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              </3          you are my death
application [22 Mar 2005|12:04pm]

[ mood | content ]
[ music | reptile queen - nekromantix ]

you know you like it )

cool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[13 Nov 2003|09:27pm]

[ music | spizz-virginia plain ]

-age:21 in 2 days
-describe yourself in four words
hell in high heels
describe your style:
i dont know its my own

list your top 10 favorite bands:
the dark
spizz energi
the avengers
generation x
the wall
the nips
the saints
the stooges
dead boys
list your bottom 10 least favorite bands:
hall and oates
a global threat
..........................i cant think right now
-name 5 bands you've seen live:
vice sqaud
-favorite book:
we got the nuetron bomb

-all time favorite movie:
edward scissorhands or night of the living dead

-views on abortion,drugs,politics:
whatever floats your boat

-why should we like you?
because im cool like whoa

-anything else you'd like to add

15 cool kidscool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[10 Oct 2003|12:46pm]

i've already been accepted into the community..
used to be pirate_love
accpet under this name now...
cool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[01 Oct 2003|02:20pm]


everydays i gets mad amounts of mails in my e-duct an some of it's filled to da brims wit love and honies wantin to get a kentucky fried fuck on, and alot of dat shit is just some strait hatin! but some of dat shit's funny as hell....CHECK IT!

Somebody replied to your Blurty post: you should be shot in the face. 35 times.

STUBBS: i thought dat shit was fuckin FUNNAY! even tho only a chikken-shit cock-sniff would leave an anononymus comment.

Icarus (regress) replied to your Blurty post: Did you post in the wrong journal?

STUBBS: WHUUU?! how da fucks do you post in da wrong journal? imma high but i ain'ts retarded. dat's roit.

I will break in two for you (ash_a_lee) replied to your Blurty post: people like you deserve to drink battery acid.

STUBBS: HAR HAR HAR HAR! dat was dopest shit her eighth grade head coulds come up wit, knowin she was sittin in a stall at junior high smokin a cig and takin a PHAT shit and thinkin "what can i say to dis dope ass playa? i really wanna sniff up on his ding dong but i knows he ain't gonna be feelin my shit so i gots to come up wit some clever shit to say". and dat was it. dat's all she was capable of. don't sweat it, beotch. one day you gits to high school an da comebacks'll gets better. i promise an shit.

Hexy: A Fallen Woman in Dancing Costume (jewelbox) replied to your Blurty post: I fail to see the point in bashing emo in the fashion you are doing, (I fail to see the point in you, but every community has their loser...) since this community has nothing whatsoever to do with emo...but whatever, that was hilarious. emo is for fucking pussies.

STUBBS: now i ain't never set out to bash emo mufuckas. dey just usually da first crybabys to pitch a bitch. they gots no sense of humor an think dey better den everybody else. i don't think dey's pussies cause most of dem mufuckas are gonna be our bosses one day. but not me cuz imma drug deala! HOTCHK!

rollin iatolla wit some beotches in a strolla, for a dolla make em holla while deys shizalls on my bizalls....DAT'S ROIT!

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              </3          you are my death
[29 Sep 2003|02:58pm]

As representatives for Mr. Stubbygrubbs we found it necessary to address the concern that most emo sites have been conveying. Mr. Stubbygrubbs loves emo music and at one time was an avid writer of emo lyrics. Let us make it clear that Mr. Stubbygrubbs is a die hard emo fan and even possesses a pair of those ridiculous emo glasses that he wears from time to time that have absolutely nothing to do with vision correction.
So, at this time, we would like to distribute an emo piece written by Mr. Grubbs for your reading enjoyment. We hope you like it.

(sung to the tune "Buddy Holly" by Weezer)

whats wit dese pussies dissin my swerves
why dey gots to front
what did i ever do to dese bitchez
'cept make 'em feel like punks

ooh ooh
and i knows you are
ooh ooh
but what am i?
ooh ooh
imma fuckin pimp

ooheeeooh i looks just like Rivers Cuomo
oh oh an dat dude from My Science Project
i spends all day starin at a commputer screen
i needs to bang some quimm

don't you ever fear dat yo parents think your qweer
i know dat shit depends
wether your in a chatroom or playin Magic da Gathering
you needs to stab some ass

ooh ooh
and you knows you wrong
ooh ooh
cuz imma always right
ooh ooh
stubby's got big ol balls

ooheeeooh i looks just like Rivers Cuomo
oh oh an dat dude from MyScience Project
i spend all day beatin off to granny porn
i just need to bang some quimm
i just need to bang some quimm
i just need to bang some quimm

Now. Wasn't that the "dopest shit" you've ever read? We think so. Holla.
cool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[28 Sep 2003|01:50am]

OH SHIT!! i pulled ups some granny porn an there was like this 80 year old beotch with her fist up her ass an shit. I SWEARS AN SHIT! but some of dem hoes aint a day over 40. (editor's note: Mr. Stubbygrubbs is an equal opportunity ass-stabber.)
i loves me some porn. but it's like football. i'd much rathers play dat shit den watch it on tv. an i rubbed my balls down wit some crunchy style peanut butta an shit but it was some 12 year old Superman label an shit. GRIPS YO SHIT, MUFUCKA! GRIPS YO SHIT! dats roite.
i gots dis new flava ima writin about a dude who likes to fuck mutes an shit an when he's tappin dat ass she just grunts like a pig an shit. dat shit's gonna be DOPE!
cool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[26 Sep 2003|02:04am]

HOLY SHIT! i farted an some of dat shit squirted thru my boxers an shit. i wears da tommy's but now dey's stinky's. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! yeah, dat's rite.
cool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[25 Sep 2003|01:50pm]

YO BEOTCHES! today i was walkin my pimp ass down the street (as i do) and bein a strait playa smokin an owl an dis homeless mufucka steps up to me an he's like "please, kind sir, my shoes were stolen at the shelter and my soles have begun to bleed an shit. can you helps my shit out?" an imma like "damn" cause you know i just bought some fly ass jordans an shit but i was like "sure, mufucka, here's some shoes for yo shit" and then he's like "thank you sir" then he pulls a blade an shit an is like "now give my your money nigger" an imma like "WHAT?!" sos i snatched my shoes from his shit an beat dat mufucka to da ground until he was cryin an shit an then i beat his dirty, crusty ass some more. an i got blood all over my new jordans an shit! ain't dat a bitch. and it wasn't even fresh pussy blood which would've been aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhttttttt!
so it goes to show. save a life. shoot a homeless person.
cool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
__new [05 Sep 2003|05:48am]

[ music | blood brothers - "american vultures" ]

your on your knees, trigger down the barrell of a siamese gun )

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              </3          you are my death
I will bruise you 'til you bleed out of yer eyes. [02 Sep 2003|08:04pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

one more for the road. )


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              </3          you are my death
absolutely ludicris [01 Sep 2003|07:30pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | i can get stupid girl out of my f*cking head! ]

im too cool to look at the camera...

here's looking at you kid * )
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              </3          you are my death
[01 Sep 2003|02:05am]

[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Lola = the kinks ]

i'd like to be anything but ordinary.. )

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attention.. [29 Aug 2003|11:43am]

ok guys, i updated the rejected/accepted lists. i also made a new layout for this community so go check it out.

PS: we need more votes on youre_myproblem 's application. so go vote now.

♥ sara.
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              </3          you are my death
[28 Aug 2003|06:37am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

-name: bri

-age: 12 hahah

-describe yourself in four words: stupid, loser, fat, ugly

-describe your style: uhm.. what style?

-list your top 10 favorite bands: infa-riot, iron maiden, sloppy seconds, the cramps, bad religion, gbh, a global threat, lower class brats, aus rotten

-list your bottom 10 least favorite bands: simple plan, no use for a name, bright eyes, all american rejects, the starting line, suicide machines, anti-flag, less than jake, bouncing souls, rancid

-name 5 bands you've seen live: lower class brats, subhumans, gbh, the cramps, sahara hotnights

-favorite book: interview with a vampire

-all time favorite movie: willy wonka and the chocolate factory

-views on abortion,drugs,politics: abortion is okay, drugs are stupid, politics are for homophobic 50 year old men who rape their daughters

-why should we like you? Because I'm the god damn Brister

-anything else you'd like to add: No.

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n00b [25 Aug 2003|06:36pm]

[ mood | silly ]
[ music | "greater omaha" - desaparecidos ]

hello there. props to this community for knowing how to spell "whoa"; i am so sick of seeing it spelled "woah".

application )
end of line

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eh.. [24 Aug 2003|11:08pm]

name:anette:: age:16::descibe yourself in four words::funny,pessimistic,unique and awesome:: describe your style:greaser::list your top ten fav. bands:speed crazy. the blood brothers.taken.the cure.the smiths.every time i die.the locust.thrice.finch.a static lullaby::list your bottom 10 least fav. bands::eve6, marilyn manson,janes addiction, taking back sunday,green day,weezer,interpol,the early november,static x,buckcherry::name five bands youve seen live:best interest.. and local bands::fav. book...the outsiders and harry potter books::all time fav. movie:grease...views on abortion,drugs,politics..::dont know about abortion,,politics..not interested::why should we like you? because i'm judged for how i look not for the good that i have done.. try the best i can but it seems that i'm not the perfect daughter::anything else youd like to add:: the smiths r nice thnx
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              </3          you are my death
... [24 Aug 2003|06:14pm]

[ music | Norweigan Wood-The Beatles ]

Application )

11 cool kidscool like whoa?

              </3          you are my death
[21 Aug 2003|12:37pm]

like whooooooa )
12 cool kidscool like whoa?

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[15 Aug 2003|03:17pm]

a picture ( if you have one)
-describe yourself in four words:freaking awesome and stuff
-describe your style:im to poor for a style
-list your top 10 favroite bands:
the suicide machines
dick dale
the ventures
less than jake
old thrice

-list your bottom 10 least favourite bands:
my bottom 10 bands are the top 10 bands that a person wearing faded jeans would like

-name 5 bands you've seen live:
a perfect kiss
spaz bots
-favroite book:to kill a mockingbird
-all time favroite movie:the matrix, but not the new one because it sucked
-views on abortion,drugs,politics:politics suck, drugs are cool, and abortion is creepy
-why should we like you?because i rule you
-anything else you'd like to add:no
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+ Info + [14 Aug 2003|12:37am]

[ mood | bored ]

Since my last post caused so many remarks about my not supplying enough information, thought I'd try to make up for it..

-Name: Kristin
-Age: Eighteen
-Describe yourself in four words: Fun, upbeat, thoughtful, and intelligent
-Describe your style: Hmm..I suppose my dress is a bit preppy
-List your top 10 favroite bands: The Clash, The Doors, Tiger Army, Social Distortion, The Specials, Toots and the Maytals, AC/DC, Frank Sinatra, Dick Dale, Alice in Chains, etc.
-List your bottom 10 least favourite bands: Well, basically most modern pop / pop punk / emo bands
-Name 5 bands you've seen live: So many...tons of local bands..but some that people would recognize: Social D, Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Pressure Point
-Favroite book: I've always loved The House of the Spirits.
-All time favroite movie: Pulp Fiction is a must
-Views on abortion,drugs,politics: Abortion=Pro-Choice; Drugs=not my thing; Politics=I vote Democrat.
-Why should we like you?: I'm personable, and am ultra cool
-Anything else you'd like to add: I am not a bitch : )

p.s. Thanks 1950! You are too kind..

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