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    Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
    9:38 pm
    -*just thinking*-
    I don*t really know what to think right now. I prolly need to go to sleep. Today has sucked really bad. My boyfriend has been really upset and I feel bad, but i don*t think he*s mad at me. I know he would tell me if he was. Idk what else has been going on but i*ve been in a really bad mood. I haven*t done a whole lot. I practiced my ensemble for band n cleaned a lil bit. I thought about working out cuz that*s what i usually do when im not in the greatest mood, but I didn*t have the energy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. The past few days have been alright except yesterday. I*m excited cuz on New Years Eve we*re going out to eat n stuff. I need to get out of the house. I hope everything is alright with Cole. I don*t like to sit and worry about things, but that*s just how I am. It*s hard not to care. Well, I would write more, but I*m exhausted. I think i*m just grouchy cuz im sleepy.

    Current Mood: moody
    Current Music: Jimmy Eat World-Work
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