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it's a sad, sad day for the blurty's... [06 Apr 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | NOFX - together on the sand ]

ok, so... from now on [since having been convinced by nick to do so] i'm going to be posting my blogs on "" so... if you want to read my blogs now, they can be found here: laterz kiddos.

PS: the main reason i'm using myspace is the ability to upload pictures--which is useful and fun to me :D

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..grrr [02 Apr 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | AFI - the leaving song (part 2) ]

i'm really frustrated with a lot of people right now. i don't know what the hell is going on right now, but ugh. i guess i'm fucking tired of everyone being so inconfuckingsiderate. i do what i can to help and accomodate people but the second that it's asked of them in reciprocity, they shrink back and either just get pissed or act like a douche and bitch. fuck that, that's retarded. EGH, so fucking pissed i'm going to go drink myself into oblivion.

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weird. [01 Apr 2004|10:37pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | bad religion - generator ]

i don't know what to say--weird day. i had a lot of fun, more fun that i've had in a while... i'm not sure. hm... i think i found what's missing, but i'm not sure where to look. weird. ok i'm in kind of a weird mood so i'm going to go get shitfaced with kruse for a while so i can not think about it for a bit. then i think i'm going to katelyn's to do homework with lauren [econ assignment] hm... i wonder how that'll work out. yeah i dunno, really weird mood right now. a good day though, don't get me wrong--ridiculously good.

k yeah dunno

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hey essay, i just kicked your ass! -OR- happy b-day mom! [31 Mar 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | AFI - ...but home is nowhere ]

ok, so it's been a while [again] since i updated last, but seriously--like that's pissing in anyone's wheaties. i just got done writing a paper for rhetoric that was due today. my TA tony was graceful enough to let me turn it in slightly later than normal. i told him of my "predicament" and he said "10PM or it's a zero." i was elated. anyway, i've found that my work i do last minute is my best work. my robert frost analysis as well as my paper on why religion should [or shouldn't... i guess] stay the fuck out of the government was nice and fun fun. both are probably the best literary works i've ever done, barring my "religion is nothing more than a superstition" paper... that one was fun. so anyway, today was mom's birthday which makes me realize how old i'm getting. sounds funny, i'm sure, since it's her birthday but i'm the one feeling older, but whatever, fuck off--i know what i'm talking about. so after my rhetoric class which ended @320PM i did the 30min drive up to CR to see mom and how she's doing. she was incredibly happy [...or a good actress] to see me and spend time with me and she said this has been one of the best birthdays she's had in a long time. i only wish trav [my brother, if you're a fucktard] could have been there. that woulda been great. oh well, i have a speech to give next wednesday over body modification arts and how stupid the people are that are keeping them illegal [poor oklahomans :( ]. my TA says we should bring a prop. what exactly is a prop for body modification art? ...i can bring in my tongue piercing, i guess... oh well. i suppose i'll just bring in pictures of people with awesome tattoos and piercings and then some of the fuckups who look retarded and are bloody and didn't heal. that'll make people wretch. :D k, anyway, i just wanted to update cause it's been a while. oo, i got on illout today... now i'm officially an internet geek [i wasn't an "official" one til about ...1245PM today] so yeah, woot for BBS's. um, k i'm going to go call scott and see if he's bored and wants to rabble-rouse. lataaz.

UPDATE @11PM: scott just said "i need a fanny pack" ... totally 80's.

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my name is JESUS! [27 Mar 2004|11:41am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

this picture is of some guy named jesus in the polk county jail. i couldn't resist using it--his moustache is ridiculous. ok yea, i'm tired, so i'm going to go back to sleep 'cause i don't work today. which reminds me... i'm quitting my job at the mall. the mall is dead, i don't like video games [as much] anymore and matt's dad/matt offered me a job with his lawn care work. hmm.... $8.50/hr and a tan? hmm.... no shit of course i'm leaving gamestop. woot. 'night.

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egh, blehh... [26 Mar 2004|11:46am]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | nope. ]

hung over,
poker tournament tonight, woot.

UPDATE @2:26AM, sat.
the poker tournament started around 7:30PM and went until [...]yeah i don't know. i was at the final table and finished 7th out of approximately 150 players. not to talk myself up, but i'm pretty pumped about that since the guys i play poker with finished hardly anywhere near [scott was the closest coming in 16th]. however, i was short-stacked the whole time due to the fact that our first table didn't have any shitty players so we took forever [like two to three hours] and i had no chips compared to the guy with nearly 1000 chips. last hand i played was speed limit in-hand [pocket 5's] the flop came 9, 6, 8. i went all-in and the turn came as an 8, river as a 9. the guy had A, J so he won with the kicker... fuck that. this guy didn't know to burn a card before dealing--furthermore, when i folded and they got confused as to which was the fold and which was a guy's hand, he says "so just flip them over" to which i said, "...uhh... have you ever played poker?" ...yup.

7/150 aint too bad to me--later.

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...and i have strep too. [24 Mar 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | the dustbrothers - fight club soundtrack ]

I’ve only got $1200 left which means I’m down $1300—I know I need to make a move soon or I’ll be short-stacked the rest of the game and have to bow out like a ballerina after a less than mediocre recital. Here come the cards…
First, he deals me an ace of diamonds. Eagerly I’ve been awaiting a high-card since I’ve been getting cold cards all morning. The next one comes—ace of clubs. Here it is the prime hand of poker, pocket aces. The flop comes and I can hardly contain myself as it lands an ace of spades, two of diamonds and two of hearts. There it is the nut-flush off the flop. This is the best hand I’ve gotten all morning and a very tough one for my opponents to contend with. I get jittery as I think of how to bait my opposition along. He bets out strong because he has a two in his hand (It’s easy to think you’ve got the world on a string when you’ve got three of a kind and there’s no hope for a flush or straight anywhere in sight). I decide to play his game and call it, but as he’s probably thinking, “I’ve got this sucker in the bag”—I re-raise him $500. He hesitates for a while, but I let him take his time. Most likely thinking, “What can he have that’s better than mine?” he goes all-in—the trap is set and he’s caught in the thick of it. He goes all-in and I quickly call without hesitation. Here comes the turn card—a jack of diamonds—no help to either of us. I know I’ve got it made and I’ll triple up with the winnings on this one. Only one card of the entire 45 left will help him—he’s mine. Here comes the river—two of clubs. My heart skips a beat, my eyes widen… did I see that correctly? I watch as the chips move toward his hands, my mind scatters. The one card of all of them to beat me—he got it. Up until the end, he was beaten. I lose all of my money and get to watch him gloat and be congratulated on the “great hand” he pulled. I’ve got nothing but time to think about what went wrong and I realize that luck is never on my side. Although only a story of online poker, this perfectly metaphors my life so often that it could drive me insane. I’m that guy—the guy who for some reason after having nothing but crap “cards” dealt to him seems to get something. He gets something great, and thinks everything is wonderful for a moment, but then the world crashes around him and nothing but “what could have been” is left. I’m that guy. The guy who can’t even win even when he has the best cards.

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man i suck at updating... [04 Mar 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | ben folds five - evaporated ::sigh:: ]

there's lots to talk about, but i don't care. so, this is everything that's gone down:
lost my wallet in probably the stupidest place i could have [W10 in PBB @ U of I], flipped out because within 30mins of losing wallet--70$ was due for housing next semester, got an e-mail that they'd found my wallet and returned it with everything [amazingly] in it, i had fun with autumn at the chi-o date party [more fun than i should have, admittedly], owned a little [ok a lot] at poker the other night, which made me feel supafly, got a call from nancy that she's going to either visit me in CR or IC; for which i'm pumped, drank a little too much with matt, flip and brandon on monday night and was carried to my room @5AM, slept right until class started and sprinted to class to go see autumn--but she was :P cause i was still drunk, went home then and slept til 4ish, ate with steph...

uuhhhhh....this is getting stupid.

enough about that crap. i have midterms coming up so i've got a test in asian religious classics which may or may not whoop my ass [when we went through the review today, i knew more than i thought], however it's a sheit-load of text to know so bleh. then we have econ a day after that test [which i'm fux0red for cause i've never read a thing of it... ugh] so that will be absolutely wonderful. i did get to take off for when nancy comes so i'm pumped i'll actually get a weekend [or saturday] off for once :) plus i have 40$ in my wallet which is completely equivalent to an entire day's work at my crappy establishment. aaaaaaaaanyway, i've nothing more to say. maybe i'll update more but uh, i need to study more than about everything else i've been doing for the past god knows how long. later kiddies, i'm off to either sleep before studying or make coffee.
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i need a break from life for once :( [20 Feb 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | counting crows - big yellow taxi ]

i don't have the time to write anything ridiculously long or in-depth, but i just thought i'd write this:

i need a break from life

every weekend since i've been home i've been at work. since i've started school i've never had a break; i've either been in class, doing homework or something of the sort--and every weekend i'm home. it really drives me nuts. i'm not allowed to have a regular life, not allowed to go on the dates that i can't get, etc. anyway, that's my rant for now. i'm off to work 5-9PM tonight, 12-9PM saturday, 12-6PM sunday. have a good weekend everyone; god knows i won't.
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