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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
9:48 pm - "i am sorry to sarah elizabeth hashmi"
the title says it all

current mood: blah

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9:20 pm - sorry or whatever
so last night i freaked about rob, and i talked ot him and I'M SORRY, he didn't cheat on me i was just panicked, it was only a kiss on the cheek.and i'm also supposed to say that that sarah bitch, excuse me chisk, sarah chick, is not a bitch (bksbgsdbgksdk) mhmm, promised i'd do it. Yanno i'm keeping my rpomises now, only to prove to you Robm because you said i break all my promise. I'M SORRY, to rob and to what-her-face 'cause yanno i don't even know her..

changing the subject-me n werby..mhmm you touch him i'll jsut straight kill you, he's mine..mhmm

and i love jess you is by far one of my best friends in the world!

current mood: annoyed
current music: d/c

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12:52 am - home
so, yeah i'm home and all that good ish..soooo not about to fill you in on what went down skiing other than Ryan..the boy i met *blush*

n today//yesterday//saturday..whatever best suits your interest--went to the mallw ith my dear friend jess n jax, we had an okay time *thumbs nuetral* bought a sublime cd, gotta burn that ish.and we saw who?Rob, yeah we did. He was being a what?Asshole, yeah he was.Well to me at least, well okay worse than Jess but he was pretty daym bad to both of us, pshh whatever he's a JERK!

Yeah, so me I'm in a great mood! NOT! Just found out, yeah Rob cheated on me with some bitch, omigod they're so lucky i didn't know before the mall trip or i woulda fuckin' killed botha em', i don't care what you say, i fuckin' woulda gone damn crazy.OMIGOd, yes i cried, yes i still am crying, but i know certain people won't believe me.Omigod i hate boys, but yanno whatever, he denies it, maybe we'llt lak about it, right now i just am talking to jess and my babey, i mean my werby..ehe

Yeah werby, he's all mine now, back off

current mood: pissed off
current music: Sublime ish

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
1:39 am - yummm
so today ya i did jack shit, then tonight mommy all took me out to egt shoes for the fashion next week (praying to god i don't fall).they're hott though, they're nice and silver and sexy and shit..i'm gonna look soo hott

then later i all got home, after a few people calling me and texting me to tell me how cute my butt is *blushing*, and i was talkin' to werby and shit man i wanted to all go for a walk and like so he came over and we went for a walk, yeah got skurred a bit, damn darkness.then we went back to my home and wacthed frikin' 'pirates of the carribbean', hott movie, ya that was fun..and if you're wondering what happened, let me jsut tell you (i'm glad i watched the movie before he came over)ahh what what??I know you're jealous..n guess what I DONT CARE..mhmm.

so i just figured out, i'm going away for like 4 days? oh my! going to have a heart attack, yeah and people best call me and shit or else i'll go currrazy ++856.296.5727++what now?

I love Jessica Beard, she's my hurro and my favoritest person!


((i have a crush..i think))

current mood: loved
current music: C.A. Stripped..again

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Monday, December 29th, 2003
2:03 pm - jacuzzi anyone?
so last night jimmy and brokaw and awerb came over and we all chilled in my jacuzzi for a real long time..very umm interesting? well i had fun, if ya know what i mean..*kisses*

and then i had this weird-ass fucking dream, man i hate dreams.
so right i was pregnant with my ex's baby >>rob<< and i was in the hospital about to have it and like fuckin' i dont even know my whole fammy was there except for my mom, my dad, my brother and rob. and i was like freaking out crying and shit because i was missing like cheerleading practice or something and my coach was gonna be mad at me.and then the father of my baby shows up after i have the damn thing and as all 'did i miss anything' and i jsut straight slapped him..i dunno, so weird, and thne i woke up to my dad flipping out at me..jeez and i was crying, ya know when you are crying os hard in your dreams it's like you cry in real life too, ya well shiiiit.

and then today i have to clean because i'm going away for a few days to my aunt's house in pa, dayym..meeting some cute boys on the ski lifts with my cosuin possibly?hmm, no i don't need to [nevermind]. well this should be interesting.anywhoo-mommy's taking me out today, like all voer the place and shiit, i dun even know where, she just wants to.whatever.

love? Surrra' [that kinda sounds like the beginning of 'surreptitious', ha i looo0ove it!]

current mood: mischievous
current music: anything??

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003
3:13 pm - Mhmmmmm...
So today, mommy to took me to the Promenade to go exchange my purse at the Coach store, man I got the yummiest looking purse ever, I'm about to have sex with it! And it's mine not yours..

..What else do I have that you don't??!

Hmmm Let's see, uh Jess Beard as my HERO!OMIGOD I love her so much, she's like my twin and we are soooo0o alike, man it's kinda scurrry..

And today I was SUPPOSED to hang out with someone but they ahven't called eyt and they've been offa work for like an hour and a 1/2 now, JeeeeeeEez man! But whatever, maybe they got out late..we will see now won't we? Keep your fingers crossed dudes and dudettes..

I love you all++So sorry though, I love Jess more, and we share a Romeo? That's riiiight! Even though she doesn't know who he is, it's okaaayy dokkkaayy!!

Yumm yumm-Surrrah *smoochez poochez*

current mood: bouncy
current music: 3 Doors down..Another 700 Miles..yummm

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Thursday, December 25th, 2003
11:26 pm - Christmas
Wow, what a hott day..last night was fun too, went to church and I all had to give communion like pour wine, ya know?And i only poured it on 1 person, thank God!Mad funny though, but then off to my aunt's house we went and I got some great presents and got ot see my second cousin who crawled over to me the second he saw me may I add?And I barely see the kid, wow I love babies..he's so cute, my nephew was being a little devil though.Got some new ornaments for my tree, well the one in my room, and I got a few for mine downstairs too, so hott.Hmm, and I got some makeup, Laur Laur got me some hott presents too,some coach shoes, new sweater, earring, mascara, necklace..hmm anything else?And I got a cd (Sean Paul), and my brother and sister-in-law bought me a diamond

Onto christmas morning shall we??

So after a night of tossing and turning daddy comes in a wakes me up and I got downstairs and my brother made his own breakfast, I was like holy shit it really is christmas, and then after watching him eat for like 5 I was just like alright can we open our rpesents, everyone was sooo waiting for me to flip out too, so they laughed.So we take pictures and then open the presents and I got some clothes from AE, some DVDs (Pirates of the Carribbean and Harry Potter #1!!), a CD (Dashboard Confessional), lotsa makeup,my brother and I got these hot heated blankets, wow, it was wonderful and I got new pajammers from my pa and a gift thing to Old hott, and oh yeah a new Coach purse but I'm exchanging it for a different one, it's so cute though..

Christmas dinner/lunch thing..right.Fammy camed over and chilled, ate and ish, got sick because I ate, I dunno, food's starting to make me sick..uh-oh!And my grandmother all got me 2 new DVDs(Finding Nemo and Wiz of Oz) and she got me the 3 doors down CD, hott! And some nice big fat check..2 indeed, thanks a bunch..will in my mall adventure tomorrow with JENNIFER!!Yeah man.Anything else good?Hmmm, my nephew was being absolutely adorable today..can't wait till the new baby comes, Dill's gowing up so fast..

Later..After everyone left I'm all tlaking to Jimmy on the internet and we're tlaking about watching movies and some how he ended up coming over and we watched Shrek, wow, haven't seen that in so long, thought it was scratched and all..And then I walked him halfway home, holy shit, that meant I had to walk the other half back home I ran..okay now I only ran when I got out of Jimmy's sight, I only jogged to my court..haha..skurry shit here in the Grant..what what?

So mall with J tomorrow?..Holy shit yes!

I love you so much..I'd wait a lifetime for you to come around..I'm just hoping you won't keep me waiitng that long. (And you know I mean it too)


current mood: loved
current music: Dashboard Confessional

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
4:13 pm - Last night.
So later last night, after that special someone elft, I DID indeed chill with Jillian and Kaitlin.WOW, what a freakin' blast. We baked fuckin' chocolate chip oatmeal cookis because my mom was buggin' me all day about baking. And so Kaitlin did a superman dive which was the funniest thing I've ever seen her do and we got in a fight with all the ignredients (YES!I do have pictures and videos). My mother frikin' flippe dout on me, wow, it was great, yells at me all day to bake, I finally do and she tells me to leave the kitchen, go figure.Well the cookies were a tad bit crispy *hehe*, but definitely yummy..And so then I got chnaged and we went ot Jill's house and played mystery date and danced around ehr kitchen. OMIGOSH!I almost forgot, some asshole was prank calling my cellphone just about all night..if you ahve an info on this, please call..hehe, ya and I have a feeling of who it may be, but the number was coming up 'private call' all night, no I'm not that stupid to not look on the caller id, I knwo that's what's you're thinking..And so today I fuckin' woke up wrapping presents, Jesus! My mom is a psycho! Lucky I got a shwoer in with all the shit she was making me do, but on the bright side my aunt and uncle and grandparents came over because my aunt and uncle go away for Christmas and SHIT! They got me a new fuckin' Coach purse, red-leather, across the chest kinda bag..holy shit, nice as new I haven't even seen it yet, WOW, I love them.And my uncle made me a chocolate covered apple with a buncha other shit 'cause he thinks I needa be fat..ugh, well cna't wait to eat it, gonna split it with my damn mooch of a mother tryin' to all steal my new purse and ish..told her I'd buy her a new fucking wallet from there but NO she didn't want anything coach for Christmas so she cannot borrow my purse..Well spending the ngiht at church then off to my aunt's for some EVe festivites as per usual, then coming home, going to bed and waking up to Santa's gifts in the morning..cannot wait...

current mood: giddy
current music: Anything CHRISTMAS!!

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
6:54 pm - Wouldn't you like to know..
So today I all wore a skirt to school, hott shiit. Had fun in that ish and all, thanks to my ex and everything for that *kiss*.And Kait and Jill and like I, ya we exchange dpresents, I got some yummy things! Jill, my dear, gave me the Christina Aguilera CD, 'cause I wanted it and some hot earrings (cute as f--- I might add). Kait also gave me some hot earrings with little cherries, I LOVE cherries, they turn me on, riiight, so and she gave me a real cute shirt and a key chain. YUMMERS! Then I went home..yumm, spent the whole day with my favorite person in the whole wide world:___! (wouldn't you love to know??!) Yeah well sucks for you 'cause I ain't tellin', hmm, interesting times, I have a few battle wounds but it's all good in the hood. Makes me sad though, yeah don't worry about it, loong frikin' stroy, I just wanted you to know it makes me sad. And Kait joined us for a little get together, PAARRTTAAYY! Um, no. So there ya go, yes Kait is one of my favoritest people but take her off the list of possibilities. And then I took him/her home, after I did his/her hair, looked phat as fuck yo dawgie. Mhmm, never again. So my mom is bitching a shit about how I haven't done anything in preparation for the holiday festivites, so I'm gonna bake cookies, and I'm planning on hanging with Kait and Jill-Bill, tonight, maybe they'll help. So I'm out to hook up the plans fo' sho'! Love>Sur..And may the force be with you..

current mood: contemplative
current music: C.A.>Stripped, thanks to Jillian!!(I <3 her)

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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
6:49 pm - Uh-huh
So my life is damn random, let me tell you! Yeah like this morning I wake up and fight with my dad as usual, go to school, blah, blah..And then I get to school and shit like I don't eve know did some normal shit and fuckin' my ex is all over me for some reason, yeah, it's been awhile, that horny fuck, and I'm all yeah like I hate you, but yeah not really and uh-huh, just shit right. And then comes English, my new favorite subject, no not the subject really just that period, well for now right, I change boys like fuckin', i don't even know.So right, moving on, ya know, leaving school all that fun shit, I'm 'bout to get off the bus and Jimmy's all "no stay on I love you, I'll walk you home" and I'm all "right, whatever".So, for some odd reason we held hands until we parted at his house and gave eachother kisses, ON THE CHEEK, I dunno it's like our new thing right and I go to Kait's house and get fuckin' raped by her damn pyscho dog. Fuckin' all eatin' my hair and ish, lickin' me up and down and I'm all no you're not doing that get the fuck offa me and wow then he tried to all kill himself, Kait had to take his collar away and then the damn dog went into depression and went all "barry Manilow", I swear it was talking. But yeha so Kait walks me home halfway and I'm all practically running home because it's all like drive-by in Marlton, hey it could happen.I mean this fuckin' town it's all "hey yeah we're rich little snobbers and we hire damn Mexicans to do everything for us"And so shit, Mexicans fuckin' scare me..So got home, foguht with mom a little because I fuckin' bought my cosuin a damn Coach wristlet for Christmas, ma wasn't too happy about that (I haven't told ehr about the new wallet I bought myself, shhh!).And I fuckin' wrapped some more presents right, yeah fun shit dude, and put them under the tree, still not done.Gonna og over my cousin's later to pick up jillian's present, yumm, we're exchanging tomorrow, CANNOT WAIT FOR MY LIFE! Hmm, so Christmas in what what? 3 DAYS??! Oh shit, yeah and tomorrow, half day, and someone special's coming over I hope and I LOVE HIM, more than you, get over it beotch. Gonna go to the malla nd take a picture with Santy Clause too, yumm!Kait and I are wearing matching outfits to school, HOW HOTT is that ish. Bananers to all~Surrah..

current mood: chipper
current music: Britney Spears oldest CD dude, hot ish man.

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Thursday, November 6th, 2003
3:42 pm - 1st Day Off.
So today was the first day of our 4-day weekend. Yeah, fun, I woke up at like 9 from a frikin' phonecall but went back to sleep for and hour. So when I finally wake up for good I go to see who's on the internet (ya know, forgeting that it's about 10 o'clock in the morning) and to my surprise nobody's on, so I look at the clock and oh yeah, the vast majority of my buddy list is sleeping. So I get to cleaning, because well it's fun, I mean fun as in nothing-else-to-do fun, not as in actually-get-a-kick-out-of-it fun. But oh well. I come back to see my psycho friend Natalie on, telling me how bored she is also so she's playing the Sims, wow. At this point, I WOULD proceed to ask ehr if she wanted to come over but you must realize, Natalie has a deadly ailment that I donot wish to get, so screw her coming over, I'd rather be bored and play with knives. I decided to take a 2-hour long shower, it would have been longer if my damn mother hadn't decided to come pounding on the door. Then I did my hair. Don't ask why, because I can't tell you why. I'm aware that I'm not doing anything tonight, yet I decided to do my hair so I can look pretty for my mom, ya. Possibly my boyfriend and his cousin will come over, that's a possibility but it probably won't happen because let's face it, he never comes over. Ha, my night's shot and it's raining so I can't go out in the jacuzzi by myself, so there's another let down. My life is jsut pathetic and this is why I hate days off. The ironic part is, I am going out 2 times this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I have a football game and Sunday my mom is taking me to the mall, as usual. But what's so irionice is that, I normally have Saturday and Sunday off to do whatever weekend activities I please. There's another wow. So, I'm out, gonna go do some more cleaning..

current mood: bored
current music: Fabolous-Street Dreams (ya gotta get this)

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