the world needs to CHANGE   
12:56pm 24/06/2006
  i just deleted my MYspace after getting an invite from 8 nasty guys who want to meet me cos i an a "babe, sexy/hott"..blahblahblah...also a 47 year old fucker wants to "swing on by my house and pick me up for the nascar races in august"'s soooooo tempting too cos he owns a "fully loaded RV with tons of BUD" and it's not the kinda bud i enjoy either. yukkk! And i just tried to delete this blurty account, but it won't let me for some idiotic reason, so this is my last entry.
for those of you who read it.....

PEACE OUT as always.

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I'm eating a FLA-VOR-ICE!!! (*orange)   
11:46am 22/06/2006
mood: shaky
music: DUH! ~senor charm~
I just worked out to MASON PROPER.
I smile to mason proper.
I dance to mason proper.
I get happy to mason proper.
I sing the wrong lyrics to mason proper.
I laugh to mason proper.
I like the boys of mason proper.

i heard them on 89X at 10:06-ish sunday night with joshwaaa and elllllllie. I screamed alotta for about 20 min. It was soooooooooooooooooo exciting......THEN on our way into sayline, we see cutie chris aben and basically make him think we are mad crazy cos we honk and scream and pull into the speedway lot. THen run out and tell him what just happened. He didn't even know they were gonna be on there! It's toooooooo crazy! :):):)

and they are playing at the BLIND PIG on JUNE 29th....yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh....well.....looks as though i'm done for today. I think i 'm gonna go write my MSU essays now. hooray:(
what gives you the fuck with the light?   
10:37pm 11/06/2006
mood: crushed
music: stars
this is what i learned from others this weekend:

*it's not very nice to have psudo-stab fights with ketchup
*doing the splits will get the cute drummer's attention as well as others
*forcing down just one more beer will not get you anywhere but running for the door and puking on the porch.
....and i also learned that frat boys are the thing to have if you want to appear to get anywhere these days. WTF(1000)???????????!!!!!!!!!!!! more thing--nothing make any fucking sense anymore.
SHould I go to MSU?? I think i prolly will. BUt who the FUCK am I gonna live with? hmm?
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you taste like sunshine dust   
01:39am 20/05/2006
mood: stressed like hell
music: angry angel_imogen heap

dude! the guy eats his "friends" who are finger puppets. He tricks people in his house to go in his oven. He likes the feeling of rust. He loves spoons. He called a tiny bug "Little Sister" as well as many more ultra freakish things i can't remember. (This sounded wayyy better in my head guys!) Anyway, he has MPD big time!

03:58pm 16/05/2006

i need a WHOLE NEW perspective on the scenery around me and on the voices you say   
02:01pm 14/05/2006
music: speeding cars *imogenheap*
Among My Souvenirs
(written by E. Leslie & H. Nicholls, performed by Marty Robbins)
from the 1976 Columbia lp (PC 34303) El Paso City

There's nothing left for me
Of days that used to be
I live in memory, among my souvenirs

Some letters tied in blue
A photograph or two
I find a rose for you
Among my souvenirs

A few more tokens rest
Down in my treasure chest
And though they do their best
To give me consolation

I count them all apart
And as the teardrops start
I find a broken heart
Among my souvenirs

I live in memories
Among my souvenirs
i am being watched   
07:20pm 12/05/2006
mood: fuckin' i dunno
music: coheed
Nobody is around these days. EH! What do i do now? Rain....clouds.....wind......blah.
Looks as though i'll do what I usually do when nothing else happens.
With or without you, him, or her, or anyone.
Hello visions and new sounds.

Also i am saying this:
*david is back tomorrow ;););)
Damn.....and his lovely girlfriend will be waiting for him.
This is for you E!   
03:18pm 08/05/2006
mood: bright
music: Skunks----------imogen

*i am listening to a NEW Billy Talent song right now.
*ellen, emmmalee and I got to sit in the sun and survive an almost car accident
*I got to hang with sweet people the other night at Dewey
*i've decided that nate, brandon, josh, lee, joe and gus and the shit. (gus is the greatest...haha)
*David is coming home for the summer in a week!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*Kyle the cutie is visiting for a few in 2 weeks!!!!!!!
*I got a neon yellow&pink Urban shirt today at SA for $4.
*umm...i read a chapter of my BUDDAH <3 book.
*flower smells
*my maggie dog is nice.
*I am chewing Orbit gum...sweet mint style.
and two other reasons?

me and my friends   
11:01am 28/04/2006
mood: feliz
music: anything beetles! :):):)
My dad has The Beetles jammin' SOOOOOOO loud right now. He found anold stero system like he used to have at the salvation army. It's sweet. He was lifting weights and I was dancing with maggie. Good times. Yesterday I made a dandilion crown and made Nate wear it. He looked like a real hippie! yay! :) Then Brit and I went to the Art Museum and saw a graphic arts exibit. Yesterday was good. I think i can get into Cassandra's class, Psy. of women cos it's no longet closed and i'm on the list, but if i just send her my student ID #, she'll get me in. =)
I have to work 1-close today. Sick. Then Em girl and me might go see a mini show at COncordia that my buddy chris garcia is in at 10ish. It will be a grand ole tyme! Uh.......what else? hmmmmmm some shit has been floating around in my mind and i need to REALLY take care of that. I have one more final tomorrow at the testing center and then my drug class on monday....but that's just for fun and i love garcia, so i'm going of course. Basically I wish the best for everyone...OH! I bought a book on Buddism and i am WAYYYY excited! Ok, that's it for now. PEACE OUT.
...i could stare at you for eternity...   
01:45pm 18/04/2006
mood: curious
music: skunks ~FROU~FROU~
Today was cool cos:

*my hum. prof commented me on my quote in the newspaper. (once i read it however, i realized I was misquoted majorly. I am really really pissed about that actually. It's pretty bad.)

*Child psych. lecture was interesting and there's that one other plus too. sooooo beautiful.

*i found a penny heads-up on the ground. I made a wish.

*went to visit mary at work.

*got to listen to IMOGEN on the way home with the windows down ALL the way.

*i'm still breathing.
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mY divinE comedY   
03:51pm 10/04/2006
mood: sleepy
music: come here boy-imogen
Emily and i hugged trees, met slice, ate soup, found a sweet-ass vintage store on South U., took fun pictures of our shadows and fake yellow flowers, listened to Imogen<3, laughed of course, and had a great tyme.

also in class today....Zachary was freakin' rad as hell! Em-seriously.....he needs to be our new buddy! :)

uh...Brit. called. Wants me to hang out, but i got this presentation tomorrow, and linds from work said she'd help if i went to 803 dewey....well, it'd be awkward....and might make me fuck that.

**I am obsessed with the following things:
1.latin dance
2.buddism (soon anyway)
3.imogen heap
5.skirts of any nature

**i have had some catch phrases lately:
1. peace out
2. well, i mean...
4. ...fuckin'....(inbetween words...gotta stop that!)
5. eat a bag of dicks


for love, Dante went through hell   
09:36am 06/04/2006
  Dear Heart:

you're an asshole. Please stop making my brain think of
ideas that are flat and inevitably emotionless.
<3 ash.

PS-i think amor is bullshit...National Geographic says so anyway.

PPS_to the readers: good for you and your floaty feelings. (seriously...that's not sarcasm)

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get up stand up   
05:29pm 31/03/2006
mood: infuriated
music: fuckin' the MARLEY man!

18 Visions
The Academy Is
Against Me!
Amber Pacific
Anti Flag
Armor For Sleep
Bouncing Souls
Bullet For My Valentine
The Casualties
Die Hunns
Down To Earth Approach
Dropping Daylight
The Early November
Eight Fingers Down (Bbq Band)
Every Time I Die
The Fall Of Troy
Flashlight Brown
From Autumn To Ashes
From First To Last
The Fully Down
Gatsbys American Dream
The Germs
Greeley Estates
Gym Class Heroes
>>>>>>>JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMGsh!
Less Than Jake
The Living End
Motion City Soundtrack
Mute Math
Over It
The Pink Spiders
Plain White T's
Protest The Hero
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Reggie & The Full Effect
Rise Against
Riverboat Gamblers
Say Anything
Saves The Day
Senses Fail
The Sounds
State Radio
Stretch Arm Strong
The Sunstreak (Bbq Band)
Valient Thorr
the birds will fly high in the sky and you-i will never forget.   
02:01pm 30/03/2006
mood: confused but generally happy
music: first day of my life ----BRIGHT EYES
I found out today in child psych. that i still have some very serious problems with self-efficacy.
makes sense....alotta sense, really.

i went on a long walk with alex last night. we were walking through the woods and i heard a noise and he said "don't's just a cannibal."

I am soo super freakin' happy that it's really nice out.

i think i'll go to state this saturday, hmm?

I can feel a breeze and it's glorious.
money money money money ------MONEY!   
02:28pm 28/03/2006
mood: anxious
music: mase style??
i went to the vu with alex and cody and 2 others.
i gotta lap dance.
i put some money down a girls thong.
i was high.
it was freakin' fun too!

i have such this new found respect for strippers. I thought of it soooo don't even understand untill you emily! Ellen! Christine!!! and......anyone else who wants to feel awkward and have a good time.....let's go! yeeeeeah!

haha-i would have never thought i'd ever go to it......on a monday night too! HA!
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What you lookin' at boy!   
08:38pm 25/03/2006
mood: crappy
music: soldiers singing
Sometimes I am ashamed to be white...sometimes I can't blame black people now these days for the bitterness.
I just watched a clip for an old 50's movie about boot camp. It's soo fucked up. The cadets in charge make the men swallow quarters, they threaten and beat them, and even made one of them jump off the 4 story building. There is one single black man who came to the camp and he is being harrased the worst. It's ficticious and all, but clearly it happened. And all that teaches is intolerance and hate. Look at what is still happening now. Americans get captured and tortured and killed. And Americas.....well whatever they do is covered up. I know PEACE can never happen.....and the reason for this, my conclusion is this: earth is hell.
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10:00pm 18/03/2006
  it's too boring now.  
this test is BULLSHIT on sooooo many levels...   
02:43pm 15/03/2006
mood: BAH
music: gold lion-yeah yeah yeah's!!!!
Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||||| 66%
Stability |||||||||||| 43%
Orderliness |||| 16%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Interdependence |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 43%
Mystical |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Religious |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Hedonism |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Materialism |||||| 23%
Narcissism |||||||||| 36%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Work ethic |||| 16%
Self absorbed |||||||||| 36%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||| 43%
Need to dominate || 10%
Romantic |||||||||||||| 56%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 50%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||| 63%
Wealth |||| 16%
Dependency |||||||||||| 50%
Change averse || 10%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Sexuality |||||| 30%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Physical security |||||||||||||||| 70%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||| 57%
Histrionic |||||||||| 36%
Paranoia |||||||||||| 50%
Vanity |||||||||| 36%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||||| 63%
Female cliche |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by
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~i can hear the birds so everything will be alright~   
01:02pm 09/03/2006
mood: discontent
I decided today that i am such the Stoic person......or at least i am on my way.

Here is one of the questions from my child psych. exam today:

46) Little Charlie is feeling very playful and caring. His Mom gives him three toys to play with and he shares them with his friend. This is an example of:
a. becoming bisexual
b. showing empathy
c. egocentricism
d. transferance

hahahahahaha. I almost laughed out loud. (oh and ellen, the dumb guy took my other seat. grrrrr!)
Basically i failed the rest though. eh-whatev. Apparently i shouldn't go into psychology anyway.....mother tells me i won't make enough money. I think i'll just get quite cracked out and live in the allyways of NYC. Good idea? Yah, i thought so too.

i put all three windows down in my car to help me breathe.
I feel strange and it's not good. i hate when i feel nothingness.
i might die of bordem this weekend...all i am letting myself do is study......hopefully, kinda.
blah.........I NEED A MONSTER. energy drinks are the new thing.
oh-and sus might get locked up again cos the crazy bia dropped and failed. I flippin' knew it. WTF was she thinking? I'm done for bit.....hopefully, i think.

BAH! i am gone.
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I saw an oil spill in the clouds today......   
02:17pm 23/02/2006
mood: yuk
music: THE FRAY-over my head (Ash.Z's song!!) :)


i just have no words for how amazing the show was. i mean......omg! I don't care WHO you are and if you "hate" coldplay.....HEAR THEM LIVE AND FALL IN LOVE.

I must go to every single concert they play in the surrounding areas!!!! oh fer sure!

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