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[18 Oct 2003|01:20am]
i write in my livejournal now.

bye bye blurty. i'm not bothering to write!
Kiss Me.

[16 Oct 2003|07:50pm]
Okay-- Scratch the above post. Make that four babies. Everyone has been scaring me telling me that the parents are going to eat them, so whenever I see Sophie and "----" taking care of the babies [ I dont have a name for the boy yet ] like moving them around I get all queesey cause i'm afraid that they are like eating them or something.. lol I really just don't want to see that. I hate seeing animals die. anyway- the babies are ADORABLE... curled up in a little ball, they are like equivalent to little bit less than the size of a quarter. I'm estatic right now. I've always wanted baby animals! and now I have them! I don't think they are going to be mean to the babies though, because like.. they are taking care of them so much right now. It's so facinating to watch them at 'work' now that they have babies. They are transporting things around the cage and getting the babies all fixed up and cozy. It's so much fun to watch-- really. It's so odd how animals know what to do after giving birth to young. not really odd... but... amazing.

and i'm keeping a close eye on the father. I don't want any adorable baby ham eating going on *stomach turns*

lol i'm afraid to play loud music in my room now.. i've been keeping it down. I'm afraid i'm going to hurt the babies.
Kiss Me.

BABIES!! [16 Oct 2003|12:17pm]
Sophie gave birth to two beautiful little baby hams today!!! <3

I guess I can't call the other one Missy anymore. lol

I'm happy, and I want chris to have the babies. They are our hammies.
Kiss Me.

I should be doing my economics debate. [15 Oct 2003|08:44pm]
+name: Brooke
+piercings: Ears x2, bellybutton, cartilidge
+tattoos: no.
+height: 5'6
+shoe size: 9
+hair color: Brown and Blonde
+length: Long
+siblings: Jay

+movie you rented: Cant remember
+movie you bought:
+song you listened to: Michelle Branch- Breathe
+song that was stuck in your head: and I FUCKIN need u now tonight.. more than i FUCKIN need ya evaaa... sam lmao OLD SCHOOL!
+cd you bought: Coheeddddd anndd Cambriiaa!
+cd you listened to: Michelle Branch
+person you called: Idk
+person that's called you: Jon
+tv show you've watched: no idea..I watched the yankee game lastnight. Well part of it
+person you're thinking of: Chris

+you have a bf or gf: yes
+you have a crush on someone: yeah
+you wish you could live somewhere else: eep.
+you think about suicide: no
+you believe in online dating: no.
+others find you attractive: I know one does
+you want more piercings: yes
+you drink: no.
+you do drugs: never.
+you smoke: no wayyy. *gag gag*
+you like cleaning: YES! :)
+you like roller coasters: no.. i LOVE them
+you write in cursive or print: cursive. cause i dont know-- i just do,

+long distance relationships: For. If you want to be with someone do it.
+using someone: against
+suicide: against
+killing poeple: against
+teenage smoking: its a persons decision... but i'm against
+premarital sex: its a persons decision
+driving drunk: Def. against
+gay/lesbian relationship: Whatever they fancy
+soap operas: No.. Cheeseeyyyy lol

+food: I love everything...
+song: I have alot
+thing to do: Go to walmart and the diner with my little 'gang' <3
+thing to talk about: music, and stuff.
+sports: basketball and baseball.
+drinks: Whatever
+clothes: Pants and a shirt
+movies: so many, but i really like Wet Hot American Summer. haha
+band/singer: Coheed and Cambria and Michelle Branch. Definatly.
+holiday: hollow- weenie
+new nerdy saying: eeps and weeps.

+ever cried over a boy: heh
+ever lied to someone: yeah...
+ever been in a fist fight: lol
+ever been arrested: no but there was these two times...

+of times I have had my heart broken: more then I had hoped
+of hearts I have broken: I wouldnt know, except for one I guess...
+of girls I have kissed: One.
+of boys I have kissed: I dont know.
+of girls I have slept with: just fifteen.
+of boys I have slept with: what? are u kidding me?
+of drugs taken illegally: 0
+of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: *yawns*
+of people I consider my enemy: *Yawns*
+of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: like 3 or 4
+of scars on my body: like..3.
+of things in my past that I regret: I dont know.

I'm waiting for my pink roses and babys breath thankyou very much.

Kiss Me.

Gloomy Day [15 Oct 2003|07:46pm]
So. Today my manager at work, who has been talking about how hes going to be a father soon just found out today that his wife, who was pregnant with twins, lost them both. And they have been trying to have kids for two years. I guess her fallopian tube got wrapped around the babies neck and strangled it, and the other just died from not getting enough oxygen. Terriable. Why do bad things happen to such good people, that so totally deserve it? Sean is such a good person. He would seriously make the best father ever.

I worked twelve to six fifteen. ta-da. next wednesday its twelve to eight.

No random thoughts while driving home. I just sang Michelle Branch at the top of my lungs.

Oh and oh man how much do I love driving to work at like 3 o clock and the leaves are all falling off the trees and the trees look all pretty? the world will never know...

Kiss Me.

[14 Oct 2003|09:38pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

I trained Tori today. It went good. We got out at eight, even though I usually get out around seven thirty, but I guess thats what you should expect when you are training someone. It was fun though. It was nice having someone to talk to at work about stuff that goes on during the weekends, and about boyfriends and such -- and just working with a girl your age that is your friend. So the hiring process went very well, - thankfully.

I'm in a shitty mood. latly the same person has been making me feel this way, and I thought she was my friend..i'm not even going to bother getting into it. cause it doesn't matter anyways. I'm just going to end up being the 'forgiveful' brooke that i am and forgiving her. Actually, i'm not even forgiving her, cause she doesn't know I know. So I guess it's all just getting brushed under the rug. thanks.


Kiss Me.

what is the irony in all that is beautiful? [14 Oct 2003|12:04am]
TSL is thursday. if anyone wants to go with me let me know.

I had a really good weekend....

I had a really fucked up dream two nights ago. It was me and some people from school {i dont know who they where, they where just people that where there} and the dean of students. We all went to a hotel room for a 'class trip' that was only like a hour away. We all walked into the room, and I saw all these stains on the walls, and I was having all these flashbacks of like morbid people throwing up on the walls, and screaming [kinda like in the movie cabin fever, except it wasnt blood] and then after I flashed from the images of all of that happen, I looked on the floor and I saw a small stain that was dark and I suddenly had a flashback that people got murdered in the hotel room... I looked at the stain on the wall and I was like "they didn't clean it up" and then i looked at the floor and then the dean said "turn off the lights, keep the door open" but the thing was... the door was open.. the lights where off... I hid in back of the door and called my mom and I was like "mom you need to come get me, now, people where murdered here" and my mom was like "hello? hello? brooke I can't talk, i'm on the other line" and i was like "mom they are going to kill me please come get me mom please" and she was like "brooke I dont have time for this, i'm on the other line-- where are you?" and i was like "i dont know! i'm past highland! 9w! please come get me!"and my mom clicked over and dissconnected from me and I sat there crying " please" and then i heard a voice RIGHT next to my ear thru the crack of the door going "im watching you, turn the phone off" -- it was the dean, [no cell phones are allowed in school, i think thats why i thought of 'turn the phone off'] So I turned the phone off and said to myself "if she leaves, she wont be here for a hour, then i'll be home in two hours..." keep in mind all of this is happening in the dark.. everyone else is totally silent.

suddenly, i'm home, looking out the window laying on my bed. it's my house and everything.[ thats what is so weird about all this stuff... everything seemed so real.. 9w does run thru highland... all of this stuff makes sence, its not like other dreams.. ] I see this cute dog walking across the road and i start saying to myself "no, no." then i look to the right, i see a HUGE TRUCK coming, it was RED with a Silver bumper. I hid my head because I knew it was going to get hit. It got hit. I was afraid to look but i did, I looked and there was a HUGE skinned thing laying in the road, with its ribcage like open and exposed and stuff.. it was weird.

whats even more scary is. I saw the truck today that I saw in my dream on my way home from work. I swear.
Kiss Me.

[08 Oct 2003|06:57pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Let me tell you.

There is almost nothing better in the world than being told you can go home early at six o clock when you where supposed to work till nine, AND THEN coming home to a empty house. It's nice. My dogs even greeted me when I walked in the door :oD

The other day, when driving home from work, I wanted to cry. I saw a dead cat in the road, just laying there, and I looked like right at it's face when I drove past cause I didn't know what it was. it wasn't deformed or anything.. it was a "peaceful" looking death.... so I could see. I felt HORRIABLE.. and a few feet up was a dead skunk.. So tonight I kinda started to feel bad... when I drove past the spot where the cat was, the cat was gone, but the skunk was still there. I guess to sum it all up, I feel bad cause like, what about the skunk? I know people don'd keep skunks as pets for obvious reasons, but I mean... it's sad. Aw. I love animals. and I love you dead skunk in the road i'm thinking of you! I care!

time for "sit in the bath and listen to the new coheed cd" time

Kiss Me.

[07 Oct 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I think I just think too much.

just about what I am to people.

what am I to people?

3 kisses - Kiss Me.

You say i've been drivin' you crazy.. and it's keepin you awake.. [06 Oct 2003|06:39pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Michelle Branch - "Breathe" ]

Okay -- Michelle Branch, I love you and all, but.. I bought your 'hotel paper' CD this weekend.. and it... well.... SUCKS. I swear I listen to the CD and I want to kill myself, it's all sad music. The Spirit Room is definatly alot better. But I do like like... three songs on Hotel Paper.

So. No school today, and I have a FOUR day weekend this coming weekend. I don't know what's up with this weekend. If Chris' parents leave it will be me and him at his house... if they don't then I don't know what cause he's still sick and might not be able to leave the house if they stay home. I got to spend a good deal of my day with him yesterday -- so that was verryyyyy nice ;o)

i'm also very happy .. I have friday, saturday, AND sunday off. I love my manager. He's the greatest ever.. seriously. I have NEVER met a manager like him hes just so easy going. It's definatly nice.

Time to finish up my homework: reading: "The Catcher in the Rye"

yip yip.

Kiss Me.

[04 Oct 2003|09:13pm]
you know what I hate? I hate fat kids that think they are the hottest shit out there when they really aren't...and do stuff with their friends that they think is funny, but really isn't... but what is funny is that they are jack-ass wannabe's... LOL

-- you know you think you are hott shit when other people dont emphasize how 'cool' you are by saying 'your name here, mother-fucking, your last name here' so you have to do it yourself...

psh. so how are those marks on your dick from jerking off all those times? remember those marks.. you said you jerked off so much u had marks. hahaha!
2 kisses - Kiss Me.

. . October 3rd 2003 . . [03 Oct 2003|11:51am]
So, I just woke up. And JUST got 2 text messages that Chris sent to me YESTERDAY.. how ridiculous.

So lastnight the show was ending, I always do my "end of show routine" which is leaving before the last song is over to beat the rush of people trying to get out at the end, which was the best idea yet for us. We left, stood in the lobby and before you knew it, the security closed the doors after us to stop the people from coming in so michelle could go back to her dressing room. they made a little "wall" [they all stood next to eachother] and Michelle passed and Becky and I where like "awesome show!" and all this other crap.So Michelle is gone, So Becky looks at me, and she was like "lets go out back" so we run out of the building, and run to GOD KNOWS WHERE...the back of the building and we see two tour busses and a guy with a Michelle Branch backstage pass necklace on. We asked him where Michelle was and that we just wanted a autograph, he was like "i dont know, she should be out soon" so we waited. Over time.. about 10 more people showed up. WE where kinda pissed cause like the more people that showed, the better the chance of them telling us to leave. you know? if it was just the two of us like at the beginning, they wouldnt of said anything. But anyways...we all got to stay and she came out. We all cheered and held up the signs and stuff and people where yelling 'can i get a autograph!' she was like "oh my god guys thank you this is so sweet, everyone get in a line so I can get all of you" -- she actually stood there and talked and signed stuff for every single one of us. It was ssoooo nice. We hung out with her for i'd say a good 15 minutes. It was awesome. I got a poster i took off the wall signed, and I had her sign the back of my ticket for Chris, who was sick and couldn't go. it says "to Chris, Feel better, Michelle Branch" then she gave me a hug -- Too bad I didn't have a FREAKIN CAMERA! and no one there had a digital camera so... i'm pissed about that. But oh well. Becky and I and Jamie Hritz know it!

Kiss Me.

[02 Oct 2003|11:29pm]
Who met Michelle Branch tonight?

Brooke Anthony DEFINATLY did.....

*goes crazy*
Kiss Me.

[02 Oct 2003|12:32pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

So, tonight is Michelle Branch.

Becky and I are going. Chris is sick... too sick to go.

I just got home from subway. i'm eating my foot long Roast Beef, Lettuce, Mayo, and Pickles on wheatbread. You know, the usual. Becky should be here any minute to get me. She was going to take me to get my car, but I guess my uncle is gonna bring it home for me tonight or something along those lines. I miss my car, but she's gonna be bootie-full when I see her

Kiss Me.

byebye doofy ass..dont bother to write... [01 Oct 2003|08:58pm]
some doofy asses just can't take a hint. haha. if i hate you, and you keep bothering me...i'll probally find some humor in your maybe i'll post one. But for now-- the man of this post is who other than, Corey.

Y2CoR00: theres more songs on incase u didnt know.. sorry for bothering u
AE u n n ie: yeah
AE u n n ie: listen
AE u n n ie: not to be a asshole
AE u n n ie: but why do u like still KEEP talking to me
AE u n n ie: like
AE u n n ie: you fucked me over so much
Y2CoR00: i was just tellin u that hey put new mp3's on there.. i wasnt gonna talk to u cause i know u dont like me
AE u n n ie: why would i wanna even be friends
AE u n n ie: i just dont see what goes on in your head
Y2CoR00: do u want me to not talk to u
AE u n n ie: well..
AE u n n ie: yeah
AE u n n ie: when people fuck me over
AE u n n ie: i hate them
Y2CoR00: alright
Y2CoR00: but i dont think i fucked u over
AE u n n ie: rightt
AE u n n ie: u just led me on
AE u n n ie: for like 10 months
Y2CoR00: nah cause i liked u
AE u n n ie: bullshit
AE u n n ie: listen i dont even wanna get into this
Y2CoR00: either do i
AE u n n ie: cause it doesnt even mean anything to me
Y2CoR00: for real... its in the past
Y2CoR00: no need to dwell on it
AE u n n ie: and either do you
Y2CoR00: i dont
AE u n n ie: so it's been real
AE u n n ie: bye
Y2CoR00: im just trying tobe friends
AE u n n ie: i dont fucking like you
Y2CoR00: but u cant even be mature about it
AE u n n ie: you are an assholleeeee
AE u n n ie: get it thru your head
AE u n n ie: its not about maturity
AE u n n ie: its about common sense
Y2CoR00: yea by callin some1 an asshole
Y2CoR00: thats real mature lol
AE u n n ie: yeah well im not mature
AE u n n ie: so fuck you
Y2CoR00: see i was just trying to be nice and tell u there was new songs.. i was gonna stop talkin to u but u were the one that IMed me and started asking me questions.. so im sorry for you asking me questions.. and fuck me so ill let u go bye..
AE u n n ie: bye!

... :)

so. Justin freakin' quit today. Believe that crap-ola? I guess he enjoys sitting at home with his girlfriend ALL DAY.. doing NOTHING... Oh well. you drop out thats what you get...I guess.

Tomorrow is Michelle Branch. This weekend is gonna be wild. i'm esatatic..I can't wait. Just me...and a few of my favorite people <3

Kiss Me.

[29 Sep 2003|05:05pm]
So, I just downloaded a client to update my journal... it's like a program thingey. i'm just trying it out. I got my hair colored, it's Brownish black with blonde chunks on looks niceeee

Kiss Me.

[29 Sep 2003|12:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So. This should go to show you that when you are going to give up on alot of things in life: keep going, cause they could all take a drastic turn.

My brother started college today at the Culinary Insitute of America. Congradulations Jay.

I just got home from school, i'm sittin here just waiting for two o'clock to roll around so I can go get my hair colored and cut. *eep* I still don't know what I want. I definatly want to go drastic blonde streaks, but I want some dark brown thrown in there too, So idk i'm friends with the girl doing it so we'll just have to 'talk it out' when I get there. As for the cut- that's all just spur of the moment business. My mom doesn't want me cutting any of it off because she likes my long blonde wavy hair. Hm. we'll see.

I'm VERY excited about this weekend. Bruce, Becky, Chris and I are getting a hotel room in Connecticut, So far Bruce,Chris and I want to go- we are just waiting on Becky's response. INDOOR POOL...INDOOR HOT TUB.. CRAZY KIDS..UNSUPERVIZED..OUT OF STATE..I can't take it anymore. It's just too good to be true. Think of all the shit we do around here... then to be in a different state doing it?! *does a search on Wal Marts in Connecticut*

3 days untill Michelle Branch with Chris!

Today i'm driving my mom's car, cause the cutie car is in the shop getting stuff done to it. [new bumper, new blinker lights, fog lights, some paint jobs here and there] i'm excited about the lights. They are blue and nicee.


Okay, Time to go get the eye brows waxed. I've needed them done bad for the past forever. Just been too lazy.


Kiss Me.

[28 Sep 2003|12:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

I just got home. I worked today 3-7 at the salad bar, and Steve and Mike came in and saw Tim [this kid I work with] they are two kids i've known for a LONG time.. I met Steve when I was in middle school and he was in highschool.. and Mike I met when I was in highschool. Steve got me into Coheed. [eep!] lol

omg the hamsters need to stop fighting! ANYWAYS... [lol]

I hadn't seen Steve in a long time, and Mike is going out with this girl Kristen who I LOVE... we used to take ceramics together and we just had so much fun we acted so stupid.. so after work I went down to the mall to buy some stuff for my car, then Steve called me, I told him I was down by the mall and that i'd call him when I got back, so I did, and they where at Tim's house.. which is right across the street from my house. They where going to Taco Bell so I decided to go. Went to taco bell, ate, hung around, went and picked up their drunk friend and then went back to Tims house.. then ALYSSA AND KRISTEN CAME!!! i was so excited so we ditched the boys and hung out lol We played the keyboard while Steve played the guitar, then made really stupid looking wrestlers on the wrestling game Mike has LOL.. they are hardcore boys.

I'm sooo happy I got to see my girls.

I'm so tired. I get to see my baby tomorrow hopefully. i'm happy.

'quote' of the night:
Brooke: "want one?"
Tim:"what is it? *looks at it* Pork Rhind? *sniffs it* Cinnamon? Cinnamon Pork Rhind?"

<3 xox

Kiss Me.

[27 Sep 2003|12:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Lastnight was, interesting-- I guess you could say. I got home at 2 a.m. I have to leave for work In like.. a hour and a half. Lastnight's wal mart trip was alot of fun. i'm being SUPER lazy right now. I don't feel like writing. I'll write more later.

Kiss Me.

[25 Sep 2003|01:34pm]
[ mood | busy ]

ok i'm mad. Becky ranked 69 in the senior rank. WTF I WANTED 69. I hope i get 169 or 269. lol I keep calling my guidance councelor to get my rank. Shes a busy lady.

Today I walked up to a bunch of 'im better than you i ranked in the top 10' kids and told them i got number 11 and they laughed at me and i told them to go die. it was nice. funny for us who thought it was funny-- but it reminded me why I don't dig those kids, cause they where all like "psh" like I could never do it. I could do it, I know I could, it's just, i'm trying to live my life. I'm not going to let school run my life. If you think about it, what do those kids do? they must do nothing except study and complain about the 98 they got on a math test. [i've seen them complain over 98's] I mean at times i'm a perfectionist when it comes to grades, but I don't loose sleep over it. That's just rediculous

I hate jocks. I sat in class and looked at this one kid today who plays football for my school, and he thinks hes the hottest shit out there. it's like hello.. act like hot shit when we actually WIN a game. ok? thanks.

ooo i'm feisty today. lol

I got optimum online. it's really fast. I like I like. Music downloads REALLY quick.

I have work four to eight.

Kiss Me.

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