked so hard on this, and WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

But here comes the real highlight of my day: BOSS performed. I want to join BOSS (Boys of Stevenson Spirit that Berto, Josh, Kevin, etc are in). They were sooooo good. Emily and I were standing on the bleachers dancing throughout the whole thing. And what's funny is how good of dancers they really are. They're amazing...and I think I may adopt/marry all of them. Yes, all of them.

I also had rehearsal today. And Sync comes over tonight to decorate the car. AND TOMORROW'S HOMECOMING!!!!!!!! I'm very excited. Veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry.
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[08 Oct 2003|07:06pm]
Today was another day of musical rehearsal. We blocked our first number today. I got cast as a "Cinderella Singer." I'm not quite sure what that is, but I'm vey happy with it whatever it is. The only thing I'm sad about is that everyone else gets tomorrow and Friday off rehearsal, and I have to go. All the Cinderella Singers do. But, I'm not complaining. Well...not really. :-). Today was fun though. I finally got to talk to Jeff, my super duper letter writer man. But I still haven't really got to talk to Zach. Jeff is a sweetheart though. It was fun running around the stage like a maniac pretending to freak out over no coffee. I had fun.

Tomorrow is 80's day. I'm quite excited.


Saturday is homecoming. I'm more excited about getting my hair and nails done with riss and dani, the parade, and the sleepover than I am about the actual dance. Is that normal? I'm not thrilled about my date but...oh well. My group consists of: me and Berto, Josh and Dani, Emily and Alex, Jordan and Marissa, Carissa and Scott, and some of Jordan's friends that I don't know at all.

Sync is all coming over Friday to decorate my dad's car for the parade. I'm excited. It'll be very very fun.
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[06 Oct 2003|06:12pm]
Yesterday was the Chorus decorations party thang/Walk-a-thon. The chorus party thing was quite fun. Riss and I went together, and Berto was there (it was his b-day) as well as Jessi (it was her b-day too), Adra, Megan, Lauren, Noelle, Kara (who brought food), Moser (whose hot), Ana, Scott, Robyn, and more. I blew up balloons, colored chorus women, cut out beards for the chorus women (don't ask), and lettered the three ring circus. We had fun. Plus, I ate a lot. They had Krispy Kremes and Kara brought this great mix stuff and I ate out the chocolate chips. Mrs. Neutson and Mrs. Snelton also ordered pizza but I didn't eat any of that.

The walk was right afterward. I was suppose to walk with Syncopation, but it was so crowded that we all got separated. So, I walked with Riss, Carissa, Em, Scott, Molly...and I think that's it. We had fun. I accidently offended the mayor. I didn't mean to though. Haha...great story.

me: And I said, "God dammit you fucking bitch." (or something remotely like that)
mayor: (walks by quietly)
scott: kelso..that was the mayor of buffalo grove!

then later on, we were walking and he was in front of us and:

carissa: we have to wait for -insert name cuz i forgot- when we get back.
me: why do we have to wait for the stupid mayor.

I MEANT TO SAY THE PERSON'S NAME!!!!!!!! I WAS SO EMBARASSED! but i couldn't stop laughing. and carissa fell twice. it was so funny. At the walk, I got to see Courtney, Colin, Mike, and my dear dear Paul. This made my day.

This is like...the month of birthdays. Everyone's birthday is in this month. I swear. It's crazy. Marlene, Abi, and Brian's were last week. Jessi and Berto's were yesterday, Becca and Erin's are tomorrow, Caitlin's is Wendesday, Moser's is Thursday, Brad's is Saturday, Brian S's is Sunday, Brianna and Alyssa's is next week, Resse's is two weeks from now, and Dani's is three weeks from now. -Happy Birthday All Ya'll.-

I find that I spend every week looking forward to Syncopation rehearsals.

[28 Sep 2003|11:11am]
Fay's 18th b-day party was yesterday/today. It was quite fun. In the beginning, it was Fay, Lauren, Emily, Andrea, and I. We just talked about everything and had a good time. Then the "Jew Crew" came in about 10ish. The Jew Crew that could come, that is. So basically...Becky and Jessi. Jessi brought Chicago so we watched that. Jessi gave us a love life test...showing that my sexual desire is as small as a stream...but Emily's was a "huge ocean." haha. So we talked about lots of stuff...danced to Chicago. Then Andrea and Fay baked a cake and almost burnt it. Then we decorated it and roasted marshmallows over the stove.

In the morning, Andrea left early because she had to go to work. Emily left late that night because her mom wouldn't let her sleep over. Lauren and I woke up and ate some more cake (haha). We all had interesting breakfasts. Mine consisted of chocolate cake and mints, Fay had chicken wings and pepperoni, Jessi had cold pizza (for breakfast!) and crackers with pepperoni, and Becky had cheese that you squeeze out of a tube (ew) and crackers. It was very funny. After awhile, we decided to roast more marshmallows and almost set Fay's house on fire. Then Becky's father picked up Jessi and I (and Becky of course) and drove us home. It was good stuff.

Musical rehearsal has been going well. I love the people in it with me and it's been such a fun process. The nights where all ensamble has rehearsal and then Syncopation is afterwards...those are great. Jilly and Fay usually split us up into their cars and take us all out to dinner. I can't imagine having Fay, Jilly, and Andrea gone next year. It's gonna be so sad. But we'll still have the majority of people. About half of us in Sync are in the musical (Jilly-the lead, Emily, Dara, Noelle, Jessi, Lauren, Becky, Fay, Kara, and I). Some didn't try out (Stacie, Sammie, Laura, Andrea, Vicky, Lauren, and Laura), Megan didn't make it :-(, and Ashley's in the Fall play. Speaking of that...I must buy tickets.

Speech and Drama is hard to keep up with while doing Sync and the Musical AND trying to keep up with school work. But I MUST keep up because I'm really excited about doing it. I think I might just do one instead of two though.

And then there's Syncopation. My favorite thing in the world. I adore it so much. And there's so much to look forward to. We haven't started choreographing yet, the many parties (Jessi's!!), our nicknames, dresses, clothing, costumes, etc. I'm so close with all the girls (except for one I really don't know well and another that no one likes...won't mention names lalalala).

Life is good.
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[18 Sep 2003|07:54pm]
My Blunt Truth Survey is Back! Click Here!

Go here...go now. Be swift.
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[18 Sep 2003|07:18pm]
The musical is going great. I'm having fun. And we've entirely finished learning Rent in Syncopation. Life is good.
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[14 Sep 2003|06:11pm]
I went "power shopping" today. That's my word for it.

My mother and I went, and I bought a grey drama queen jacket, a sheer sweatshirt and camisol, a red shirt, a pair of comfy black pants, jeans, and black converse shoes.

Then we met up with Marissa and her mom and we went to get our dresses. We checked in some other stores to make sure we really loved our dresses, and good thing we did because Marissa ditched her dress and found a "better one." It's pretty.

I'm in love with my dress. I'm gonna marry it.
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[13 Sep 2003|10:15am]
Life is good because:

1. I have amazing friends that I love being around.

2. I'm involved in a million activities that I love.

3. Syncopation. It deserves it's own reason.

4. I made the musical.

As did Moser, Scotty, Em, Hannah, Dara, Becky, Noelle, Jessie, Fay, Kevin, etc. I'm so happy for all of them. Congrats. I can't wait to start rehearsals. Ana didn't make it, and cried. Julia didn't either. :-(

But I could not be more happy.
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[09 Sep 2003|10:21pm]
Today were the dance auditions for the musical. They were fun. I mean...whatever. I KNOW as freshman I'm not gonna make it, so I'm in a "whatever" kind of mood. It was fun.

After that, all the Syncopation girls stayed at school from dance auditions to Syncopation rehearsal. I love these girls so much. And it's so much fun being with artsy people. Like, we were just sitting in a circle, doing our hw, and Ricky whips out his guitar and starts playing. Then everyone starts randomly singing...while doing their hw. I love the energy. I thrive off of it.

Emily and I went outside to see if we could catch Kevin after football practice. We didn't...but we had so much fun together. I love her too. We've really been "bonding" lately. Us and "our house." Don't ask.

We stayed outside so long that we were late for Syncopation. But not too late.

Sync was great today. We started working on Rent today. Forget being modest... we sound amazing. No joke. The harmonies are so fantabulous. And basically, the lady goes through it once, and we sing the harmony back. It's amazing working with people of that speed and talent. I love it more than I could put in words.

Dilema: Mitchell's luncheon is on the 20th, and Marissa and I booked tickets to West Side Story on the 20th. But now, Fay invited me to her b-day sleepover on the 20th. But then, Mitchell's party is on the 21st. AHHH! What do I do? Because I definatly have to go to Mitchell's things, and Marissa and I already booked tickets to the show, but it's Fay's 18th bday! And the fact that she wants to spend her bday with the Sync girls is really touching. I want to be there. I just don't know how I'd make it work.
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