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[14 May 2004|03:11pm]
i haven't updated in this for soo long.
amazing. just amazing. bleh.

i really like this layout. maybe ill edit it and use it again some other time. whatev
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[29 Feb 2004|09:41pm]
needed to update

so hi.
this is me updating
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[09 Feb 2004|05:12pm]
uh okay im switching to livejournal cuz blurty has too many rules and almost never works, and i encourage you to switch to live journal too.. its like 10000x better, trust me.

my lj name is crack__the_sky

i might update in this every once in a while but deff not as sparatic as i use to.

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[08 Feb 2004|12:52am]
im editing this entry cuz it was posted randomly and i figure its easier to write what i did here. well last night was pretty fun. me steph n na dressed up and hung around fer a while.. then this morning we woke up and chilled more.. then we had a craving (me meaning i) for pizza, so we went to pizza hut and got pizza... lol on our way out steph drops the door on me and i throw all the pizza into a snowbank, luckily it was okay. i was quite worried!! haha then we went to air which was hillariously fun... we met up with some people and just hung out there for a while. deffffffffinatly fun. and i have no hw.. annd i gotta go take a shower cuz i feel disgusting. but yeah i love steph n nana. deffinatly the two coolest girls i've ever met.

check below.

pix of me steph and nana!!  )

have fun faggots.
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[07 Feb 2004|06:35pm]
[ music | the early november- baby blue ]

i've realized i need to make this april the best april i've ever had because of the fact that last year was perfect even though i was blind to that at the time. last april me and felicia became best friends, me and dave started going out.. me and felicia made the best of every day by toking underneath her trampoline.. aiiiy. i think this spring break me n na are going to woodstock, ny and staying in the woodstock village and ill have my digi cam and shell have her cam corder (sp?) and that should be fun.. so we can sit in the park on the green and play our instrumentles, i have also realized that last summer, and last spring have a really good feeling to them.. when i think about them i mean. everything that reminds me of last summer makes me feel awesome. like, when me na and yas drove around and stopped at caseys street, got carmel machiatas at starbucks.. my new room was getting made... that was also the month i met jason. aiy yiy yiy. and last spring... i was with dave, we went to the grateful dead concert together, yada yada. and my birthday (june 13) needs to be perfect. i really feel like i need things to look forward to so im forcing myself to think of the future and thinking how great i can make them... i dont know. maybe ill spend my birthday in woodstock also... because its on a sunday this year...
but when i think about my birthday, and last summer, and last spring, it almost puts butterflies in my stomach because i have such good memories from them.. also me and victoria were really close and had a lot of great memories.. i really think next dance me kt tor n fel should go and have a good time... only becuz we usually get a lot closer when we all hang out together.. and it usually involves the dance.

just thought id let you know what im thinking about at the moment
ps i spoke to jason not to long ago and hes pretending we didnt get in a bazillion fights in the last couple days which is fine... and hes acting liek IM the bitch now. meh. maybe he had amnesia

pps- after a long conversation with nada last night (aka a couple words here and there) i have realized that i am not dying from ephysema and that by smoking, i am killing my lungs slowly because of my lack of breath support, because when i was little i had a disease that involved my lungs and it made it difficult for me to breath, and smoking triggers that... im not saying im quitting smoking but i need to think before i act.. kinda scary. its not just a little thing either... its like... my lungs are so weak i could die.

or thats what the parentls say.

this was supposed to be a short entry... but it was not. . . and this is fine.

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[07 Feb 2004|12:53pm]
[ music | Q and not U - no kill no beep beep ]

ah! new band name- the formal we ALSO have a new drummer but its not totally confirmed hes gonna join. who knows. as for now, we'll hopefully be playing soon and our demos will be out as soon as we start working on it..obv. we already have a couple originals and a couple covers.. should be good

but anyways. last night was hot shit. me n nana had a formal tea party and drank tea and ate cheesecake while watching people pull cars with their skin. fucking disgusting. people these days, but anyways. then we played a little bit... then watched evil dead which was rather frightening in a nonchalent faggot kinda way. all i'm saying, is if i ever got raped by a stick, id shoot myself a bazillion times. bleh.

so yeah then i woke nana up by pulling all the covers off of her, then she stumbeled upstairs to ask if she could go to the rowathon, only finding that she woke up at 9 am for her faja to say no. so i went alone and walked around with mi mooommyy. i saw taylor..abby.. and kkkeeennnnnzzziiiiie<3 and i donated my 1 dollar. hehehe. i got a new skirt. its pretty cute. its black and frilly. kinda reminds me of nadas but not really. eh. tonight i think me n nada are doing the formal thing again and dressing up and chillaxxin at her house cuz i think shes having ppl over. or else i think thats what she said. who kuh noe ess

my cameras getting fixed soon *sigh* well until then heres sum pix from the christmas party 3 months ago. heh heh.

the city has S E X X X )

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[06 Feb 2004|12:51pm]
[ music | the movie life- how can you face me ]

aiy last night was boring. got in a couple fights here and there... then fell asleep talking to dylan and mike. i really kinda like dylan now. idk idk. i might see him this weekend.

i believe me n tor are better then we were. there was like a period of time that we really didn't talk at all and just a passing glance time to time and such. but now we're good again <3 same with nick. i "patched" shit up with him allsssoo.

but not jason. we're on bad terms. not talking and such.

tonights plans are undetermined because omni's play was cancled (i think) but tomoro=rowathon.. yay! then i think we're gonna chill with steph. i dont remember

the fever, the focus the reason that i had to believe you weren't to hard to sell. )

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[05 Feb 2004|05:15pm]
[ music | my chem romance- jack the ripper ]

heh today was kul. im jennays ho. stayed after with yazmin. didnt see andrew :o(. me n fel r fine.. uh i dont like any one at the moment. maybe dylan a littttle. but that's it. ha shit this weekends gonna be fucking awesome. i think im going tanning. i hate tanning. i dont need it. im already super dark. but whatever. uhm... sat is the rowathon.. yay! haha im getting my skirt that day i think. idk. na's coming with me.. and tomoro i hope to fuck we getta snowday. i dont feeel like going to school. meh

heres a random mix of pix. heh.. mix of pix.. that rhymed.

Tonight You Presume Too Much )

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[04 Feb 2004|04:59pm]
Me And Nada's Seasonal Songs

Last Spring- Deadsy- Gremercy Park
Last Summer- Vendetta red-shatter day (long story...involving me yasmin nada, drug use, and mis understandment of the lyircs.)
Last Autumn- Thursday-Cross Out The Eyes (also a long story... involves jason, halloween night... and jasons urge to tp a random persons house)
Winter- The Postal Service- Such Great Heights

yes... beautiful it is.
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[04 Feb 2004|04:12pm]
[ music | bright eyes ft cursive- where do u feel at home ]

i thought i'd do a survey cuz i'm bored as fuuuck )

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[04 Feb 2004|02:58pm]
[ music | brand new- i believe you but my tommy gun don't ]

felicia has a big mouth.
and so do i.
we're fucking awesomer then awesome

today was horrible. everything about it..just horrible. i think im going to try to "patch up" some of my friendships cuz i feel like ive been a little slut to all my closest friends which may not seem like a problem, but it is.. oh it is. tomorrow i have to stay after for ms beeotch. which should help me in math which is deff good. i was OTP W/ DYLAN AND MICHAEL UNTIL 10 oclock last night. idk why i put that in caps...just seemed right. but then i watched real world.. which is always good. i live such a crazy life.

oh yeah ski clubs today.

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[03 Feb 2004|05:00pm]
[ music | early november- all we ever needed ]

i don't think me n felicia are friends any more.. i'm not really sure. mike was just here... he just walked home in the snow... i reallllly hope we have a snow day tomorrow. aiy. ryan likes bright eyes!! ahh!! lol... i got my report card.. i didnt fail ne thing accept for the math midterm. :oP. i burnt miks arm and he burnt my hand, i also straightened his hair. wee. i need to do my hw so peace

i quit

it feels good,
i'll give it a try.

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[03 Feb 2004|08:59am]
im sitting next to felicia in the library and we are both typing in our blurties... which is awesome. uh nothing happened yet... and yeah its only like 2nd period. its a problem. blah. toria likes someone. meh. alright well i gotta go.. oh i just got out of a socio quiz which was terribly easy. i .. jennifer wilson am smart. bleh. uhh... yeah. my hairs crimpy and i have my glasses and such and ijust got yelled at.. peace.
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[02 Feb 2004|03:25pm]
id still be totally tripped up and hed be completely moved on

it used to be the reason I breathed,
but now it's choking me up.
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[02 Feb 2004|02:40pm]
[ music | boys night out- broken killswitch ]

Die Young And Save Yourself

today was interesttttingg. yaheim and jennay broke up =-o. yazmin needs to be in a lot of my entries cuz shes cool. hehhh. uhm didnt really see felca that much today.. ikno i kno. tomoro im wearing my hair curly i suppose. fucking.. my report card should be here today... i'm fucked whatev. mike pierced his nip .aiyy. hes piercing a couple more things aaallsso.

n heres a pic

(ooo trippyy)

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[01 Feb 2004|02:50pm]

Die Young And Save Yourself
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[01 Feb 2004|12:15pm]
[ music | hidden in plain view- the chaser ]

ah im like half naked cuz i just got outta the shower so i gotta make this quick hehh..

last night nana was at a party so i was alone to talk to jason for the whole night. wee. then i slept at nanas which was kull and i talked to dylan for a pretty long time otp.. he pierced mikes nip and he pierced his lip.. lol i love him to deatthh. mikes prob coming over sumtimes this week. eek<3 i love them

i really like jason again. i'm stupid. eh.

thats enough peace.

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[31 Jan 2004|01:25pm]
[ music | glass jaw- pink roses and graveyard ]

and now the red
ones make me fly and the blue ones help
me fall. so i think i'll blow my brains against the ceiling

i just woke up to a phone call from felicia. which is always good i suppose. i hate nick. fucking fag. i'm not sure i like jason any more. iiidk... its like.. i really like him, but u can tell hes totally into someone else so i need to forget about it... + dylan+me= :o! im pretty sure we're going to the mall with them today and dylans a total cutie.. aand i sounded like a fucking valley girl when i said that, but mooost of all. hes the most adorable person ive ever met. last night he wanted me to do acid with him... which eh.. but he was like i promise ill take care of u


but anyways, ill be updating later, i need to go get ready.. and call mike.
and tomoro which is sunday everyones going bowling... which sounds gay but it totally isn't haa... so if u wanna go comment and ur invited. +kt + victoria r invited if they see this tooo

so simple your life gets the more running through
your head its day by day its how life goes constantly
feeling alone, familiar places are unknown and clocks
are always ticking too slow it s not that my hearts
breaking its not that my mind is aching its the shaking
of my hands the constant shaking no one understands
so i pull the window down and i scream an awful sound
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[31 Jan 2004|12:23am]
[ music | the movie life- how can u face me? ]

tomorow im going to the mall to see mike and dylan :o)

and dylans getting his lip pierced for moi kinda sad... very cute

my fucking cameras broken like woah

dissssssgusting. just disgusting.

ill update later tyvm

ps i hate nick.
and i d k if me n fel r on good terms right now
annnnd uh... fucking... kevin's a faggot
and lastly, max... ugh.

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[30 Jan 2004|02:45pm]
[ music | the matches- jack slap cheer ]

today went by quick which was gooood. i need to get batteries for my camera. mmmeh. norris 8 won the "quiz bowl" which i could not care any less about... andrew was mad at me... but luckily with my adorable charm i got him to be his loveable self 8th period. hehh. mike wasn't in school... fucking gay. overdosed on anti depressent pills. bleh. im exhausted and possibly sick but i'm making the best out of this weekend and possibly having ppl over every fucking night. hopefully. . .

my new comput-ater is going in my room soon meaning i have to rearange my room allll by my lonesome. yippy skippy. i dont really care. i dont nessecarily(sp..heh) want the comp. whatev whatev.

felicias always with nick now so i can never talk to or see her. lame. and i never see or talk to nick either. which kinda sucks. me n him are barely even friends any more. i can never see him with out felicia n.. idk. just lame. shes still my best

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