only steers and queers come from texas private cowboy   
04:58pm 08/03/2004
  ill finish it later  
no they never got us anywhere   
06:11pm 02/03/2004
mood: amused
music: RUFIO
today was particularly pointless. in context there, pointless means idiotic. like the brainchilds describing their lives sick like their sense of values. erotic they are not, more so just asinine..derr

the best part about school though was our free period. last period too. we sat outside, first under the old tree where we eat lunch in the fall. it was nice but then there was a bunch of fir that looked like a tail next to skims shoe. so we went over and sat on the pavement under trees. i had made kim a cake and we had made it a special last period surprise for her. so i gave it to her and we all had some, but thats only between me god and know, the foregoing lent? yea i thought so

so it was wicked nice out. and we had cake. and each other. all like old times, minus the fact that the old times were just last season. and we never had cake until mandas birthday. nah. i mean back when we were all that we had. back when we were the only friends we had.

and something about the weather erased last night and the nights before. it was all like perfect for 40 minutes.

it was wicked funny. i should put in some pictures [i.e, me in the wind, us with the cake]..dont even know if i can though.

i havnt really been feeling good and i bet ill never be able to tell you why. so im sorry. itll be better in the end.
...youll thank me later
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my friends   
04:57pm 29/02/2004
mood: sick
music: something corporate
im so ready for prom. i have a beautiful dress. i just dont have a prom or a date. i had a semi and that was nice but i think that prom would be wicked fun. the dress is gorgeous. and approval from the my sister in law too. it looks like ill just have to go and be my brothers date to his senior prom

yea he wont mind

i havnt been feeling particularly well recently. this girl told everyone back in 7th grade that i was bulimic. i really really wasnt. it was gay for her to shout it through the halls. especially when in fact they thought i had leukemia. not bulimia. just because everyday i was sick right about the time when 'the nanny' theme song played doesnt mean i was bulimic.

man get it straight.
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biy y stocker boys are her personal fav   
09:37pm 27/02/2004
mood: yea we're cool now bitch
music: taking back SUNDAY
FnkyFlwr: because of you maria is fagisitosis
FnkyFlwr: she you know has to have like all them idle peeps down therre at the bottom and them the awayerinos and then the online people
FnkyFlwr: and its like whoa please...and she makes me move them down and it confuses me and i get big pit stains cause of the pressure

and thats the bio of maria for all those interested. she also enjoys harry potter and is fascinated at the way they dim the lights at the one eleven chop house..and she researches communision in 837 A.D ????????

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youth is wasted on the young!!!!!!   
07:35pm 24/02/2004
music: LE TIGRE
huh i didnt mean to sound like a chooch when i called it a cola bear..


love becky
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so come outside and walk with me we'll try each other on see if we fit.   
07:00pm 24/02/2004
mood: content
i think that above subject is a little suggestive if youre hanging out with someone really perverted. suggestive like that new cola polar bear they put up thats spread eagle. you just know someones gonna go have their way with that thing. and when that time comes you just know someone will drive by in a minivan and have to explain some anatomy to little isiah.

but its all a tribute to meg. life today is a tribute to meg. hell yea, shes so cool and not just in that shes my best friends sister sort of way. more in the shes just cool and could kick your ass like when she punched dan sort of way................such a proud moment

today was pretty such stupid and english pissed me off because of that damn antigone play. we have to preform it on monday and the realilization that its going to suck i think has begun to set it. star wars? it doesnt need to be perfect, yea yea i know. but still. its going to look like a cheap watered down version of some alleyway star wars. severly watered down. like PBR. hahhaahh

oh. reminds me of some good times. but im not that bad. and i was to straightedge passed the age of 10.

actually something important and substantial is this upcoming weekend. just 3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so lets make PLANS for this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
raiseee a glass to broken hearts, blurred vision   
05:46pm 19/02/2004
mood: recumbent
'We cant wow you with our people skills.We make enemies not friends.Your name again?'

i went to boston today. yea it was good. lis came too with ethan. we went to this ceremony for iwo jima day but we couldnt hear a thing. then we went out to lunch.

hear. its weird to read peoples away messages. nah. old best friends. theyre like "whoa why is it so freakin cold in hear." and you realize they cant use correct usage. its idiotic but you wonder if you ever really knew each other. orr did they ever know jackshit. not just about easter stick ons but you. they were always different and they were always a little off. a strong cup of tea and thats why the aunt didnt like her. no, not didnt like her, couldnt stand her. shed roll her eyes. like apostrophies which suck ass anyway. but shed flip like that. curve like that. a little black sanity ready to kick contractions asses. not like that naked tree hugger that made the front page. no this was compitency. yeah, at its utmost ledge, but still. you grew up with this girl and youll love her forever because you went through hell with each other. shes weird and shes crazy and shes completly completly...yea theres just no way you could ever forget her. cause you remember running thru the rain with her and dancing like a chooch with her in the front lawn. it was a show. but now she actually has other friends. whoa. no like you know. who can drive.

they drink and smoke too.
02:03pm 18/02/2004
mood: good
music: RUFIO
you dont really need to pay attention to this postage cause i just want to make this pretty. as in gorgeous.

ive got sublime stuck in my head. like 'im at the age where i realllize, the liquour store, wont bring you back.' but actually i think sublime just covered that. its off their accoustic. yeaaaa. like last year when someone would play bass at lunch. and everyone would gape like he had impalled the lunchlady with his pick and some hash. actually he didnt always use a pick. and that made him cooler. every girl wanted to ask him to make out with them. i still do. we all still do.

we all want to make out with the bassist who said he'd kill himself on friday. cause we all know his skills.

fuck yeah you best believe he got talent
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