WOO HOO!!   
08:39pm 07/07/2004
  hey.. well, ive only written in here once?? lol.. anywase.. nothing has been happening lately that is that exciting.. uh.. I'm going to my Nana's Friday or Saturday or something.. if anyone wants to come.. just ask and you will most deffinately be able to.. becuase I know the summer is boring as hell.. I cant wait for school to start so that I can see all my friends.. though I dont have many.. mabe like.. 5 or 6 close friends that at least know a little about me.. and like 2 or 3 that know everything about me.. but.. its all good.. i'm spending the night at Niki's tonight.. woo hoo.. right?? I mean.. I'm that bored.. thats why I cant wait for school to start.. and that also why I cant wait to go to my Nana's.. its hard to get bored over there.. because you are alwase somewhere doing something.. like going to the mall, or my aunts house.. or to go to the mountains.. or somewhere.. last summer I didnt go and my sister went and got to go to DollyWood and went to the mountains and stuff.. I think it is SOO fun up there.. ok.. well, I have to leave and go to Niki's woot woot!! BYE!!
Hello Moto..   
02:15pm 11/06/2004
  Hey people.. This will be another of my boring journals.. I have like a Million of them.. they are linked on my profile on AIM if you want to check them out (RockChick382) anywase.. I will go now because nothing big happened today..:) go me..  
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