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[21 Dec 2006|08:37pm]
boo ya, nothing else is going on with life
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boo [14 Jan 2006|07:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | no ]

X all that apply
[x]i'm older than 15
[ ]my birthday is in the summer
[ ]my parents are still together
[ ]i'm younger than 15
[ ]i love going to school
[ ]i actually hate one of my own friends
[x]i'm in high school
[ ]i have a job
[ ]i have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[x]i love orange juice
[x]i think i'm ugly
[ ]i have a lip ring
[x]i love to dance
[x]i hate people of my own sex (only sometimes)
[ ]i am lactose intolerant
[x]i am a virgin
[]i am not a virgin
[x]i love to sing
[x]i can bake
[ ]i believe in ghosts
[x]i am scared of the dark
[ ]i believe in astrology
[ ]i am in love with love
[]i know how to shoot a gun
[x]i am really ticklish
[x]i laugh a lot
[ ]i am clinically depressed

[ ]i have run away from home
[x]i've shoplifted
[ ]i've gotten arrested
[x]i have lied to my parents about something big
[]i have gone behind my parent's back & gotten a tattoo/piercing
[x]i have sworn at a teacher/parent
[x]i have dated someone behind my parent's back
[x]i have been suspended
[x]i have been expelled
[]i have snuck out of the house
[x]i've cheated on a test
[ ]i've gotten a ticket
[x]i've driven & don't have my license yet
[ ]i've gotten in a fist fight
[x]i've witnessed a crime

drinking & drugs
[x]i have consumed alcohol
[x]i drink a lot
[x]i have gotten drunk at a family party
[x]i have been drunk
[x]i've done drugs
[]i have been taken advantage of because i was high/drunk
[x]i have passed out in a bar from being drunk in the past 6 months (wasnt at a bar though)
[]i have done inhalents

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survey [14 Jan 2006|07:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | En Vogue - Dont Let Go ]

U S E L E S S | I N F O R M A T I O N
Name: Nicole
Single or taken: Single.
Sex: Female
Birthday: Sept 15 1987
Sign: Virgo
Siblings: 0
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: brown
Height: last i checked 6'0-1"
Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight.
Who are your best friends?: cat, liz, sometimes janae, seriously depending on the day
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No.
What is your longest relationship?: 5.5 months

F A S H I O N | S T U F F
Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes: fashion bug, deb, lane bryant
Any tattoos or piercings: 3 holes in each ear, soon to get a tattoo
What is your most comfortable outfit?: big ol' baggie pants, big shirt
What do you usually wear?: Black shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Do you do drugs? maybe
What kind of shampoo do you use?: depends, pantene, thermasilk, dove, herbal essence
What are you most scared of?: dying alone
What are you listening to right now: Nothing
Who is the last person that you called?: liz
Who is the last person that called you?: liz
Where do you want to get married?: a church?
What would you change about yourself?: idk

Colors: black and red
Foods: mac and cheese
Movies: pah! that list is so freaking long
Animals: doggies, pandas, butterflies

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R
Given anyone a bath?: yup
Smoked?: yup
Bungee jumped?: no
Made yourself throw up?: not really
Skinny dipped?:nope
Ever been in love?: yup
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: yup
Pictured your crush naked?: hell yea!!!
Actually seen your crush naked?: yup
Cried when someone died?: Yes.
Lied: Yes.
Fallen for your best friend?: no cuz all my friends are chicks and we're too close for that and my one guy friend isnt really my type
Rejected someone?: Yes.
Used someone?: yea once
Done something you regret?: yea

Clothes: Black shirt and jeans.
Music: Just bought KoRn, SOAD and incubus CD's
Annoyance: Nothing, right now.
CD in player: Eminem - Encore
DVD in player: It's empty

L A S T | P E R S O N
You left a message for: idk
You texted: liz
You cuddled with: alfonzo
You kissed: alfonzo

A R E | Y O U
Understanding: Yes.
Open-minded: sometimes
Arrogant: sometimes
Persistant: Yes.
Insecure: Yes.
Hungry: No
Smart: i have my moments
Moody: Sometimes.
Hard working: sometimes
Resiliant: depends on the situation
Organized: bah
Healthy: bah
Difficult: eh, sometimes
Bored easily: No.
Obsessed: depends on who/what i am obsessed with
Angry: Sometimes.
Sad: Sometimes.
Happy: Sometimes.
Hyper: Sometimes.
Trusting: yea id like to think so

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yar [14 Jan 2006|06:52pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Lil Rob - Bring Out the Freak In you ]

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the good stuff. 2005 was craziness, but what else is new. new years eve got so drunk/high that i fell out a chair. goodtimes
might be getting a tatt dont know of what though!

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woot [23 Dec 2005|06:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Eminem - Spend Some Time ]

no im not dead, its just that blurty is so fucking dumb now, im finally 18! woo there is nothing else going on in my life but its cool

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im not dead [01 Sep 2005|04:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | MIssy Elliot - Outta Control ]


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ah hello! [01 Jun 2005|05:54pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | 50 Cent - Build You Up ]

do i remember you? probably not!!!
nothing really has been happening lately and its driving me nuts. i have two job interviews on thursday and friday and i dont really wanna go to them, lol but i have nothing else better to do, i may end up dragging cat with me, just to have something to do afterwards i guess. i miss too many people from school and it sux that when i go back most likely none of them will be there, cept for the few stupid ones (like me) who failed senior year. yar! i decided to dress up today, which means do my hair, carry my bag and wear no jacket! oh no! no jacket i did wear one of those hoodies that comes with pants like a set? i looked alright, cept for the few elder MEN who stared at my ass and said hello and gawked at me, bastards! i need something to do, anyone wanna chill?

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hey all [07 May 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Rob Thomas - Lonely No More ]

i got ticketz to the 50 cent concert in august, and i havent been going to school but i plan to go back in sept becuz i wanna go to college, hopefully some where good, life is grand! Milo is peachy!!

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seeing Maroon 5 w/cat [01 Apr 2005|03:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | 50 Cent - Candy Shop ]

awesome now i have something to do, hahah, going to see maroon 5 tonite with catty, haha, listening to some 50 (as usual)

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Happy Easter! [27 Mar 2005|11:21am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | 50 Cent - Gatman and Robbin ]

Why the hell is easter in march, what is up with that?!
yesterday i went to the movies and saw the ring 2, which was better than the first one, which is weird cuz sequels suck. blah, im home alone and mom is working till 11 tonite, party? you got that right!!!

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hurrah! [22 Mar 2005|02:53pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Adema - Giving In ]

i got the new 50 album, its cool, not like i figured it becuz i had never really listen to an album of his before i only went by like the songs they played on the radio (the hits)
i got ticketz to the nelly concert on April 16th (woo) its with Nelly, St. Lunatics, T.I. and Fat Joe, which should be awesome!
sec 113 which isnt that BAD
now im just sitting here being so fucking bored, cat is now a blonde which is cool. its really bright. but alas

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word [07 Mar 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Natalie - Crazy ]

hi, im alive, just letting you know

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damn [25 Feb 2005|12:15pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | 50 Cent - MVP? ]

i dont update anymore, it just seems like this whole "web journal" is boring
ive got a puppy now so that is taking over my life
i dont have a life anymore

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whatever! [06 Feb 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round ]

well mom is supposed to be getting me a puppy, i so excited!!!!
i cant wait
school is fucking bullshit and i cant wait to be the fuck out so i can do my own fucking thing, im so done with high school!

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yea i know [08 Jan 2005|12:06am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers ]

i dont update anymore, dunno why, oh well! happy new year!

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rawr [10 Dec 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Eminem - Puke ]

christmas is coming and i am broke! i only had money to get my nails done, which i now regret for some reason, just fuck off!

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damn [05 Dec 2004|10:44am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | 50 Cent - Dance Inferno ]

today is sunday and i dont want to go to school tomorrow, what the hell?! cant we ever have like a bomb threat at school and not go to school until next month, or something?! i cant wait for christmas break, but i have to finish painting my room, ive been putting if off for far too long, oh well. today is a day, im at my moms work, so ill waltz around downtown to see what kind of trouble i can get into. my aunt renee gave me and mom back our movies that mom gave her, its like 6 crates worth so ive been spending most of the weekend in front of the tv watching one movie after the next (pitiful) yes i know, but i had nothing else to do, i WAS supposed to go out with sean on saturday but i think he was sleeping or something cuz when i called he didnt pick up, maybe something came up, but im still bitter about it, lol
i might hang out with cat soon. ill see derrick tomorrow, woo hoo! i have money now, thank goodness, i was tired of being broke, it sucked so bad. now i can be bougie (sp?) and go on a shopping spree, oh yea a shopping spree with $26

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i have issues! [28 Nov 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | woo ]

Schizotypal:Very High
Borderline:Very High
Avoidant:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

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turkey day? salmon stinks when you broil it [27 Nov 2004|02:38am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Mario - Let Me Love You ]

well my thanksgiving was not thanksgiving, lol well for starters wednesday i went to the sixers game with liz and her little bro andrew, which was fun cept for i didnt know what was going on, and i kept watching the monitor like i was watching tv and i had to keep reminding myself that i was at the game, and then this lady behind me was being loud and crap and was saying something about "that salmons stinks, i cant stand him" and i mocked her saying "yea salmons stinks" and liz comes out of nowhere and says "yea it does stink, especially when you broil it" me and her little brother died laughing and said "WHO IS TALKING ABOUT FISH" and she tried to play it off cuz she said she wasnt paying attention, lol w/e
then thursday i went to the football game which FKD won, cuz of course i was there, HELLO! and then i went to my moms work and ate some turkey and sandwich and pie (mm pie) and then we went to my uncle's house where i watched movies with my cousin till he fell asleep on the couch, lol which was SO FUN! only to have their cat (momcat i know stupid?) jump up onto my lap and meow at me, lol which was shocking, and now today i had to babysit which was fun, so now im happy and content with myself for reasons ill not go into about, tomorrow im doing nothing cept sleep and be bored and get online, lol
derrick makes me happy, hahaha yes indeed, damn i havent updated like this in awhile, oh well enjoys!

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sure why not! [19 Nov 2004|09:59am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Eminem - Just Lose It ]

Yesterday i went to the mall and went FYE and guess who i should see, Derrick! oh yea, damn he was fine, it made my night, lol

What time is it: 9:34am
What is the date // November 19, 2004

*Info about you*
Full Name // Nicole Michelle Davis
Age // 17
Sex // Female
Birthday // September 15,1987
Zodiac Sign // Virgo
What school do you go to // Frankford
What is your mascot // Pioneers
What are your school colors // Red and Blue and Gold
Nicknames // Niki, Pumpkin, Boo Boo, Babe
What are your hobbies // writing, the internet, video games, movies
Hair color // Dark Brown
Hair length // my shoulders
Eye color // Bown
Height // 5`11.5"
Have any pets // nope
Whats their names // see above
What do you fear most in the world // being alone
What do you regret the most // Trying to kill myself
Do you have braces // i did
Do you have glasses // oh yea
Are you good at school // sometimes

Car // Impalas' or Monte Carlos'
Teacher // haha my kindergarten teacher
Class // Social Science
Day of the week // Saturday
Holiday // christmas
Season // winter
Month // August
Sport // i dont have one
Movie // Alice in Wonderland and All Dogs Go to Heaven
Actress // Angelina Jolie
Actor // Johnny Deep
T.V. show // Will & Grace, The Simpsons
Food // Mac and Cheese
Drink // Ice Tea
E-mail buddy // idk
Saying // Whatever!
Word // Dammit!
Radio station // Wired 96.5
Room in your house // My room of course
Pizza Topping // Cheese
Letter // J, S
Number // 3,8
Vacation spot // somewhere other than here
Cereal // KIX
Ice cream flavor // buhnila!

*Your friends*
Best friend // liz
Spend most time with // liz and cat
Who do you have the most inside jokes with // liz

Markers or colored pencils // Markers
Boxers or briefs // Boxers
Nike or Adidas // Adidas
Mercedes or BMW // BMW
Army or Navy // Navy
Orange or grape // Grape
Lime or lemon // Lemon
Striped or plaid // plaid
Innie or outie // Innie
Hot tub or sauna // Hot Tub
Land or water // Water
Sneeze or cough // Sneeze
Skittles or M&M's // Skttles
Truth or dare // Dare
Letterman or Leno // Leno
SNL or mad tv // both are great man!

*Which way would you spell it*
Megan or Meghan // Megan
Lacey or Lacy // Lacey
Steven or Stephen // Steven
Kurt or Curt // Kurt
Mark or Marc // Marc
Brandi or Brandy // Brandi
Eric or Erik // Eric
Corrine or Carine // Corrine
Kari or Carrie // Carrie
Jackie or Jackqui // Jackie
Desiree or Desirae // Desiree
Ashley or Ashleigh // Ashley
Their or there // its a difference, "its THEIR money" or "the money is over THERE"
Two, too, or to // its a difference "ill take TWO cookies" or "i want to go to the mall TOO" or "we went TO the pet store"
Here or hear // its a difference! "i swear i left it over HERE" or "im sorry, i dont HEAR very well"

*Love life*
Do you have a crush // Yes
Whats his/her name // Derrick
How old is he/she // 17 i think lol or 18
How long have you liked him or her // for like a year now
You think there is a person for everyone // Yes
If yes, do you know who yours is // no lol im still trying to find him
Do you believe in love at first sight // Yes
Have you ever been in love // Yes
What do you think love is // when you love the whole person with your mind body and soul, its not just something you can just drop, you think about the person all the time, and wouldnt want to be without them
Do you have a b/f or g/f // No
Last song you sang // lol i dunno
Last meal you ate // Dinner Last night
Favorite childhood cartoon // Winnie The Pooh
What did you hate most about school // the snotty people something
Last song stuck in your head // Drop Like its Hot - Snoop Dogg

What's in your CD player // Jimi Hendrix
What's under your bed // Nothing
What's the weather like // i dunno
What time did you wake up today // 6:30am
Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time // On time

Who do you want to marry // idk
Are you going to college // Yip
If so, how long do you want to go // 4 years or more
Where do you want to go // Community i think, but i change my mind alot
What is your career going to be // a Nurse
How many kids do you want // 1 or 2 (at least 1)
Kids names girls // Desiree or Jasmine
Kids names boys // Damien or Brandon
Where do you want your honeymoon // some country
What kind of car will you have // idk

*Have you ever*
Smoked // yes
Been Drunk // yes
Been high // yes
Done drugs // yes
Skinny dipped // no
Stole // Yes
Stayed up all night on the internet // Yes
Met someone off the internet (in person) // Yes
Been in a fist fight // no
Been in a cat fight // no
Wanted to kill someone // yes
Fell off a chair // yip ^_^

Do you like your handwriting // It's ok sometimes
If you could be anybody, who would you be and why // lol i dont even know who i am
Which superhero would you be // Captain Underpants
Do you have any piercings // 3 in each ear
Any tattoos // No..not yet
Are you picky // Yes lol
What makes you cry // Lots of things
What makes you mad // stubborn, ignorant people with closed minds
What do you think of Eminem // he's ok, i want his new CD
Do you like cartoons // Yes
Do you believe in fate // No
Do you see dead people // lol im not going to tell you
Do you believe in God // Yea
Do you think there is a hell // Yea its called Life
Do you believe in the devil // Yea but i dont worship it
When you get mad, do you swear a lot // Yes
Got milk // No
Do you have a magic 8 ball // No but i want one, their cool
Ever worn black nail polish // Yes, lol who hasnt!
Are you a good speller // I guess
Do you ever steal anything from hotels // Yes all the time lol
What is your last name backwards? // sivaD
Do you want to be the first person on the sun when you grow up? // wouldnt you burn?

*What Do These Words Make You Think Of*
Rainbow // gayness
Frog // ribbit!
Carol // Christmas
Solider // Army
Star // Catherine Starr
Ticket // concert?!
Breakfast // pancakes!

*This or that*
Florida or California? // Cali
Sprite or 7-UP? // Sprite
Mountains or the beach? // Beach
Savage Garden or BB Mak? // Savage Garden
AIM or MSN Messenger? // AIM
Geography or Math? // Geography
Leonardo DiCaprio - hot or not? // Not
Private schools or Public schools? // Public
Email or Phone? // Phone
Baseball or Basketball? // Basketball
Do you like quieter people or extremely outgoing people? // Outgoing
Sun or Moon? // Moon
Christmas or Your Birthday? // Birthday
Blue or Purple? // Blue
Creed or Blink-182? // Blink 182
Gelly Roll pens or Milky Pens? // Gelly Roll
Gap or Limited? // Gap
Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop? // Bath & Body Works
Australia or Africa? // Australia
Flirting or a good conversation? // Good conversation
Which is scarier: tornado, hurricane, or earthquake?// Tornado
Middle School or High School? // Middle School was funner
Wavy/curly hair or straight hair? // Curly for me, lol
Blue eyes or Brown eyes? // Brown
Gelled hair or un-gelled hair? // Gelled
Nintendo 64 or Playstation? // Playstation
Guinea Pigs or Hamsters? // Hamsters
Bikinis or Tankinis? // Tankinis
Hawaii or the Bahamas? // Bahamas

Five things that make you laugh
1. Derrick
2. Liz
3. my mom
4. kyle in class

Five things that scare you:
1. slugs
2. dying
3. feet
4. being a failure
5. not having a dream

Five Things You Love
1. my family
2. my friends
3. my computer
4. my life
5. people i know

Five things you hate
1. stubborness
2. laziness
3. feet
4. overly touchy people
5. ignorance

Five things on your desk
1. my phone
2. the radio
3. lotion
4. the computer, duh!
5. papers, pencils, all that crap!

Five facts about you
1. im not a snob like everyone thinks
2. im a virgin, though no one believes me
3. i love/miss my dad even though i act like i dont
4. im tall
5. I'm special lol

Five things you plan to do before you die
1. go to a strip club
2. visit a foreign country
3. go on a cruise
4. have a child
5. move out

Five things you can do
1. write poetry
2. give people damn good advice
3. crack jokes/be funny
4. breath
5. feel

Five things you can't do
1. play the guitar
2. legally drink
3. have sex with a over 20 year old
4. Math
5. sing

Five things you say the most
1. Like
2. Whatever
3. nuh huh!
4 yeeoh!
5. sure!
end time 9:59am

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