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how silly...since I really AM an Aries! hehe [27 Jul 2004|09:11pm]

Your True Sign Is Aries




Risk Taking

Dynamic Daredevil

Always on an Adventure

Without a Care in the World

Quick-Witted and Quick-Tempered

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Lord [08 Jul 2004|01:57pm]
Never before have a prayed for my period to come....never
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Forgetting [29 Jun 2004|02:31pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | *None* ]

To those who never read,'s....Tuesday I believe and another boring day. I can never remember what day of the week it is in the summer, how sad is that? I really need to get a job...that way I'll have some cash and maybe I'll actually feel like I'm doing something with my summer besides sitting around and wasting it. On the bright side I went and stayed a week with Adam. I don't think I've ever had so much fun with someone in my entire life. We did so many fun things...whether it be going to the zoo, playing Risk (lord of the rings version) or just snuggling...I can't believe how much I love that man. He's every sense of the word. We had sex...10 times in 7 days. Hehe...but we could have not had sex at all and the trip would have still been amazing. I love him like I love no other. And it's just so amazing because I know his love for me matches mine. That's an incredible feeling... Well I'm sick and I feel super I think I'm going to go take a shower and just sort of lie around some more. Write more later maybe...or maybe not.


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Another pointless entry [15 Jun 2004|12:26pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | ~G n R always and forever~ ]

Hey Journal
I know I have sat down to write in awhile...I'm not quite sure why. I guess I've just been wrapped up in other things. I'm leaving for Wisconsin this Saturday...yes I'm actually going. I bought my plane tickets, and everything is planned. I'm starting to get nervous. I think about it all the time. I'm gonna start packing tomorrow...I can't believe I'm going! Finally I get to just....kiss Adam. About time. So...what have I been doing? Hmm...talking to Adam, going to my Dad's, working on my tan, a little bit of exercise, and playing...dun dun dun...Everquest. Haha..I know. Someone come cut my hands off so I can no longer play. I have to play it tho...Adam works everyday until like...5:30 my time and I have nothing better to do! That's really sad if you think about it...that I can't find anything else to do. but its true. My pool is 72 and I can't stand getting in it. I feel fat. I'm not really...just some extra pudge around my thighs and butt..but it's starting to get to me. Adam has started lifting and I'm feeling inspired.'s so damn hot. And the people I live with refuse to turn on the running on my treadmill or lifting is unbearable. I can't stand being THAT hot...and I can't even run at night because my weight room is right next to Jimmy's room and it will wake him up. ::sigh:: its not fair. Maybe I could start like...doing laps in my pool...maybe that'll help me knock off a few pounds around the butt area. I don't know...I need to come up with something. My mum recently purchased an "Ab Lounge" its this odd sort of chair you sit in and it helps you do perfect crunches...kinda nifty. So I guess I'll be trying that and seeing if it works...hopefully it does. I wanna make an impression when I go back to school. I just need to be more cut. And get rid of this padding on my butt and thighs....goddamn pearness. I hate being shaped like a pear. Adam talks about how he likes it all the time...but I hate it. I can't stand it. So its more pearness....Grrrrowl. Well then...its getting hot and i feel sticky. I think I'm gonna go take a cold shower and then....god probably do the dishes and then play EQ. I need a life...seriously. I also have to clean my room sometime soon. Dear God...I hate summer. I can't stand being hot! Grrrowl


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plane dilemma [08 Jun 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | *None* ]

I need someone to drive me to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport so I can go see Adam....I'll give 50 bucks to anyone who will drive me there....!!!!

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[01 Jun 2004|04:49pm]
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summer times [01 Jun 2004|12:00pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | ~None~ ]

I can't believe I'm finally on summer vacation. About time! I'm sooo sick of school I could hurl. These past few days have been pretty uneventful so far. I've pretty much just been lying around and trying to convince my mum to buy me my plane tickets so i can finally breathe easy. lol i really need to see adam. i can tell that we're both getting anxious and that we need to be together. i don't know how much longer i can wait...i mean..i'm not going to give up on him or anything...i'm just going to lose my mind if i cant just hold him in my arms..and kiss him..*sigh* blah..ok well i'm gonna go lie out in the sun for a bit. ta ta


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ugh [31 May 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | *AFI* ]

.....i need some sex....grrrowl

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Wee!! [30 May 2004|12:42pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | ~AFI~ ]

I can't believe my Mum is letting me go to Wisconsin! I'm leaving on June 19 and will be back on the 27th! Yay....i love my mummy so much.

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Wisconsin [30 May 2004|10:30am]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | *Welcome to the Jungle grrrowl* ]

Well my trip to Wisconsin to be with Adam totally flopped. Mum didn't know I was going...she thought I was going to Geneva with some friends cuz I knew that she wouldn't let me go see Adam...well....I was supposed to leave on Saturday morning, right? Friday I hung out with Amanda cuz she was covering for me. My mum had a work meeting at 2 and she told me to be home by then...i tried...and i told amanda that i had to leave but she wouldn't listen. i got home at exactly 2. my mum was gone and so was my brother. i was supposed to watch my brother. so....she grounded me and said i couldn't go to "geneva". Adam and I got into this HUGE fight about it and almost broke was crazy. so i think i'm fucked and not gonna be able to see him, right? wrong...yesterday mum and i were sitting outside and she's like, "I'm thinking about letting you to go Wisconsin." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lord. I almost had a heart attack. so now i'm looking at plane prices cuz she wants me to fly. crazy huh? well adam's happy....hehe and we're finally back to normal, thank god.

Well I'm gonna go for to ya'll later!


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hehehe [29 May 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

oh i love quizzes....

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condoms..heh [29 May 2004|05:24pm]
strawberry condom

You Are A Strawberry Flavored Condom!

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i love these quizzes [29 May 2004|05:21pm]
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kisses! mmm [29 May 2004|05:17pm]
sensual kiss

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hmm... [29 May 2004|05:14pm]
purple passion

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wa ha...oh so true! [29 May 2004|05:10pm]
ample boobs

You Have Ample Boobs!

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interesting.... *wink* [29 May 2004|05:08pm]

You Are F***-able!

And boy do you ever take advantage of your do-ability. And why not?

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my life has come to this [25 May 2004|11:40am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | ***** ]

1. name: Minion
2. birthday: March 26
3. sign: Aries
4. birthplace: A little place called Hell
5. sex: Lady
6. location: Still in Hell
7. school: MRHS
8. glasses/contacts: none
9. braces: None
10. fat/skinny: Average
11. tall/short: tall i guess...i'm like 5'7
12. do you like ketchup: its all right
13. do you like mustard: gag me
14. do you like mayonnaise: Miracle Whip yes...
15. do you like pickles: eh.....not really
16. do you like boys or girls: both!! mmmm
17. do you like pickle relish: iiiick
18. do you like chicken: negative
19. do you like spinach: DOUBLE NEGATIVE
20. do you have any siblings: yes....5 bros and 2 sisters
21. what are their names: April, Jamie, Dan, Lee, Jake, Tyler, and Jimmy
22. how old are they: 26, 22, 21, 14, 12, 10, 6
23. do you have any pets: yessah
24. what are their names: alexi, ranada, lila, paisley, pippy, punky, buttercup, bourigard
25. what kind of pets are they: dog, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, bird, fish
26. do you like school: does anyone
27. if you could choose anyone to rule the world who would you choose: me of course
28. do you like pokemon: used to
29. do you talk to voices in your head: umm.. no
30. do they tell you to do stuff: sometimes
31. do you listen: sometimes. lol
32. have you ever had wet dreams about someone: mmm...had one last night actually
33. how often do you talk on the phone: i'm always on the phone w/ adam since hes going to college in wisconsin
34. how often do you surf the web: rarely
35. how often do you hang out with friends: i lost a lot of my friends
36. do you have a bf/gf: Adam
37. do you love them: more than anything
38. have you ever loved anyone: i love adam..
39. have you ever made-out with someone: um yes
40. are you loopy: very much so, your highness
41. have you ever broke any bones: yeeep
42. if so, which ones: my nose, ring finger on right hand, and foot
43. how often do you shower: daily
44. which group do you hang out with at school: the *populars* i guess
45. do you get good grades: in some of my classes
46. do you always get in trouble: haha...uhh...sometimes
47. do you get along with your parents: usually yes with my mum...but i haven't talked to my dad in like...forever
48. are you gonna go to college: OSU here I come
49. who is your best girl friend: Serra Bella
50. who is your best boy friend: Sam and Adam
51. who do you talk to the most on the phone: Adam
52. who do you talk to the most on the net: Sam
53. do you like email or snail mail better: snail mail...seems more special
54. do you like gold or silver jewelry: silver
55. have you ever prank called a 1-800 number: nope
56. have you ever tried to impress your crush and ended up embarrassing yourself: probably
57. what are you most afraid of: storms, spiders, the dark, and losing Adam and my family
58. are you weird: according to many, yes
59. how long does it take you to get ready for school: an hour
60. do you have a crush: i'm with Adam
61. what are their names: ^^^
62. do they like you: ^^^
63. do you like coffee: starbucks frappuchino
64. if not, how come: ^^^
65. what is the longest you have went out with someone: 2 years off and on....but it'll be 5 months on june 1st for adam and i....5 months straight
66. do you regret it: um. the 2 years? no i don't think so....i learned a lot about myself..and the 5 months that i'm in now??? hell no!
67. how do you know the person who sent this to you: stole it from someone
68. where do you want to live? on a beach
69. where is the most fun place to go? somewhere secluded
70. where do you want to meet your husband/wife? i already met him...we're just not married yet. :)
71. do you want to go heaven or hell? um. i don't believe in either
72. do you want to get married? yes
73. do you like to do? read, write, draw, make love to adam ;-) lol, snuggle, baseball, football....ya
74. was the most fun retreat/trip you ever went on? florida 2 summers ago
75. friend is always there? Adam and Ashley
76. relative sends you the most money for christmas? all of mine do
77. do you like about your church or school clique? um. i don't go to church and i guess i like my clique because we don't always have to be doing stuff together. we're pretty independent
78. do you want to be when you grow up? english professor, novelist
79. do you want your husbands name to be? Adam
80. is your favorite sport? baseball
81. is your favorite piece of clothing? all of my basketball shorts

have you, in the last 24 hrs...
82. cried? negative
83. gotten in major trouble? nope
84. cut your hair? no
85. ate a meal? er. yes
86. hugged someone? ummm...nope
87. kissed someone? *sigh* i wish
88. made a new friend? nope
89. lost something? no

have you ever ..
90. been so drunk you passed out? yep...a few times actually. ;-)
91. gone out in public in your pajamas? yeah
92. had an imaginary friend? hm. i don't know
93. cried during a chick flick? lol all the time
94. owned a new kids on the block cd? no
95. gotten in a car accident? no
96. liked someone so much you cried? o god...yes
97. cussed when your parents were around? ya
98. told your sister/brother he/she was a bitch? hahah ya
99. sung in front of the mirror? lol.......*blush*
100. made faces in the mirror? yeppers
101. spent more than one hour on your hair? probably
102. walked or talked in your sleep? i walk in my sleep sometimes
103. watched a scary movie and couldn't sleep all night? yessss
104. gone caroling? nope

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hmm [23 May 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | G n' R ~Sweet Child of Mine ]

Well I haven't posted in awhile...the survey last night doesn't count. Not much has been going on. I've just been finishing up school (4 days left) and preparing myself for Wisconsin. I went shopping yesterday and saw the Keirsey's there. Luckily Travis wasn't with them. It was funny tho...cuz I was looking at basketball shorts picked out and Vance walked over...carrying the same ones I had picked out. I hate him...he used to make fun of me all the time for dating Travis. So I bought 4 pairs of basketball shorts, a new pair of Nike running shoes so I can knock off a few pounds, an Ohio State Tshirt and a pair of sweet sunglasses. Before that mum and I went to Kmart and I bought shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream...stuff like that that I'm going to have to take to Wisconsin with me.

I can't wait to see Adam. It's unbelievable...that I'm going to be leaving in...oh....6 days. Completely unreal. I can't wait. I feel like i'm gonna burst.


Hmm...well i'm sitting here in a towel..just got out of the shower...i'm gonna go put on some yummy coconut lotion and get dressed. I'll probably post again later.


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[22 May 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | hot ]

- start.
][ what time is it?: 8:33 pm
][ what is the date?: 5.22.04
][ why are you fillinq this out?: _i'm bored as hell

- favorites.
][ number: _1
][ color: _Jet black and red
][ season: _fall
][ holiday: _Halloween
][ month: _July
][ day of the week: _Friday
][ qrade so far: _9th
][ class: _English LAST year...not this year
][ teacher so far: _mr toth
][ drink: _H20
][ food: _mac n cheese...or potato perogies
][ fruit: _pineapple
][ veqqie: _cauloflower
][ tv show: _viva la bam
][ radio station: _95.9
][ cd: _g n r --greatest hits
][ animal: _cats. tiger especially
][ clothinq store: _hmm...i buy out of catalogs a lot. like fox and swell and stuff
][ ice cream flavor: _raspberry sherbert
][ breakfast food: _scrambled eggs with cheese
][ way to have fun: _reading or snuggling with adam

- this or that.
][ me/you: _You
][ aol/aim: _aim
][ cd/cassette: _cd
][ dvd/vcr: _dvd
][ radio/cd: _cd
][ slow dance/freak dance: _freak dance lol
][ jeans/khakis: _jeans
][ jacket/coat: _jacket
][ leather/pleather: _leather
][ sparkles/bronze: _sparkles
][ sexy/hot: _sexy
][ car/truck: _car
][ civic/acura: _acura
][ corvette/camero: _corvette
][ stronq/weak: _strong
][ upset/pissed: _upset
][ tall/short: _tall
][ lunch/dinner: _lunch
][ abercrombie/hollister: _......neither
][ qap/old navy: _gap
][ nsync/bsb: _neither
][ britney/xtina: _britney
][ love/lust: _love
][ qone in 6o seconds/the fast and the furious: _um. wow
][ inside/outside: _outside
][ lipstick/lipqloss: _lipgloss
][ silver/qold: _silver
][ peircinqs/tattoos: _piercings
][ football/basketball: _football
][ thunder/liqhtning: _!!! neither!
][ this/that: _that

- friends.
][ best qirl friend: _Ashley
][ quy friend: _Adam and Sam
][ do you qet alonq with people easily: _smart people i do
][ why?: _because they're me. :-D
][ craziest?: _Sam
][ loudest: _Palmer
][ funniest: _Sam, Adam, Steph
][ quietest: _Steph
][ sweetest: _Adam and Steph.
][ most carinq: _Steph and Adam
][ most understandinq: _Adam and Sam
][ kinkiest: _.....
][ sleeziest: _Nean
][ biqqest flirt: _Nean
][ most likely to have a 2 year relationship: _Adam and I are going to be together forever.....
][ cutest couple: _Adam and I
][ most loyal: _Adam, Palmer
][ most athletic: _me
][ if you were stuck with only 2 friends, who would you pick and why?: _Ashley and Adam. Because they're the best
][ if you could date any person, who would you date and why?: _I'm in love with Adam
][ if you were the opposite sex, which member of the same sex (as you are now) would you date + why?: _i would date me. because i rock
][ most likely to be on america's most wanted: _......haha um....Ashley
][ most likely to be a stripper: _Nean
][ doctor: _Palmer
][ stay at home mom: _Steph
][ one you'd travel ac ross the world for: _Adam, Ashley, Sam
][ who would do anythinq for a thousand dollars?: _Nean, Palmer, Ashley, me
][ who has the nicest parents?: _eh.....probably Adam
][ who is like your adopted sister/brother?: _Sam and Ashley
][ who is the most like you?: _Sam, Adam, and Ashley

- past.
][ if you could take back one thinq you did, what would it be and why?: _Letting kim go out alone to walk the dog
][ do you have any reqrets?: _ohh yes
][ last thinq you said: _Night x
][ last sonq you heard: _Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
][ last person you talked to on the phone: _My dad
][ if you could qet back toqether with an ex, who would it be and why?: _I wouldnt

- present.
][ what are you doinq riqht now?: _This
][ what cd is in your cd player?: _g n r greatest hits
][ are you cold?: _i'm stifling hot actually
][ how are you sittinq?: _with my legs up on the desk
][ is there music on?: _Yup
][ what time is it?: _8:54 pm
][ where are your parents?: _mum is at work and my dad is.....well....i wouldn't know

- future.
][ how old wiill you be when you qraduate hiqh scool?: _18
][ are you qoinq to qet married?: _yes
][ are you qoinq to have children?: probably
][ if yes, how many?: _2 probably
][ what will you name them?: _Sebastian and Alexandria
][ do you wanna qo to colleqe?: _of course
][ which colleqe?: _if i have to stay in ohio then ohio state or kent...but i really want to go to university or washington or san fransisco state

- have you ever.
][ drank: _yessah
][ skinny dipped: _Yes
][ prank called the police: _Nope
][ been followed, ect by the police: _nope
][ met someone off the net: _yep
][ been in a fist fiqht?: _Yes
][ punched your siblinq/parent?: _yea my brothers and my stepdad
][ wished you'd die: _occasionally
][ tried to commit suicide?: _no
][ broken a bone?: _finger, foot, nose twice
][ driven illeqally: _hehe Yea
][ thrown thinqs at your parents?: _a few too many things
][ ran away: _nope
][ filled out a survey this lonq: _i've filled out longer ones

- others.
][ write in cursive or print?: _print
][ riqhty, lefty, ambidexterous?: _lefty
][ what do you think of rainbows?: hm
][ do you have any tattoos?: _no
][ if not, do you want any, and where?: _..
][ what do y ou think of eminem?: _he's ok
][ what do you think of britney and justin?: _britney is ok..justin sucks
][ if you could live anywhere else, where would you live?: _italy
][ do you drive?: _yep
][ like milk and cookies?: _who doesn't
][ ever worn black nail polish?: _um ya.
][ what color nail polish do you have on?: _pink
][ if you could have a 6th sense, what would it be?: _*shrug*
][ do you do thinqs even when your parents say no?: _all the time
][ what's your favorite sonq to "rock out" to?: _ *shrug* i'm sick of thinking
][ ever taken anythinq from a hotel?: _towels. and a pillow once. lol
][ did you talk to you crush/bf/qf today?: _yup
][ do you think this is stupidly lonq?: _its getting there
][ did you like it?: _it was all right
][ why/why not?: _somethinq to do
][ do you like me for this?: _...

- finish.
][ what is the time?: _9:01 PM
][ what is the date?: _may something. lol i forget.
][ why did you just do this?: _i was bored

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