Cheeky's Journal
04:15pm 10/11/2003
  New Community for requesting icons, layouts, whatever!

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11:47pm 26/08/2003
  WHAT UP PLAYAS! it's been a while but it mights be even longer after dis entry cuz imma bout to FUCK SHIT UP! but first things first...

Dear StubbyGrubbs,
Well, before I start off throwing my problems at you, i have to say...I have been reading everything youve written for...months now I guess. You are my fucking Idol, You fucking rock!...just so you know. is my problem I guess. Ive got a boyfriend thats pretty well known...I mean...he's famous...So yea, its a long story. I only talk to him on the computer, and my mom doesnt really believe its him. Im scared she'll try to like...fucking ban me from talking to him or some shit if I dont proove its him. I tryed to talk to him about it, but i think he's still kind of scared from the last relationship he was in, that im only with him because he's...famous...I dont know what to do, cause Im scared to bring it up again, cause I dont want to cause problems between him and I, but...If I dont, I might not be able to talk to him anymore...Any advice?
OH! by the way. You still fucking rock!

STUBBS: riiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhht. have you ever really met dis cat? i mean fo real? what do you do again? imma just wonderin because either A) you can really lay dat shit out an he'll keeps in contact wit you via e-mail or B) you ain't never met dis mufucka an he TELLS you he's famous an you wanna believe his shit or C) yous a FUCKED UP MUFUCKA! i'm not sure what to say but A) if he really is famous an you mets dat cat an he's fo real den don't wory about yo parentals, kid! if he's famous an really digs you (minus all dat road pussy he's catchin) den let him come up front when he's ready. B) if yous ain't never met dis mufucka den tell him to lose yo e-mail address. most celebritites gots impotant shits to do like get dey fuck on an ain't worried about internet slizuts. C) if yous fucked up get help, son! an i mean like psychotherapy or shock treatments an shit. you on a fast track to suckin cock for a cot to sleep on!

and YO! check dis shit out! dis might get me thrown off fo real (which would be phat-ass sweet) but i gots dis lovely e-mail da other day. CHECK IT!

From : (Blurty Abuse Team)

To :

Subject :
Violation of Blurty's Terms of Service

Date :
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 02:52:04 -0400

Reply Reply All Forward Delete Put in Folder...InboxSent MessagesDraftsTrash Can Printer Friendly Version

Dear Blurty User stubbygrubbs,

After an investigation, you were found to be involved in the harassment of other
users. As stated in Section XVI of the Terms of Service
(, you agree to not use the Service to
harass, abuse or otherwise threaten any person. Any further attempts at
harassment on your behalf will result in the suspension of any other accounts
you have created and a permament ban placed on your use of this service.

Blurty Abuse Team

STUBBS: first off, FUCK YOU! i ain't harrassed, abused or threatened nary a mufucka on dis sight! da only problems i can see is some mufuckas with no sense of humor dat find more joy out of claimin cocks an wishin dey was married to some skank lead singer of a band who wouldn't fuck them wit their roadies dicks. second off, what's da big fuckin deal in scrollin down a tad? you ain'ts never gots to see my shit, but you want to. you ALL want to. yall can'ts get enough of this shit, but yo bland lifestyles lead you to tattle an bitch cuz your social existence will never appear past da computer screen. an you know what? ban my shit! dat only makes me stronger, and by an "Abuse Team" no less, which is probly one lonely ass mufucka wit his pants around his ankles in his momma's basement (who i probly already got nut deep in) eatin tacos an typin threats to me on his sticky ass keyboard. get throat deep on dis shit, mufucka! and all you haters! but to those of yall dat dug the Stubbs, yall will never be without my shit. i loves all of yall. i can'ts be faded. DEY DON'T KNOW ME!

H O L L A !
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05:03pm 21/08/2003
  And now boys and girls, it's time for the Sleepynap Storytime Hour with...Mr. Stubbygrubbs.

WHASSUP BITCHEZ? yo--check it. once upon a time an shit der wuz dis slizut dat i used to bounce on an one day i was over at anotha bitchez house gittin my fuck on an shit an she comes poundin on da door screamin "little bitch, little bitch, let me in" an i says "not whiles i gots my nuts on dis bitches chin!" an she's all like "well ifns ya don't i'll kick dat goddam door down". now i was a little concerned cause it was just a little single-wide trailer an shit but i still told dat bitch to "eat a PHAT dick, slut!" so da bitch starts gettin all live an kickin in da door an while she was poundin on dat mufucka me an homegirl split out da back an went to another bitches house dat i know. so whiles i was gettin my fuck on wit both of dem hoes dat skank comes poundin on door. "little bitch, little bitch, let me da fuck in!" an i says "not whiles i gots my nuts on dis bitches chin, ya goddamn anal burping pussy queef!" an she says "ifns ya don't imma gonna kick dat goddamn door down!" now dis was just a little apartment and even though it had a deadbolt the door was still pretty wak, son. so she starts kickin dat mufucka, an befo she could get through we crept outta da window an went to another hoe's house. now dis bitch was fly AND rich and her white ass lived up in dis phat mansion. so imma gettin my fuck on wit all three of dese honies when that beotch comes poundin on da door. "little bitch, little bitch, let me in, you MUFUCKA!" an i says "i done told yo shits and i ain't gonna tell yo ass again. not while imma slangin my nuts up against dis bitches chin." and shes like "ifn's yo don't imma gonna bust dat door down". an hearin dat the rich slut calls her dogs out an dey ate dat bitch up an den poopied her out all over da yard. the end an shit.

This has been the Sleepynap Storytime Hour with...Mr. Stubbygrubbs. Sweet dreams, dookie-pops.
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04:29pm 16/08/2003
  And now a message from our sponsor...

Are you one of those people who take themselves too seriously? Nothing really seems funny to you because you just don't find it funny or your just too fucking stupid to see the humor? Do you have sweat balls and you like to scratch them and then sniff your fingers? Do you browse anorexia communities when you're not even anorexic? Well, my friend, you need the Mr. Stubbygrubbs Swift-Kick-In-The-Ass Kit! (patent pending)

Yes sir! For just three easy installments of $19.95 (four installments for Havok Whores) Mr. Stubbygrubbs himself will visit your residence and give you a bodacious kick in the crack! All you need is a credit card, a really shitty hair-cut that you honestly think is cool, and the worldly view in life that nothing is funny.

STUBBS: dat's right, bitchez! fo a few dollas i'll roll by yo crib and kick da fuck out yo ass, son! listen to some of dese testimonies.

poser_girl: I used to be obsessed with this rock band and was even convinced I was going to marry the lead singer! Boy, what a stupid, misguided bitch I was! That is until Mr. Stubbygrubbs stopped by and put his foot in my ass! Now that wack-ass hairdo is gone and I can laugh again! I owe you everything, Stubby!

STUBBS: don't mention it slizut. just makes sure i gets my money or da next one's on da house!

revitalized: I used to actually call myself "punk"! Need I say more? Stubbs dropped by and took care of that shit! Then he fucked my mom! You aallllllright, Mr. Stubbygrubbs!

STUBBS: you see? you too can see da world through different eyes for three easy payments of $19.95! whatcha waitin on? a life? not today, son! call now!

Not available in France. Just buy a hangun and end it.
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02:06am 16/08/2003
  I gots some mad dookies, son! i hads a crazy jalapino burger from sonic an i thinks imma bout to blow, kid!

Dear Stubbygrubbs,
Why are you so hateful? Are you just a loser and have nothing better to do? WTF?

STUBBS: you know what pisses me off? people who say WTF LMAO LOL. i gots to take a shit. fuck all ya'll. those of yall dat use da preceding abreviations are gettin da dookie imma bout ta lay in der moufs!
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06:50pm 14/08/2003
  Think you got a style/layout that rocks???
Wanna see what other people can do??
If you think you have a cool layout join this community and be judged!

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06:50pm 13/08/2003
  And now boys and girls, it's time for Sleepynap Storytime Hour with...Mr. Stubbygrubbs.

Yo, so check dis shit out, bitchez, once upon a time my moms wanted me to take a coupla fowtys an a ham to gramma's house an shit an i was like "fuck dat ol' bitch, she's on welfare anyways. givin dat sorry ass mufucka my hams an shit". but she said dat if my nappy ass dids't do like she told me an shit dat she'd go peepee in my sweet midget jar when i wasn't lookin an shit an dat i'd never know when she do it an i'd be eatin uriny sweet midgets. how da fuck do yous like dat shit? sos imma like "aight, beotch" an i takes da brown paper sack an imma on my ways an shit.
well on da ways dey was dis drunk ass wolf reekin of nighttrain an gettin all up in my shit fo a coupla dollas sos he can get his drink on, an imma like "get yo dookie-bref da fuck offa me, playa" an he starts eyeballin my paper sack an he's like "damn, is dat st. ides?" an imma like "so what if it is, you goddamn hoodlum" an he's like "you know dat's shit's dope. man i'll suck yo dick if you let me have dat st. ides" an den i bitch-slapped dat stoopid-ass wolf an told him to da back da fuck up befo i smokes his shit. den he says "you goin to yo bitch-ass granny's, ain't ya?" an i slapped his shit again an said "i tolds you to back da fucks up!" an his scared ass went scurryin away an shit.
so finally i hits up to my gramma's pad an i knock on da door an i hear "come in an shit, AHEM--HACK, i means, come in sugah" an i walks in and imma like "yo wassup grammy. i broughts you a ham an some st. ides so you can get yo drinks on" an she's like " dat's so sweet of you Stubby, just sit dat shit on da table fo yo grammy". sos i sit da shit down an imma like "sos granny, what's up wit dose big-ass feet an shit?" an she's like "dose just my corns, baby" an imma like "damn gramma, what's up wit yo big-ass nose an shit?" an she's like "better to sniff up on yo ding dong, baby" an imma like "yo, dat's some sick ass shiznit, gram--wait, yo. what's up wit dose big ass ears an shit?" an she's like "better to hear dat phat ass demo you gots goin on" an imma like "yeah, dat shit's gonna be deck, yo--hold up. what's up wit yo big-ass yellow teeth an shit?" an she gits all live an strip off her robe an i see it's da wino wolf an he's like "better to eat yo black ass with" and imma like "what, son?" an i pulls my heater out an started smokin dat fool. "heard yo won a wet t-shirt contest, mufucka" i says while imma cuttin dat nigga in half wit my glock an shit. den afterwards i had a ham sammich and a fowty of st. ides. the end an shit.

And that was the Sleepynap Storytime Hour with...Mr. Stubbygrubbs. Sweet dreams, dookie-pops.
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02:03pm 11/08/2003
  WHAT UP, BIZNITCHEZ! check it--imma gettin rids of my caddy an shit cuz ima thinkin bout gettin a benz SUV sos i can put a love mattress in da backs of dat mufucka sos i can get a squirley fuck on up in dat beotch! hopefullys if i can ever finish dis demo an start makin some loot i will be able to fuck in said vehicle. it could be awhile, tho. an dey might have found someone to operates on Booga an cut dat midget out of his ass an i told him he'd have to keep dat shit in a jar an i might want to take a picture of dat shit fo my first cd cover. dat shit would be dope.

Dear Stubbygrubbs,
I don't mind some of the shit you say sometimes but I was really offended when you started putting down AFI. I'm a big fan of theirs and they totally rock my socks.

STUBBS: you know, i've seen dat shit written somewhere else an i just wants all yalls to know that the phrase "rocks my socks" is da gayest shit i've heard since Blink 182. not only that, but that dude looks fuckin weird to me. like he was a man at one point an den he had his ding dong cut off an wanted to be woman an den said "whoops, i changed my mind an shit" an wents back to being a man an now he just looks all fucked up. like super-midget retard boy wit lots of hair.

Dear Mr. Stubbygrubbs,
I've read some past entries and you talk about Duane Brown a good bit. Who is Duane Brown.

STUBBS: yo, dat's a wak ass mufucka, G, i can't even talk about how wak dat punk is.

Dear Stubbygrubbs,
What's your favorite music?

STUBBS: music to my ears is the sweet sounds of some ballz slappin across some ass, the lushus sound of weed gettin pulled thru a bong, and the sweet sound of ballz slappin across some ass. i can't hear dat shit enough.

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11:11pm 09/08/2003
  A Message From God.

God says you must love Mr. Stubbygrubbs. If you don't, you're going to hell.
God says that if you are graced to meet the biggest pimp He ever created you must stop what you're doing immediately and get your fuck on with him.
And you must smoke his ding dong.
God also says to buy Mr. Stubbygrubbs weed. Alot of it. Until you are broke and cannot afford anything else.
Weezer loves Mr. Stubbygrubbs. Why can't you?
God hates AFI. He really, really does.
God wants all of His children to be happy, and to stab as much ass as possible.

So please, don't go to hell. Love Mr. Stubbygrubbs. He loves you. And your bitch-ass momma.

Love, God.
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10:59am 07/08/2003
  Rolling Stone calls him a genius! He's adored by million all over the world! The pope wants to sniff up on his ding dong! His names Mr. Stubbygrubbs, and he could be coming to your town!

"Two fortys up! Way the fuck up!"--Ebert and Roper

"This is the dopest motherfucker that ever walked the earth! I haven't heard shit this dope since I heard Sid Vicious was dead!" ---Chicago Tribune

"I just want to sniff up on his ding dong."---The Pope

"hey I just filed a report on you to blurty for trolling communities. I've listed all the communities you're in."

damn. congratulations an shit. was dat before or after you gots yo ass beat on da playground by da third graders? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
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03:39pm 06/08/2003
  man, dat mufucka dat fucked my bitch ass momma a coupla days ago showed his ass up at my hotel room sayin stupid shit like "MY BALLS NEED SOME SUCKIN! SUCK ON MY GODDAMN BALLS! SUCK IT, MUFUCKA, SUCK IT!" and bangin on my door an shit sos i called security up to my room an dey started clubbin dat mufucka in da hall an he was bleedin all over an shit an i went out in da hall an started goin "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" an i started kickin him too an shit.
after dat i wents to walleymart an was lookin at da golf balls cuz you knows imma pimp ass golfer an shit an i started gettin tailed by some dude in a blue vest wit a walkie-talkie sos i trailed over to da electronics department an got in front of one of dem camcorders an i pulled out my ding dong an started strokin dat beotch an all 28 TVs was broadcastin me yankin my ding dong. dat shit was deck, yo! sos he said i had to leave an before i left i saw dis flyass beotch at the register an iwas like "let's skate an go fuck in yo car" an she was like "aight" an i stole a slim jim an ate dat mufucka while we gots our fuck on in her pinto out in da parkin lot. dat slim jim was gooder den a mufucka. ]p

fowty-ounce sippin, straight vagina dippin', brothas in da corner hatin all da ass i'm clippin'.

an it looks like Booga gonna be up at da hospital a little while longer cuz dey can't get a doctor to look at his asshole midget for 3 seconds before dey start puking dey guts up rite dere an shit. much less touch dat purple mufucka. but it still funny to run up at dat ass an flick dat mufucka. hee hee.

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01:46am 02/08/2003
Hey. I have a very simple request. I was wondering if you could please take the image i linked below and add the word dildo somewhere on it in not too small but not too big of letters? Is there anyway you could make the text blink? Also, could i please have a few blinking pink stars on the image too? Thanks so much <33

hi im
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11:31pm 31/07/2003
  i was wondering if someone could help me make over my blurty. nothing too special. just some blinkies and pics for the b.g. and simple design... that i am hoping someone can teach me. i am going for a Navy-ish theme but not too patriotic with the whole stars and stripes..! if that makes anysense! comment in my journal im me (AIM spanisheyez83 YIM sailorsfefe) or email me ( if you can help me!
.Request a layout.
02:20pm 15/07/2003
  yoOo kids.. haha! I just wanted ta let cha all kno that I can make layouts, nothin too complicated, but stuff like mine and shit.. heres a few examples of some i have made.. kh_beautyx and craziigurl So comment in MY journal if u want help.. and email me ur password.. ( or IM me sunkissed8o4 (thats an o not a zero).. well leave the love.. peace  
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10:06pm 08/07/2003
  Hi ! i was wondernq if u can makeover my journal? mainly mah bg and I already have the Picture i want. Also, if you can only have the enteries move. not the bg.

Entry Style:I want it to go in the center of the layout to fit tha picture. i will send it to you.when u qet back to meh if u
Screen Size: I want it to cover the whole screen.(which it does)
Font/Text: Arial, and I want the font to be white.
Comment Links: In order to post a comment, I want it to say, " Fuckinq Love Eminem". And when you post a comment, I want it to say, for instance, "(2) Fuckinq Love Eminem". And in the middle, can you put a little star like the ones i have now. Thanks.
Link Effects: When you click on a link, I want it to strike through it.
Cursor: I want a cross, just like a little plus sign (+).
Other: At the bottom of the screen, can you have it say in a cursive, fancy type of font, "Cindy Love's Eminem Forever" On the lower bottom part of the layout in tha color that i have already in tha picture.

Well, thanks. I hope you don't think this is a complicated request or anything. It's just that I'm pretty specific in what I want. sorry to buq u at ur email addy lol buh Thank you. If you need to contact me. My email addy is I'll give you my password so you can apply the layout when you contact me. Just for privacy reasons. Thanks again! Holla back! Haha!
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08:46am 07/07/2003
mood: confused
Hey everyone!
I'm brand new to this and i really want my journal to look cooler than all my friends! he he he so i was wondering if you could help me come up with some stuff. i know i want like pinks and purples and peach and really girly colors. i don't know where to find pictures for the backround as well as the head picture so if any one could help me with that, that would be AWESOME!! also i want my comments to say "who loves me?" and the replys to say "# people love me!" um so if anyone has any other suggestions that would be awesome and if you could just give me some websites for pics that would be great!! THANX!!!

.Request a layout.
02:20pm 03/07/2003
mood: hopeful
music: + "Addicted To You" - Simple Plan

I just made a community and I know what I want the layout to look like but I don't know how to do it...obviously. I was very much hoping someone here could help me.

These are two example of what I would like it to look like:


What color boxes?: ___ » white.
How many boxes do you want?: ___ » 3: One for links, one for navigation, and one for entries/events
What color Font?: ___ » black
What font do you want?: ___ » Arial narrow
What do you want your comment links to say?: ___ » "# down with OPP : // : you know me
Do you want a background picture?: ___ » NO. But I want a HEAD picture.
If not, what color background do you want?: ___ » white

Here is the head pic I want:

If you have any other questions contact me at

Thanks loads!!! Keep me updated!!!
.Request a layout.
Can someone make me a layout? Please? :) 
12:30pm 30/06/2003
mood: happy
music: Heat of the Moment - Asia
Hi, I'm new here and I was wondering if someone could make me a layout? If they could I would greatly appreciate it and full credit will be given.

Here's what I would like it to look like...
Background image:
Entry box alignment: to the right
Box background color: black
Text color: gray
Text font: Times New Roman size 8
Comment links: Everybody loves a winner
When someone leaves a comment: (number) love a loser
Scrollbar color: Red
Specials: If it's possible for you to put the words "Life is a Cabaret..." in Lucida Handwriting size 18 in black, overlapping the image, that would be great. If not that's fine. thank you.
Password: I will e-mail it to you if you can help me. :)

Thanks so much to whom ever makes this for me, if you have any questions for me my e-mail is Thanks again.
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06:14pm 24/06/2003


I looked and looked.. Gr. Please. kthx
.Request a layout.
05:55pm 22/06/2003
  If you want a layout.. Comment here and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.
Only One Rule:
-Please credit.

I'll make everyone a layout who comments.

.[18] ; Request a layout.