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[Tuesday September 14 2004|06:47pm]
level 52. 128733 points. wow. i need to stop playing this game or find another one. goldminer is so addicting.

i went to the optometrist (i soo cant spell that) and i will be getting new glasses! they are pretty cute. lemme see if i can find a pic of them online somewhere....YAY! found em.

i hate how freaking expensive all that stuff is. waaayyy more than i thought it would be. oh well i will keep the glasses for a long time.

4 more days.
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[Saturday August 16 2003|04:25pm]

okay..im saying my journal is friends only...but every once in a while i will post a public post...but if you really want to read my journal you better add me. i love new friends! ♥
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