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alsdkfjalskdfj [09 Mar 2004|02:43pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I haven't been on in a little while and I'm so frustrated with my mother!! Grrr..

She decided just lastnight that she's going to cancel my Sweet 16 birthday party all due to the fact that I'm "lazy" even though when she asks me to do stuff around the house, what do i do? I do it! I might give her a hard time about it but it's all fun and games and she knows it! That's the thing that pisses me off. It's like she has to find something wrong with me since her other children are fuck ups! I'm not like them god damn it!

So yeah, I'm pissed. I cried lastnight. Oh well for Dani -tear-

Well, love you all lots and lots!!
~~ Your Dani ~~

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wow, long time no talky talky [22 Feb 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hmm...im sorry poor blurty 4 not lettin u enjoy my borin life details...

-pats computer- poor thang!!

oh guess what i watched 2day? lol on MTV 2 on MTV they had this "hip hop" languistics..it was SO funny! it was like all the ghetto terms and what they meant..and who created it and blah blah blah..it was so great. i felt so white lol

neways, i just wanted 2 stop by and say "hi" so there we go..adios!! haha

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sicky [07 Feb 2004|12:14am]
[ mood | blah ]

i feel sick

im bored

i need a hug

i love u all

i felt like some1 was followin me and my mom

FuN night

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-walks around in circles- [25 Jan 2004|12:03pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i feel like makin a survey 4 my friends! ooo fun! im gonna...

did u know, that goldfishes r good 2 eat?

i got mozzarella sticks at the grocery store lastnight

along w/ cuban bread

oh, i didnt get 2 tell blurty...

...me and john no longer talky talky

but that was inevitable w/ him, der!! lol

ooo itch!!


time 2 go



Free willy!!

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y? [24 Jan 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

y do ppl havta b such assholes? huh???

ppl just do NOT understand that i think im fat..newsflash!! ive been thinkin that since i was in 4th fuckin grade! every1s like "u shouldnt think that" or "it gets annoyin" SORRY, ITS ME! if u dont like it, fuck off! ppl always ask me "y do u let what ppl say bother u?" its been botherin me seein as my FAMILY! tells me constantly that im fat..i yell at them and im all like "w/e im not fat" and then i go and cry..its just me..deal w/ it

if not, bye

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-pats comp- [23 Jan 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | "This love" -Maroon 5 ]

aww poor comp! its missed me! LOL its kinda funny..my last entry was about my last ortho. appt and just yesterday i had yet ANOTHER ortho appt!! -chuckles- haha..well 2night is friday and i felt like doin somethin different so while i was in 2nd hr my buddy bryan gave me the idea 2 have a "movie night" at my house..so i said sure and told all my buddies bout it..not even after i asked my dad! lol so i got home and called my dad at work and he said sure..and now like..im afraid no1 will b able 2 come! lol

other than that, my mom is back in jacksonville 4 trainin..she wont b back till sometime in feb. and my sister SAID she was comin down 4 my sweet 16..then told me just recently she wont b..so my sweet 16 is lookin just WONDERFUL! no brother, no sister, no..nvm. so yippee?

i got my grades 4 this nine weeks..lets just say, bad!!! lol

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this is what i missed school 4? then i should have gone [11 Dec 2003|10:31am]
[ mood | numb ]

ok so my cell phone starts beepin, b/c i set it as my alarm clock..it must have been beepin 4 like a few mins. cuz i set it 4 8:45 and i shut it off at 8:52 lol neways, i woke up..brushed my teeth, got dressed, went 2 the orthodontist..this lady, dont remember her name but she's been there 4 a while..i just dont normally have her workin on my teeth, well she takes me into this lil room and says ok sit down so i did and she's jokin around how i wearin shorts and its cold outside and blah blah blah. she starts inspectin my teeth like im containin a bomb inside of me..she hands me the mirror..and right then, i knew it was gonna go down hill!! im sittin there lookin at my self in a stupid ass mirror while she forces a tiny piece of floss in between my teeth..i guess the blood didn't stop her cuz it just kept comin and comin. and she did this like 4 10 mins. floss a tooth, move 2 the next 4 2 min. floss a tooth and move 2 the next, etc. well finally she stopped and since i was tryin 2 stop the bleedin my tongue was red, from blood. my teeth were bleedin and i was quickly matchin my red shirt. so she let me rinse my mouth out. i went back after rinsin and sat down. i picked a color 4 my braces and then she started puttin them on on my upper teeth, she said she wasnt sure what dr. wilson wanted 2 do w/ the bottom teeth..so she got the info and came back, after dr. wilson came in and looked at me. then this lady tells me i havta wear rubberbands..i started moanin! not the sexual moan but the moan like "i h8 u u fuckin asshole" type..so i sat there while she handed me the same damn mirror and showed me what hooks they were going on..so i nodded and smiled as she gave me 3 freakin bags of colored rubberbands..and she told me i hadta go put them on and then dr. wilson would check me 4 one final time..i got them on and i was immediately imaginin my friends faces (b/c theyre not on 2 hooks -one bottom one top- theyre on one top hook and then TWO!!! bottom ones) so i look like a freakin vampire..and 2 some, that might b cool..but NO!! i can hardly get my tongue outta my mouth b/c the rubber bands are so close and i cant lick my lips so my lips r like..eww..and they couldnt give me the BIG rubberbands..they gave me the small ones..and i asked her "do i havta wear them at night or all day?" and she goes "at night..wait..no, 24/7" AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! y me? y do i havta deal w/ these gay ass rubberbands? i should have skipped the appt. and just gone 2 school but noooo. and the worst thing bout this..is my dad said "well, just picture all the guys yellin 'foxy' at ya when u have straight teeth" and he just kept goin on bout how i'll look good when i have my braces off..i just felt like sayin "wow dad! ur the best. thanx 4 cheerin me up, asshole!" -grins- well time 2 tylenol :(

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-punches self- owww!! [10 Dec 2003|03:38pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | "My Grown-up Christmas List"-Amy Grant ]

so i get 2 school (of course) but its my first day of the week (even if it is wednesday lol) and we had florida writes practice 2day 4 3rd and 4th hr. well i got into the assigned class and the teacher was callin out names and he didnt call mine and 4 other ppl's names..so we went 2 the guidance office. we got there and the lady was bein a super bitch and was like "make a line and tell me ur lastname, r u sure ur all in 10th grade?" and we all looked at her like she was freakin dumb..so this one girl told her her lastname and in the computer she's considered a 9th grader, so she's a leaky asshole..neways, i went up next and said "mcgowan" and she goes "oh yeah, ur dominique's sister" and i shook my head yeah and she's like "ur supposed 2 b in 406" (where i was at) and i said "well they didnt have my name" and she gets all pissy b/c i guess no1 has ever talked back 2 her..so she's like "well thats where ur supposed 2 b..go there" so i grabbed my stuff and left. i got into the class and of course, what do they do? they stare me down!! -growls- so i was like "she told me 2 come back here" and he's like "whats ur lastname?" and i said "mcgowan" AGAIN! and he was goin down this list and he is one slow reader so i pointed out my name and he's like "oh ok" and handed me a blank answer sheet thing..so i go 2 my desk and realize..i dont have a pencil but like right then he goes "do u have a number 2 pencil?" and i said "no" and i was expectin 2 sit down 4 once..but noooo he couldnt get off his ass and give it 2 me..so i got home, took the pencil outta his greedy lil hand and sat down..i filled out the info and then read my gay ass topic and wrote a stupid 5 paragraph essay bout it. i was gonna write a whole essay bout how much i h8 florida writes, b/c i was so pissed, but i controlled myself and stuck 2 the topic! lol

that was my fun 4 2day..enough of this "fun" 4 one day..sleepy time! -falls asleep slowly-

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-phone rings- [09 Dec 2003|11:10am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | "Maybe" Enrique Iglesias ]

hmm..so im sittin here at home, yes home..b/c i dont feel well and my cell phone starts ringin..thinkin 2 myself: maybe its nikki..then i look @ the number and realize its john! so were talkin 4 a few mins and he asked if he should call me on my house line..so i said yes, and gave him the number. he then called back and guess what? we talked! LOL got y'all thinkin, now didnt i? lol neways, he was obviously really tired! u could sense it..he said he was sleepin @ stefan's house when he woke up 2 stefan stickin ice down his back and so then he hadta leave. so he was at home when he called me. we talked bout lots of things..whats botherin me..etc. life is movin on..

wow..i look over @ my cell phone (which is now on silent) and realize i have a text message..its jamie! she said "u got into science fair" LMAO!!!! that is hilarious..did u all know, that..nvm! lol who knows who might b readin this..-dun dun dun- well, i guess i should go..i told my mom i would paint the second coat on the other 2 walls -cries silently- damn this shit! lol

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hottness! *cringes* [04 Dec 2003|08:04am]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | "Heaven" is stuck in my head ]

oh god..this class is so hott! *sweats* lol im in a turtleneck tank top and i would take off my sweater but i dont feel like makin ppl sick w/ my farmers tan! lol neways, i'll just fan myself *fans self, fast*

john text me lastnight..just like outta the blue! i didnt c it til this mornin and all it said was "i might not move jupiter high might take me back" that makes me think he lied bout movin in the 1st place. so i dunno what 2 believe but w/e im not bothered by it like i would b on ne other day

yrbk is irritatin at times! *cries* so borin..grrrness!

well, g2g..i updated nikki, happy? lol

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grrr...hissss [03 Dec 2003|08:04am]
[ mood | angry ]

jamie..u should..nvm :-X

keepin my mouth shut! b/c i know if i say nethin u'll bitch at me and it will all b my fault..b/c i have great luck like that..

neways, time 2 go..


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wow..im bored! [01 Dec 2003|08:11am]
[ mood | amused ]



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oh well [27 Nov 2003|11:12pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

wow, its over.

u were right.
john's an asshole
i shouldn't have said yes
oh well *shrugs*

shockingly, i feel no remorse! i am stupid 4 even believin he had changed, yet im wiser b/c now i know no matter what he says 2 me he will still b the same arrogant, immature jackass that i met bout a yr ago and i wont ever go back out w/ him again....yes, thats what i said last time but i have been hurt 4 the 3rd or 4th time (lost count after 2) and it was the last time. im just surprised we lasted as long as we did (1 week and 1 day) and yet 2 all his friends, IM the bitch? oh bummer *rolls eyes* im in a smartass mood so dont bother me

happy turkey killin day

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oh goodness [25 Nov 2003|08:30am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | w/e mike is listening 2..its loud but i dunno who it is ]

so me and nikki have devised a new way of writin notes 2 each other..well, typin 2 each other! lol go us! *high five* and im feelin kinda unsure bout somethin but im not gonna jump 2 conclusions so i'll just hush! :-X

2day is the last day of school b4 thanksgivin break and i decided i would wear a skirt (b/c liz is wearin one) and i kinda regret it! lol i wanna relax *cries* but w/e...its all b/c i love liz! lol

********** is pissin me off! seriously! im gettin sick of what he/she is talkin bout and how he/she's liein 2 someone. someone damn important in his/her life! god i wish i could just tell the story but i wont..b/c then i'll b mean! lol wait..thats normal!

mommy comes home 2day, so yay! my dad painted the laundry room on sunday this pale yellow and it didn't come out so pale..it actually came out kinda bright yellow and so my dad is scared that my mom wont like it..poor daddy! neways, my mom got a big enough shock when my dad put wallpaper in their bedroom so who knows what she'll do w/ a bright yellow laundry room! lol i hope she likes it b/c my dad is tryin hard..so we'll c

i wanna kiss john, but thats a different story!

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grrr [22 Nov 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | "Maybe"--Enrique Iglesias ]

i h8 my grandma! its called respect! but she doesnt know what that means!

im sittin there gettin ready 2 sleep so my eyes r closed and she comes in and goes "shouldnt ya have somethin over ya?" i shook my head no and she kept goin!!! she's like "oh well i need the walk neways" implyin that she was goin 2 get the mail..so she comes back into the house, puts the mail down wherever..by this time i was pretty much kinda sleepin and she goes "oh nothin 4 u and me" uh..No shit sherlock! theres like never nethin 4 u and rarely somethin 4 me (letter from my sis or a magazine) and so i just didnt move or nethin and kept on sleepin..well then l8er on once im awake she comes over behind me..like by my hear and goes "would u like me 2 make nethin 4 ya?" like in a childish voice! NO I DONT U OLD HAG! I JUST WANT U 2 DIE!!! neways, so i said "no, im fne" and she goes "oh ok" and pats my knee!! wtf???? leave me alone! doesnt she realize that im sick and i need sleep!!???!!!!

neways, so everytime i sneeze or get the urge 2, my eyes water and sometimes it looks like im cryin. i woke up this mornin w/ a soar throat instead of just a stuffy nose and my dad came into my room (after i had been up 4 a good 15 mins) and he goes "u ok?" and i said 'well im sick' and he goes "yeah u look like it" i felt great after that! i kept lookin in the mirror but i couldnt notice ne difference..other than the fact that i had like no eyeliner on and i had a few more zits than yesterday..but other than that, i didnt get it! :( but w/e

i havta go take some more medicine! grrrr

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frani [17 Nov 2003|03:59pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | the tv? lol ]

frani's surgery was supposed 2 b 4 2day but when i called her, after i got home, she told me that the surgeon was in japan or w/e so they couldnt have the surgery 2day..so i asked her if she still hadta have it and she said yeah :( damn it! i was hopin she wasnt gonna..but she said she's gonna call me the day b4 the surgery so that i know..b/c surgery is supposed 2 b either wed or thurs b/c 2morrow she's havin an ultra sound on her neck! but movin on, school was gay and well..school was gay!!! lol

this is a short entry! so sad so sad! lol

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*flashback* [15 Nov 2003|08:51pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | "Merry Freakin Xmas" a CD by my dad's friend ]

yeah so i was lyin in bed 2day..just thinkin bout everythin that has been happenin this past week and i shut my eyes 4 min. and i had this mental image..of when me and john hung out this one time..

i asked my dad if i could go hang out w/ john (and since he's old he thought i meant some1 else and said "sure") so i was able 2 go..and he picked me up, got some of his friends and then went 2 kyms house and this kid was there (one of kyms friends that i 4get his name) and i guess everytime he left the room this kid would like hit, tap, touch, (etc) john..and once this kid left 2 go home john told us bout it b/c none of us had really seen it..and so cori defended the guy and so that made john go crazy..so he stormed outta kyms house and went 2 his car..and started smokin..so he had his window cracked open, his slidin door not locked but all the other doors were locked..so..kym was tryin 2 talk w/ john from the crack of the window and cori reached her hand in the slidin door and unlocked the passenger door..so then she started talkin w/ him while kym and julie and alexus and i..all stood on the sidewalk talkin bout random things..and then cori got out and told me i could go in there and try to make him happy and so i got in, shut the door and looked @ him and he was lookin out the window, just smokin and so i grabbed his hand and i was holdin his hand thinkin of what i should say or do..and i know i spoke 2 him but i totally 4got what me and him said (b/c it was so long ago) and so..i looked @ him again, a few mins l8er and i saw that he was cryin so i wiped his face and, i believe, i layed my head on his shoulder and then he layed his head on top of mine..i dunno if thats right or if im just that slow that i imagined that..neways, a few mins l8er kym came to the door and asked if we could go inside and so we did..we walked back into her room and me and john slouched on her couch and kym was tryin so hard 2 get him 2 talk..i felt bad! and so a few times i asked if he could just say somethin 2 her and he wouldnt..and so i poked him a few times and i leaned against him..and..uh..i guess that was the jist of it all..

but it just..it was weird that THAT mental image came into my head! i guess i would understand more if it was the last time we hung out but it wasnt..the last time we hung out was labor day weekend..and instead of havin a pic of that in my head, i have one of that..and i dont get y!! it bothers me! *cries*

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boo! *runs around* [14 Nov 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | "I picked out a star"-All american rejects ]

wow..so far this friday has been pretty darn good! it was kinda weird 2day @ lunch i saw mike and darrah but in front of them was one of our assistant principals and it looked like they had gotten in trouble..so as i was passin i looked @ darrah who looked @ me..and made this face that just showed she was pissed off! so i have no clue what was wrong! hmm..still dont! lol

nikki's play thingy is 2night and all..so she wont b @ the mall..liz wants 2 go 2 the mall but no..she might not! bwhahahaha..and we invited the other nikki..and..yay? lol so 2night should b fun..i still havta call my dad and get permission and then work out a ride there..*pouts* so..hopefully all works out! neways, i guess im gonna go b/c my grandma is creepin me out..she's standin by the door starin @ me, on the comp. *runs around in circles*

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dum dum de dum [12 Nov 2003|08:24am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Songs in my head! lol ]

wow! i still cant believe the good things happenin 2day!!

i was typin in my melo when i remembered who our waiter was, from lastnight. then i saw mike touchin all over some girl when he has a g/f (psst, im gonna tell his g/f) and then i saw a john look alike..not necessarily in that order!

it was more like: i saw the look alike, remembered the waiter and then saw mike and that girl! wow..*dances*

so i was walkin from my locker to the spot that me and my friends sit @ in the mornin when i saw this kid that was asian and i told nikki and jessica "omg that kid looks exactly like john" and i started laughin and they looked at me funny so i said "he's just chunkier" and nikki went "oh, i thought that was the skinnier version" and i said "no, his face is chunky" but i thought it was hilarious that nikki was dissin john! i found it hilarious! so i kept laughin and then i hadta stop and laugh b/c i was laughin so hard! then liz told me i needed help..but thats nothin new

then i was in here typin my melo when i remembered who our waiter was lastnight! i saw him lookin @ me funny and then i realized that he was my brothers friend..i totally 4got bout him til now..i was rememberin what he looked like, in my head and then BOOM! it came 2 me..i was so shocked..

then i just saw mike and this girl! my god..it cracks me up how he was all over here and stuff and he has a g/f..his hand is on her upper leg and theyre flirtin so bad its not even funny! when im just startin 2 like his g/f..he hasta go and touch other girls, whats up w/ that?! but it makes me laugh! lol

so 2day is pretty damn good and its only 2nd hr. what will happen next? dun dun dun!! lol

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2 much drama + the aftermath dun dun dun [10 Nov 2003|08:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yes..im lazy! i admit..im just gonna copy and paste the 2 journal entries i posted on my melo!

2 much damn drama*

ok..seriously..i know i complain sometimes how my life is so..eh! but seriously..i talk w/ lots of ppl that just think their life is hell!

uh..hello?! ppl talk 2 me and theyre complainin b/c theyre havin sleep problems (not u nikki) and how no1 accepts them and shit and how theyre gonna go and cut theyre wrists..get a fuckin life!

u dont c me complainin (l8ly) how my life sux and i think i have more problems then u! get a reality check..idc if u like this or not..but u arent promised 2morrow..u could die 2night..u could die right now..so stop mopin and b happy! jesus freakin christ!

u dont c me complainin..u all dont have a dad that insults u and goes on the comp. 4 sexual pleasures, ur mom isnt always away on job trips, ur brother isnt in jail 4 2 yrs and 4 yrs of probation afterwards AND ur damn sister (also ur best friend...) didnt leave u 4 SC..4 some guy she met! jesus..

u all need 2 learn howta b happy! u all think ur life is so damn rough if some1 u like doesnt say hi 2 u..get a fuckin clue! idc if u all r mad @ me or not..im just tellin it like it is..

u need 2 get over this depressin crap and get a life!

FUCK U ALL!! idc nemore! *walks off*

*the aftermath..dun dun dun*

yes..that last entry was 2 vent *breathes normally again* but really...

ppl complain over the stupidiest shit..and i always thought i craved attention..talkin 2 some ppl i know..i have realized that i dont crave half the attention they want! and the sad thing is..is they get it..

im gonna explain my life briefly..u might not think its bad, but it is..

my mom has worked w/ the *** 4 17 yrs. she recently got a promotion so she hasta do all this gay trainin and stuff..so she's home 4 the weekend, occasionally..if im lucky

my dad works all the time! so im pretty much by myself (except 4 my grandma) when he gets home late from work..he goes straight on2 the comp. after eatin and looks @ nasty sites and talks 2 weirdo ppl on AIM, yahoo messenger and/or MSN messenger...he insults me all the time (like yesterday) by callin me fat when im not..neways..

my brother decided he should sell drugs (all thanx 2 one of his friends) his 1st time doin it..he gets caught..taken 2 jail..goes through a million court dates and crap when they finally decide he should go 2 jail 4 1 1/2 yrs w/ 4 yrs probation afterwards..so he's screwed..b/c it happens 2 b a felony charge! yet..some1 killin a man gets NO jail time..yeah..that makes a whole bunch of no sense

my sister has helped me through everythin..school, make up, boys, family problems, etc. i told her everythin i didnt wanna tell my mom..the 1st time i kissed a guy, the 1st time i skipped, etc. ten she meets this albino terd! who thinks he's all high and mighty since he's a fireman..go suck the dalmations nut! neways, so she leaves u 2 move up w/ him in SC

my grandma used 2 b ok..when i was little and had no clue how damn creepy she was! now u deal w/ her crap..like just now im singin "daddy i h8 u" and she comes in clappin! wtf? do u even realize im insultin ur son u dimbwitt? god!

me--gettin insulted by ppl @ school and home, feelin like poo, wantin attention..gettin it 4 a lil bit, jealousy like a bitch, bein a bitch, havin arguments over stupid crap, no1 likin me? losin like 3 of my friends, kinda..and now my cat is diein..just great! oh yeah, and i went from a 4.0 2 a 2.8 in a yr.

u might think my life is like nothin compared 2 urs..but...i used 2 think my family was the epitamy of "perfect" ..but that was when i was lil and blonder hair and didnt realize half the crap goin on..like my brother droppin outta school and commitin his life 2 drugs, my sister like..startin smokin when she was in 6th grade, my parents fights increased over the yrs, etc. it just added up..and i havent included the fact that my mom is not happy @ all w/ my dad..and was thinkin bout divorce a few weeks ago..who knows whats happenin now..

im just sick of how ppl w/ lives that im jealous over..r complainin bout how they wanna go and cut themselves and kill themselves and blah blah blah..seriously, im not tryin 2 b spiritual but u all need some damn help from God in ur life! like i said, u r NOT guranteed 2morrow, 2night, 2day..and ur gonna waste all of ur life complainin? if ur life is so horrible..then do somethin bout it..

thats it..im gonna b happy dani again *cough* lol

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