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    Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
    10:52 pm
    Friday, February 6th, 2004
    1:46 pm
    yeah,i haven''t updated in like centuries but i have alot of shit going on and this will probally be my last update. if anyone wants to contact me,my yahoo username is bloodclotmaniac.
    Sunday, January 4th, 2004
    12:37 am
    i am:suprisingly awake due to lack of sleep lately
    i want:a boat to escape in
    current music inspiration:agent orange,zeplin,iggy,brian setzer
    latest original:some song about love affairs with preists
    cover i learned last:agent orange"blood stains"(good song!)
    last sex:like 3 days ago..yay,i can actually fill this out for once!
    First Thought Answers:
    1.mad cow disease:bush cover up.."he eats meat and he's okay"-He has his own ranch with his own animals on it...of course he'll be okay...Duh,yah dumbasses!
    2.canada: over yet?
    4.New york:coughing up herpes in the air
    5:tony hawk:sellout faggot lil' biaaaaatch
    6:mcdonalds:refer to #1
    7.Vegans:finally looked upon as the smart ones,even tho they listen to Phish.
    8.wombat:i wanna bang ona those!
    9.clitoris:ona those too(after the wombat of course!)
    looking forward to:DFD show on the 10th..yeah!!!!
    not looking forward to:school..BOO!!!!
    smell:bunt duct tape
    feel:duct tape around my wrists
    weirdest thing to happen today:woke up with my clothes on

    Current Mood: drunk
    Current Music: agent orange,baby!
    Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
    10:02 pm
    it's begining to look alot like christmas....yeah...jesus is back in style and even bigger than beanie the name of christianity we shall all go out and buy a bunch of over priced pieces of shit for family&friends...and if you can;t afford to do so..shame on you you heartless son of a bitch,i hope this means you're going straight to hell! that's right, straight to 2004 which is what i consider hell if it will continue to be like this.
    saddam's caught and RIGHT before re-neglection ..i mean election,spank me in the ass and call me your bitch if they seem to "find"Osama with a gag in his mouth and a Cheney in his ass because that'd be tragically ironic.
    War Criminals do not exist but tyrany criminals are all we can set are minds when you're out shopping in malls or wherever old navy has their jiggy wiggy bitchass pants,be sure to bring a table with you so you can crawl under it like a pussy incase a terrorist incident get's you. better than a table,bring a gun,because if you're white and shoot and blame it on terrorism,you'll get away scott-free.
    yeah..some bitching out of me..but more to fuckin' cum...
    anarchy "a's" are kinda pissing me off lately,and so aren't "riot girls",punk is fucking dead and anarchy is only supporting war anymore(well it would be if it existed.)Goths are pathetic too..jesus..well all labels are to be honest, i don't see how people go"i'm sick of the worls and i'm a whiny deprived white child..i think i'll be goth tomarrow and pretend to commit suicide!"
    the closest thing to a label i'll ever want to be is a homeless hippie so i can have an excuse to keep any money i can gather up and blow it on drugs,and i can also attempt to grow dreads to cover up my oddly shapede head and eyes so when im bored and some dickface is talking to me i can sleep. And the whole peace thing would sound nice for once even though that is bound to happen AFTER the world annihalates itself....damn,i keep ranting on here since i can't update my site anymore..i suppose i should post ho my slow-paced life is jogging along..hmm..
    umm,welll this friday me an my vampira(yeah,i'm not single anymore..someone to listen to my mysery)are going and i'm blowing all my christmas $$ on clothes at the lower quality salvation army type store,hell yea! hopefully i'll find a tophat and some more ass hugging pants so i don't trip on the pantlegs like everyone else around here. i pretty much just woke up, and went to town to spend some change on gumballs machines and a couple of sweet blades then went home.

    i won this off ebay
    it's pretty sweet,but i wish i won that samurai blade,but i'll get one in the future and have some head-hacking fun.. someone should talk to me sometime(now preferably)'cuz everyone else is out celebrating christmas and whatever while i'm stuck here bored and dizzy..blegh!

    Current Mood: dirty
    Current Music: INDK,CoRpOrAtE aVeNgEr,NekRomAntix
    Monday, December 22nd, 2003
    7:51 pm
    last time i tried to put pics off of my yahoo folder into here it fuct up,but i'll try 1 more time is all my yahoo pics,yeah i look like ass...shut up!
    7:21 pm
    blegh..well tomarrow i'm going to see "stuck on you"..looks kinda dumb but when i went to see the new lord of the rings i got a handjob so i'm liking the whole going to movies idea.broke a guitar string and i'm waiting for some new ones to make way in the mail so i can continue ruining people's ears.

    "another year passes the world that takes one more step step from jumping
    and every person lookd back at the life they tried to make something of
    fancy fireworks launch to celebrate a crappy year down the drain
    while another one awaits so you can live it again
    all i know is if the "president's" re-elected
    then the world is as screwed as the people he neglected"
    some stuff from a song i wrote called "new year"..celebrating the whole concept of how people idolize the fact that the world can make 1 more year without nuclear exploding itself.
    well i'd post the pics of me naked with a santa hat on a chimney but it's just too obscene and second of all i don't wear santa hats.
    so i went on to ebay and looked up operation ivy shirts..and i have 1 question
    Since when the fuck does hot topic have the nerve to sell anything to do with hot topic?
    maybe jesse sold the hot topic rights over to lint(tim)..that'd explain it
    ..oh well,byez..someone respond to my posts so i don't get bored.

    Current Music: sage francis
    Friday, December 19th, 2003
    11:40 pm
    lick my balls
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    10:09 am
    suspended fromschool and bored...gimme a break
    i stole this from weirdo hard feelings..

    [ .116. ] eminem: cracka i'ma bust a cap in yo ass an ain't no crying to yo baby momma when yo bitch ass is gone...leave it to necro ya ho!
    [ .117. ] dog: ling lings..the finest chinese resturaunt!
    [ .118. ] hot: california's burning ass
    [ .119. ] britney spears: 1 hour of work a day to cover up her pimples(serious)
    [ .120. ] nsync:gay orgy?
    [ .121. ] real world: whiny bitch faced honky college boys bribed and bathed by their rich bitch dads
    [ .122. ] orange: gardener hippie

    I am: hungry
    I miss: nikki
    I want: food
    I have: knit socks
    I hate: government and simple plan
    I fear: lawyers
    I play: guitar/vox./with myself
    I hear: music at all times
    I care: for my vampira and to try to keep all i like from selling out
    I smile: when valium crawls into my stomach
    I wonder: how many licks it take to the center of a cow's rectum
    I poke: hookers at the age of 50
    I love: nikki,adicts,stray cats,maiden
    I mess up: my pants
    I think: i shouldn't think
    I always: take advantage of "free"speech
    I am not: in any socialist category,i am me!
    I dance:never
    I sing: to 80's and my pathetic writings
    I cry: emo does suck!
    I spill: thoughts
    I wish: i could get the fuck out of new york
    I keep: waking up
    I am not always: sober
    I can: piss standing up
    I can’t: let you get the best of me
    I write: moosic,poems,graffiti
    I win: at fucking up
    I lose: virginity in 5,000 years
    I smell: garlic..RUN!
    I confuse: everyone i interact with
    I need: a new switchblade
    I should: bibles to burn
    10:02 am
    oh i am not a whiny suicidalist,if i were i would'nt have sucked it up and went right for the wrist...i was just fucked up on some pill or something and couldn't feel pain at the time so i carved away at my belly.
    p.s. if you wanna see a crappy diy pic of bush that i made from some shitty program,then check out my info/profile page.
    (i suck at skating and this pic sucks too,but who's all for fun and fuck tony hawk.)

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: the quiet room
    9:54 am

    Monday, December 1st, 2003
    7:35 pm
    can't get any sleep this week
    awake all night,i cannot eat.
    life's little tweaks and plans
    turn into supply and demand in my hand
    no i don't work here,i don't work at all
    just standing here pissing in the bathroom stall.
    its my life that i'm pissing away
    maybe if i get the chain off of my leg
    then i can let go and get outta here
    and leave this town, break all my mirrors
    leave all these shitfaced redneck jocks
    and beat their face with fuckin' rocks.
    just to get outta here and leave the fire
    and continue my life as a partial vampire.
    so i'm looking at the town and wanna burn it down
    in another 10 years i hope it's not around.
    keep telling the world to close there windows and lock 'em
    so they don't get videotaped and raped by the cops.
    not that thats the bad thing to do around here,
    as long as their in-laws can look and stare.
    it's a crazy world,we're getting crazier,
    i'm crazy myself and the country is lazier.
    and i'm all stressed out like i'm supossed to be,
    media's got me shopping at the gap&buying christmas trees
    now i join in on part of this media scheme
    thinking it's a nightmare and they say it's a dream.
    once again i'm staring at the ceiling
    with that same pathetic twisted feeling..
    and i tell you and i fuckin swear
    that the dimwits are everywhere..
    some that preach about religion,
    the others who believe it 'cause they can't make decisions,
    then you got the ones who follow the herd,
    don't forget the preps and the nerds.
    then you got the hunters and you got the hippies
    making eachother's life completely shitty,
    but making mine worse because i have to hear them both,
    drag 'em in the middle of the road,
    see if they get hit before the hunter's gun loads.
    now the world has me on medicine,
    i sorta feel high,but i'm not going in
    the state-of-mind all of these people contain
    i still have a little left of my brain..
    not too much but i have my own thoughts and opinions
    under criminal conviction because they don't like my decisions,
    but when i see the smoke cloud glow
    as the entire world explodes
    then my problems would be solved
    with everyone invlolved
    and i can live my happy life as a DUST PARTICLE!
    Friday, November 28th, 2003
    10:06 pm
    handjob blowdryer
    blegh,well i got my anti-flag stuff in the mail today...
    i stuffed my self full of thinking of going vegan for a year so i don't have to celebrate how natives got fucked over and eat as much turkey as i'm fed which probally has salmonella or something infested within it.
    wrote more songs today,but too lazy to post 'em..if ya really wanna hear em then ill put em up,but if not,then oh well.
    well i cant even remember if i posted about this or not..but i saw a godsmack show not too long not really into that type of stuff,but i think they put on a pretty good show, although adema was with them and their singer is a friggin fruitcake. ill nino was there too,they remind me of soulfly,so that's always good.

    Current Mood: ??????
    Current Music: jawbreaker
    Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
    1:20 pm
    so i can finally put pics on my posts...thanks freakshow90210!

    weirdo red knit hat my mom knit for me...corny




    Current Mood: calm
    Thursday, November 20th, 2003
    4:09 pm
    i'm gonna grow a hitler mustache,fuck you

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: cramps
    Sunday, November 16th, 2003
    1:52 pm
    electric tampon
    cabin fever and it's not even really winter yet,trapped inside on this machine
    Saturday, November 15th, 2003
    11:29 pm
    dear journal...FUCK YOU...AND FUCK JOURNALS !
    You live in a world where midgets rock ur world and
    you like to eat dog shit all day.You enjoy
    watching the Teletubbies because you have a
    durranged mind and the president gives you
    money to fuck him.You will self destruct in 5

    Some fucking quiz I made!
    brought to you by Quizilla

    that quiz is the fucking shit

    Current Mood: cynical
    11:46 am
    well it's been a long long time,but im still here-unlucky for you-lately i've just been watching the movie slc punk ovver and over again because it makes me realize that there was posuers then and maybe these ones will soon go away.It's been snowing out and that REALLY sucks friggin' bad because i can't skate and it makes my nuts shrivle when i walk out the door.people are fuct up but not as fucked up as i wanna be right now,but i'm not talking brain my only other way of keeping busy is to just piss everyone off as much as humanly possible. i wear my steel toes and just kick the shit out of random people in school,so that's pretty fun. well this internet shit bores me anymore,so i'm gonna go to my friend's house and play cards and mess around with his guitar,laterz.

    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: FugAZi
    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    12:46 pm
    been a while
    yeah,so last night i was out with friends and had some smirnof and ganja and hung out with some friends andwatched some of 'em get tattoos while i wanted to get mine but he still needs to draw up the design for it. we drove around town and just messed with people,listened to music and had some fun which hasn't seemed like something i've done in a while.I'vr been writing anti-war songs because somebody needs to speak up and been skating with my skate friends going spot to spot with all the town fucks giving us dirty looks and a couple more cop "warnings",but fuck them,we're just doing what we do,it can't be any worse than all the shit they do that they're not suppossed to.well i've been coming up with some crazy guitar riffs lately and can actually do some solos again which was kinda a pet peeve for a week,i have no clue has been running through my veins lately,i picked up the new anti-flag,and minor threat is kicking my eardrums in,and marley keeps me zoning out and it's all good lately until i turn on my t.v. once again and see the bullshit that aggrivates my life.

    Current Mood: creative
    Current Music: perfect teeth-Motion City Soundtrack
    Monday, November 3rd, 2003
    5:10 pm

    How do you feel about morons like avril Lavange
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    Current Mood: devious
    Current Music: dont say m0ther fucker m0ther fucker-TURB0NEGR0
    Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
    11:40 am
    I hate you so bad
    you are the "I hate you so bad" happy
    bunny. You hate everyone and eveything and your
    not ashamed of it.

    which happy bunny are you?
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    Current Mood: relaxed
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