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    Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
    2:11 am
    Ok this is my first entry I think. Im not quite sure if i undestand this yet... anyways. i guess i should let you in on a little bit of where im at in life right now, so here goes... um currently in walterboro SC on "vacation" really i was supposed to move down here, but i do this all the time. i move from place to place and always end up back in vegas. i think its absolutely beautiful in SC but other than that it sucks. im bored out of my skull, and jobs suck down here, anyway.. im staying with my friend jennifer, who you will prolly read alot about, shes my best friend. she moved here from vegas a long time ago, she likes it. ok so im going back home on the 15th of sept. YAY umm... I suppose Ill introduce you to the name you will more than likely be hearing the most in this journal.
    Zoey. He is my Xboyfriend, I still am very much in love with him and am beginning to think i will be for the rest of my natural born life. He is the air i breath and the salt in my wounds. I dont think a day goes by that i dont wish i was still with him, but thats what love is.. wishes and dreams that lead you to despair. Unfourtunatly it led me to mental institutions and more. i have clinicaly been diagnosed as a manic depressive borderline bi polar with lack of impulse control accompanied with suicidal tendencies... thats a real long story all on its own, and im sure over the course of time ill have written it all. lets just say for now that it was the truest kind of love any human being could ever encounter, and i was very young and stupid. i didnt know what to do with something so rare. there was faults on each end, however i was the one that completely ruined it in the end. ok, so... im going to make this one short because i just took my pills to sleep (more you shall learn) and i need to high tail my ass to bed before they ware off. untill next time.. Hugz&Kisses

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