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we all are one [11 Jan 2004|08:52pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | dazed and confused-- led zepplin ]

nothin really new happening
funn weekend though
went to the EDS dance friday night
with Kelsey Erin Lauren Nora Alex Liz
it was preety fuunwe were the only ones who really danced
all the guys were watching us :p
there was this onne guy who was ooo so cute
brown curly hair you know it haha
will asked me out blllah
ii felt bad but said no
but imm soo agrivated and im not exactly sure why
hahha love you kelly your awesome babe
buut i watched the exercist craazy/beautiful and cheech and chong up in smoke last night
all veerry good movies
.. i hate how my moms all fucking religious now
i said i swear to fuccking god to her and she flipped out
and scott said that i was going to go to hell or something
craaazy shit
but im gunna go ill write later

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i hate everything about you [04 Jan 2004|01:33pm]
feelin like shit.. i wrote alot last night ill post later xo
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aloha-- thanks kelly [02 Jan 2004|02:50pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | jimmy hendrix- cocaine ]

today i woke up at 1 weeew late for me lately and now its 2 51
i had to get up at 7 though to come back home from kelseys house it was a bitch but im glad i came home. then i went back to sleep til well 1. and - me n alex are hitin the swells...its so fucking glassy, waist high...no wind perfect glass- from wills away message) it sounds sooo awesoem and i want to surf it soo bad but i dont have a wetsuit and that waters fucking cold and i dont get my board til next month grr. but kelly and i might just go out and hang on the beach,
nothings happening here xcept brian dillon jake r smoking it up in his room even though my mom told them no smoking in the house nemore,, we all knew it wouldnt last,, with samantha jakes sister and her boyfriend chris. Its funny how so many people come int he house without me knowing lol
i hear a firetruck their fucking sirens r so annying sorry random
anyway liz gave stephen bond head and that added to geoff and miles equals fucking SLUT!! by the way thats what happened the journal entry befor last that i wouldnt tell yet, Crazzzy shit
kelsey liz me and dillon brian and jake were drinking and then miles nick and geoff came and liz got a little drunk and ended up giving geoff and miles head and then she told nora that we didnt try to stop her which is bullshit cause we did she was just outtahand. people were saying she really wasnt drunk but i think it was half and half because she was drunka lil egleast. (( nick i dont kow if you want me telling the rest lol))
then the next weekend was cool i was here with brian jake nick stephen bond and miles and geoff and they were drinking but i had to stay sober and brian got soo drunk it was halarious and since geoff told him that peanut butter coverd up the smell of achohol when he spilled vodka all over the counter he took peanut butter and put it allll over the counter and then he dicided that wasnt good so he took milk and poured it all over the peanut butter haha thanks soo much nick for helping me clean that up by the way :)
and then everyone went on a walk and jake stayed with me which i loove him for! and then brian ended up projectile vomiting all over himself and getting caught by my mom but it was still an awesomely funnny night.
damn i dont want break to be over..

i hate those dreams where you wake up and you know it wasnt real but you still feel the emotions from the dream urrg i had one of those last night-- just had to add that

ill write later oxox
peace caitlin

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buy some cheap sunglasses! hehe cool song [01 Jan 2004|11:09pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | cheap sunglasses ]

happy new year everyone!!
yea so for new years i was suppose to go to this guy Hunters house with Kelly but my mom was being a bitch and wouldnt give us a ride and then she wouldnt let me go to nicks with her either mmm pissing me off so i went to kelseys house and it turned out to be really neat fun. kerry gave us champaigne and we ended up drinking about the whole bottle lol and then we got a beer from sues and went hung out with dillon jake and brian acouple times,, they wanted some achohol lol and then we went in the jacuzzi and watched the countdown with kelseys fam and jane it was sooo funnny when we went out to the front yard in our towels there were these 4 drunk guys across the street and they were yelling at us like weew dont be shy and then kelsey opens her towel and they started again it was soooo funny then when her dad went to bed we snuck out and took 2 more beers and went over to dillons house and gave them some drinks but they came back over here (Brian dillon adn kels jake and i styaed at dillons) and got two more. we just hung out there til around 5 am and then snuck back in and slept. kelsey and dillon r back together mm great fun lol we watched how high and up in smoke-- the funniest movie ever man!! then today when we woke up Kerry asked us about the beeers and asked us if we took it and whether it was for the guys or us but we backed it up and didnt get caught but now he thinks that the guys took em because they threw the bottles in the rode infront of dillons house and he saw em today then we just hungout and went out to Fort pickens, its wierd how much the beach reminds me of my dad.. not a bad thing
people r saying that they think i have an eating disorder but i dont think so but im not sure, i might go to a dietician oneday if needed.
somedays im really confused though because im told that i am not the same around him as i am around other people like my friends but i dont see a difference and of course im nto going to act the exact smae aournd my boyfriend as i do my bestfriend and he thinks that bullshit but im sorrry. he says that he likes me still btu doesnt want to go out with me if im not going to be myself around him but im trying i wish it wouldnt have to be so complicated. i hope everything works out but i already just gave up once because i cant stand to be in the middle like this that he likes me but doesnt ask me out thats whats bullshit. but im not mad at him at all or anything and were okay now im just guna wait.. some more.

Kelseys in bed because shes babysitting tomorrow at 7 which means i have to get up and go home so i should go ill write later xoxo

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ive been wading in the velvet sea [24 Dec 2003|08:48pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | Phish cd ]

im going to attempt to write an entry*
no one really reads this any more so im just using it to orgainise my thoughts but thats so hard right now because there are so many thoughts going in my head right now and some r secrets i cannot share
todays christmas eve but i dont feel like its christmas i thought it was suppose to be happy but all i feel is depression right now. dont get me wrong im not a suicidal case or anything but lately my life hasnt been going all that great for me. The last two nights were ssoooo crazzy but i dont think i can share yet until it all gets out and i dont want to be the one to tell I think i might like someone i dont think i should but im not sure yet
im mostly upset because of my family ever since my dad died its just been so fucked up my moms got a boyfriend whos such a dickhead and maybe im being out of hand because i havent actually talked to him in any resonable manner yet but im sorry if im not ready for my mom to date and then he had the fucking nerve to come over tonight and fucking preach to me. everyone says their worried about me and it makes me feel good that people care i dont like to talk to people about my feelings and it really mkes me mad because when i talk to my mom about it i always end up crying and when i tell her how i feel she just fucking ignores me and goes out again doesnt she get shes ruining my happiness sometimes i just start crying and it sucks because i feel like such a bitch because i know there are people who r out there who have it way worse then me and that is when i stop crying
will asked me if i would hook up with him tonight but i dont know cause i think i kindof like someone else and it sucks but i think he might like me but i dont want to jinx anything
lately ive wanted to just do yoga and listen to my music and ive wanted to surf so fucking bad but its cold and it sucks so bad and hang out with my friends and well yea smoke i have wanted to alot more lately but it cant be addictive so i dont know whats up
I also think some people have it so good and they dont even notice, like my bestfriend shes one of the prettiest people i know and shes sooo sweet and i hate even to stand next to her because it makes me feel ugly but people say im pretty so i should try not to be hippicritical but shes amazing and i dont know where i would be without her my friends r all amazing and i love them so much
life is so fucking craazy

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i cant resist that [14 Oct 2003|01:57pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | champaign ]

*5 things you are wearing*
1. yellow shirrt
2. pajama pants
3. a bra
4. hair tie
5. silver necklace

*5 things you can see*
1. the computer
2. the phone
3. candles
4. bracelet
5. pictures

*5 things you are doing right now*
1. typing
2. listening to music
3. talking to kelly
4. waiting for jake to get onlinei need to talk to him
5. calling Erin

*5 things you ate in the last 24 hours*
1. pancakes
2. salad
3. chicken pot pie
4. greek food
5. roll

*5 things you did so far today*
1. woke up
2. made breakfast
3. talked to kelly and summer
4. washed my face
5. brushed my teeth

*5 things you can hear right now*
1. 311 cd
2. airconditioner
3. Brian watching tv
4. fan
5. my typing

*5 colors you can see*
1. greeen
2. yellow
3. brown
4. black
5. white

*5 thoughts in your head*
1. i need to call Erin
2. should i hang out with dillon jake and brian today
3. i need to eat something
4. i need to do my homeowrk uggh
5. so this is what it feels like

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your love is the only thing i breathe for [14 Oct 2003|01:50pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | amber ]

+ Would you ever date someone younger than you? if it was only by a few months
+ Someone older? yep
+ Have you ever smoked weed? yea
+ Ever been drunk? yea
+ Been in love? i am
+ Loved someone who you knew you couldn't have? well, liked someone i knew i couldnt have
+ Gotten in a car accident?not a major one
+ Broken a bone? nope
+ Had your heart broken? yes
+ When was the last time you cried? like really cried was .. i cant remember
+ Last time you said I love you to someone: last night
+ Last time you laughed: last night
+ What age do you see yourself married at? not really sure
+ Describe your dream wedding: by the ocean
+ Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? nope
+ If you could dye your hair one color what would it be: i like my natural color but if i had to pick itd have to be a redish brown
+ Do you eat chicken with fingers or with a fork? it depends
+ Would you rather give or receive? give
+ How many homes have you lived in total? three in 13 days itll be four
+ One pillow or two? depends
+ Do you get along with your parents? my mom and i get along okay
+ Whats your favorite color(s)? deep blue
+ Do you work? Nope
+ Whats your favorite food(s): salad and subway
+ Do you have braces? no
+ Have you ever been in serious trouble? not real serious that i can remember
+ Why is the sky blue? it's not always blue..
+ Who was your first crush? Caid
+ When you meet a person of your preferred sex, you first notice their: eyes hair smile
+ Are you the romantic type? can be
+ Have you ever been chased by cops? =nope

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the best fucking song in the world! [08 Oct 2003|09:03pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | evanescence - my last breathe ]

Take me away from the norm
I got to tell you something
This phenomenon
I had to put it in a song
And it goes like

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
Whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

You ought to know what brings me here oh
You glide through my head blind to fear
And I know why

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
Whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
Whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

You live too far away...
Your voice rings like a bell anyway...
Don't give up your independence,
Unless it feels so right,
Nothing good comes easily,
Sometimes you got to fight...

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
Whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

Launched a thousand ships in my heart, so easy
Still it's fine from afar,
And you know that...

Whoa, brainstorm (brainstorm)
Take me away from the norm
Whoa (whoa), I got to tell you something

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quiz!! [08 Oct 2003|11:07am]
10 Years Ago, I...
1. was2
2. lived in the Fl keys
3. was still living with both parents
4. had the most awwesome house you could ask for
5. was cute:o)

5 Years Ago, I...
1. i was 7
2. i was in 2nd grade
3. i liked Caid Rivers
4. my best friend was Rachel
5. was a huuuge crybaby

Yesterday, I...
1. went to kelseys after school
2. kissed jake<<3
3. saw rich for the first time in a loong time
4. met Douglas
5. took cpr

Today, I...
1. am not at school
2. wish i already lived in my new house
3. miss jake and kelsey
4. am going to try to do some homeowrk
5. had a wonderfull dream but not as good as some

Tomorrow, I will...
1. go back to school and get yelled at by Mr. Shelley for skipping
2. listen to a cop come and talk
3. talk to kelsey cause shes leaving friday for a week and im gunna miss her soooo much
4. try to sleep better
5. be better

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. ice cream
2. lollipops
3. salad
4. fruit
5. sour cream and onion chips

5 Songs I Know all the Words to, Even Without the Music:
1. Cursive (the recluse driftwood)
2. bright eyes i want a lover i dont have to love and a perfect sonnet
3. bob marley is this love
4. jewel hands
5. ignition remix lmao!! jk

5 Things I Would Do With $1000:
1. get a drumset and take lessons
2. buy lots of cd's
3. put some in the bank
4. buy clothes
5. give some to helpout

Top 5 Locations I`d Like to Run Away To:
1. the keys
2. Australia
3. London
4. hawaii
5. California

5 Bad Habits I Have:
Saying really stupid things without thinking
bitng my nails

5 Things I like Doing:
1. listening to music
2. seeing friends
3. things i shouldnt
4. surfing at the beach
5. hanging out with kelsey!!

5 Things I Would Never Wear:

5 T.V. Shows I Like:
i dont really watch tv

5 Movies I Like:
1. Grease
2. cruel intentions
3. 6 days 7 nights
4. bad boys 2
5. center stage
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do you want to know my deepest sin? [30 Sep 2003|10:33am]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | cursive cd!! woooow they rock my world!! ]

neways im gunna see if kelly wants to hang out this weekend i think. i hope mom will take me shopping today cause if i go on this trip with my schoool to this mountain in AL (woohoo dont that sound fun..not) i need clothes. that means three days with people like shawn endres and billy kavchak ughhh. the lodge should be aiight but the bus ride there is going to suuuck ass. but i dont even know if i can go yet. i love cursive THEY ROCK MY WORRLD!! woot woot. i was going to go to kelseys today after school to hang out and work on homework but now i dont know cause im really not feeling good. i was suppose to get that test done yesterday but i freakedout and they said i could wait! YAY. i realllllly want to go surfing with Lauren this weekend. i need to buy my fucking board though. but i have a feeling im not going to get one til after we move and selll this house cause were reallly low on money right now since we have like 2 houses at the moment. but well be living in the new one by halloween so im happy. i might go to Workman next year!! WOOOOW! then my mom said she might send us to Washington for highschool sweeeet. but i dont know im kinda nervous going to a public school after being at montessori for so many years. dillon said i could shadow him ahahhah. well im gunna go make some soup yummm. peace <<3 caitlin

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gold can never stay [29 Sep 2003|10:11pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | weeed ]

sick again. so yea last weekend was cool Margeau(kelseys half sister) came and we hung out with her. Then we went out Friday night to the seafood festival listend to sum goodol country music lol "GIRLFRIENDS" haha kelsey it was really fun then on the way home we drover by sevile and saw this hooker and kerry like stopped the car and was checking her out nassty. and we were blasting ignition remix bringin back badd memorys!! and Margeau was screming at these guys out the window lol. when we got home kelsey and i went out and hung out with the guys when they rolled some houses and stuff . just hugn out. Saturday we went to the beach and went parasiling well we didnt but andy and margeau did well we went out on the boat and saw sum dolphins :) then my mom picked us up and we came back to my house it was really fun we were dressing up and shit and then the pizza guy came and we were orange sucking hahah we all just hung out here damnit i was soo mad cause we havent kissed forever so next time im just guna do it. eh. well nothing else to really post about later xox

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question that despretly needs answering [21 Sep 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | jewel ]

If you failed to live a minute beond this point and you had the chance to deliver a message personally to one person who would it be and what would you say?


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this feeling coming over me [21 Sep 2003|05:23pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | bone thugs n harmony ]

this weekend rocked.. first on Friday kels and i went to the mall and got sum cute stuff. Then we went and picked up Jake and Dillon and went back to our house. We just hung out here you know the usual. But when we got here Kelsey and i went up first with my mom and we heard a scream and at first we just thought it was my dogs cause they always jump up on you when you first come in but then it didnt stop and when my mom came back out of the house she was holding my puppy bam bam and he was dead. it was horrible cause no one knew wat to do cause my mom was like crying hystaricly and we were all really freaked out. so i went down with my mom where she was kneeling in the yard and comferted her. but right as everything was calming down and i was taking her inside the dogs get out of the gate and start running in the street so im trying to run around and get all three dogs out of the road while my moms yelling let them go i dont want them but then she turned and went inside so im by myself trying to get all three dogs but i finally just put them all in the car and dran inside to get Brian to help me. i was soo shook i didnt know what to do. it wasnt that the puppy was dead but to see my mom like that was just like tramatising all i wanted to do was lay down in his arms and just let everything go but i couldnt. and brian wasnt helping so i went back and helped my mom calm down somemore. i wouldnt have cried if i didnt have to be back with her but i seriously thought she was going to commit suicide or something it was just fucking scary. but things calmed down a little. she took back sassy (the dog we think did it) and that gave us all time without her here. it was all fucked up cause i know that none of them knew what to do or think so we kinda acted like nothing happened. later that night we went to the Purple Parrot and all hung out in the outdoor pool til like 11 but the htought of my mom being killed or worse kept coming back into my mind so i checked on her once. then we got back and watched a movie die hard i think and it was really funny cause i was sitting with jake and kels and dillon were sitting together and all that and my mom walks in and we all like move away from eachother and couldnt help but laugh. i fell asleep with him around 2 or 3 and then at 5 i get woken up by dillon and kels hugging me i was like wat the fuck. so i guess they all woke up but me and we messing around or something. then i go out to get a drink of water and on my way back kelsey yelled caitlin jake wants you and i was like waahhh then like i hear you guys need to go to bed and it was my mom i was like ohh shit it was really funny cause kelsey was like laying ontop of dillon on the couch and if she wouldve turned on the light she wouldve seen and they wouldve been busted haha. then we all eventually went to bed. i woke up early and decided to take a shower and as i walk by the living room guess who wakes up but dillon i was like shiiit and started walking really fast but he never mentioned it so i dont think he remembers lol. we just hung out while my mom went to the office and then finally left at like 5 or so. when ever we sat he would like put his arms around me and i looved it so much however much corny that sounds i did. i feel alot more comfertable with him now im glad. then i ended up spending the night at kelseys and we got chickfilla and watched national security with sharon and we were suppose to sneak out but we never did cause they were too tired or something. i wish we wouldve though. we're moving by the 15th im soo happy! that means halloween at the new house! ohh yea and Jake told me he doesnt want me doing ecstacy soo i dont know now. ill have to talk to him. ninas here and my moms bitching at me. ill post more later

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mm fun [17 Sep 2003|08:27pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I love storms. i like to just sit and watch them cause theyr so calming but its also fun to go out in um depends on what there is to do

I've never had a car.

Not yet.


Hmm.. I like liquor but i like like strwberry dacaries and stuff


If they're there


I like my hair color,but a moroon or redish brown

it depends on my mood.

volleyball and basketball

some pictures an empty bottle an old journal some clothes and a monkey

very rarely it takes alot for me to cry and when i do noone sees me

i usually make myself cry with thoughts and i dont show any emotion really so it all builds up .. like the things people say

my friends/ being with Jake

my dad

my moms friends son did but i didnt know him

nope i dont like celebrtiys except for the exceptional few who accually have talent


>-Name: Caitlin Elizabeth
>-Nickname(s): none really
>-Are you named after anyone?: Caitlin--> kathleen in irish-->my grandmother
Elizabeth--> my aunts middle name
>-Birthday: February 21
>-Time of birth: not sure id have to look
>-Zodiac sign: Pices
>-Height: 5'3" ish
>-Eye color: Blue
>-Hair color: Brown
>-Current residence: Pensacola Fl
>-Where were you born?: Key Largo
>-Where did you grow up?: Pensacola
>-Email address: Dancer2098
>-AIM screenname: Dancer2098
>-Homepages: none
>-Computer(s): the one I'm on
>-School: MMS
>-Grade: 7th
>-What kind of student were you?: umm im okay they know me as the daydreamer lol
>-Fears: loving someone so much you cant let go i hate loving him i really do.
>-Medical issues: none
>-Where do you work?: umm dont
>-What do you want to be in the future?: someone who is confident and lives their dreams

*Opinions and Questions
>-Best kind of music: Emo, Rock, Punk Rock, r&bs aiight and countrys kicks ass mann lol jk
>-Who do you have a crush on: jake i guess i mean hes my b/f
>-Do you like someone famous: Tyson ritter and Connor Oberst
>-As in "LIKE" like?: Tyson ritter Connor Oberst
>-If yes who: Tyson ritter Connor Oberst
>-Who do you have for best friend on opposite gender: I tell Dillon all my secrets
>-Do you like pickles?: yea
>-What are you wearing?: Raegans shirt jeans and a hair tie
>-What time is it?: 8 12
>-What is your idea of a perfect date?: just hanging out and watching movies
>-Wht is your idea of a perfect honeymoon?: Australia or Paris, or England. But probably a cruise to the caribbean.. why not?
>-What is your idea of a perfect wedding?: I want to get married on the ocean most likely Jamaica or in the Fl keys cause my parents got married in Jamaica and My dads ashes r in the ocen in the FL keys pluss thats my home.. <<3
>-What hospital were you born in?: the one in Miami cause there aint one in K.L.
>-Which celebrity has the best hair?: I always liked Katie Holmes and Jenn Aniston and the grl from Evanescence
>-What do you wear to bed?: tshirt and sofees
>-What kind of socks do you wear?: the kind that go on your feet?
>-What kind of toothpaste do you use?: crest
>-What kind of shampoo?: fructis
>-What brand is your TV?: dunno
>-Have you ever done any extreme ssports?: no

>-Book: daughters of the moon series
>-Relative: Mary b.
>-College: one in Cali
>-Stores: Wet Seal i suppose
>-Kind of chainletters: none
>-Poems: Erins
>-News channel: ?
>-TV shows: The O.C and Gilmore Girls but only cause of that kid
>-Five girl names: Ally Maureen{{after my mom}} isabella chloe and umm victoria
>-Five boy names: i like benjerman
>-Male singer: Tyson ritter
>-Female singer: Jewel i guess
>-Bands: AAR, Bright Eyes, Tool, Cursive mh.m.
>-Movies: Grease ;p
>-Musical: Grease
>-Song: lover i dont have to love and amber
>-Website: umm I dont know
>-Music Award Show: VMA's are cool
>-Music Video:The Last Song
>-Vegetable: artichokes
>-Meal: chinese
>-Soda: Root Beer
>-Drink in general: Root Beer
>-Cheese: um ?
>-Ethnic food: dunno
>-Fast Food Place: Taco Bell and Chickfilla
>-What do you get there: umm tacos and chicken
>-Snack to munch on: fruit
>-Kind of pizza: cheese
>-Ice cream: Chocolate
>-Bread: umm white?
>-Pastry: apple or blueberry
>-Cereal: frosted flakes
>-Meat: chicken
>-Holiday: 4th of july
>-Sport to play: surfing if you consider that a sport which i do
>-Sport to watch: surfing basketball and vollyball
>-Thing to do in winter: hang out with friends and surf
>-Thing to do in summer: surf
>-Thing to do on weekends: whatev
>-Vacation spot: california i wish
>-Dream vacation spot: australia
>-Place to shop: the mall is there another place?
>-Thing to do on a rainy day: sleep
>-Thing to do on a sunny day: beach
>-color: blue
>-Magazine: None
>-Gum: spirament
>-Outfit to wear: Don't know
>-Pair of shoes: flipflops
>-Stuffed Animal: my duck my dad gave me when i was born
>-Article of clothing:
>-Piece of furniture in your room: my bed
>-Place in your house: right here in my room
>-Place to be alone: my room
>-Kind of house: brick?
>-Place to live: my new house we just bought in East hill
>-Place to work: the hospital
>-Kind of occupation: medical or psycology
>-Family member: Mary B. and Jeb
>-Memory from childhood: the time i spent with my dad
>-Memory with friends: alllot
>-Kind of cigarettes: eww
>-Party you've ever been to: acouple
>-Teacher: Mr. Shelley
>-Grade: highschool to come

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i want a lover i dont have to love< [17 Sep 2003|04:49pm]
Were Moving!!
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[14 Sep 2003|08:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | whos got the herb-- 311 ]

1. Name: Caitlin Elizabeth
2. Birthday: February 21st
3. Zodiac: pices
4. Nationality: umm acouple
5. What time is it: 857
6. Are you sensitive: it depends

-------Person Who last------
7. Called you: kelsey
8. Slept in your bed: kelsey lol i slept on the floor
9. Saw you cry: i dont let people see me cry
10. Made you cry: noone imperticular
11.What happened to Question eleven?: isnt this it?
12. You shared a drink with: not sure
13. Major crushes: umm
14. Slept with last: i fell asleep with Jake lol
15. Yelled at you: mom
16. Sent you mail: dont remember

-------Have you ever-----
17. Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the milk people: umm no lol
18. Said "I love you" and meant it: yes
19. Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc.: not a fight i get pissed at em
20. Favorite thing to do on weekends:hanging out with friends goign surfing when i can parties stuff liek that
21. Favorite School Subject: language arts
22. Herbology: aiiif you want
23. Potions: watever
24. Transfiguration: why not
25. Divination: ?
26. Is there anymore I forgot: am i suppose to know?
27. Danced Naked: lmao
28. Had a dream about something really crazy, then it happens the next day? yea acouple times
29. Stalked someone: yeah lol
30. Had a mud bath: nope
31. Wished you were the opposite sex: not seriously
33. What time is it now: wasnt this already asked 902
34. Apples or bananas: apples
35. Blue or red: blue
36. Grey or orange: orange
37. Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley: hogsmeade
38. Spring or Fall: i like both, but right now fall
39. Love or hate: love
40. What are you gonna do after you finish this: do my literature and go to bed
41. What was the last meal you ate: chinese leftovers.. dinner
42. Animagus or Marauder: uhh sure
43. Are you bored: mhmm
44. How many friends you have: enough
45. Last duel you saw: cant remeber
46. Last noise you heard: my music
47. Last smell you sniffed: cookies

67. What do you think of slugs and other bugs? i dont like slugs or cockroaches or spiders but the rest r okay i guess
68. What book are you reading now: 1984 for school
69. Nicknames: none really
70. Hair Color: brown
71. Height: 5'3" or sumthing like that
72. Pets: bam bam--sasha--sassy--venture--rachel
73. Siblings: Brian and Jeb
74. Been so drunk you blacked out: not yet
76. Gone out in public in your pajamas: yeahhh lol
77. Missed school b/c it was raining: hurricane
78. Set any body part on fire for amusement: no lol
79. Kept a secret from everyone: yeaa still do

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Quiz to waste time < [11 Sep 2003|11:39am]
If i could get a tatoo anywhere it would be?: A Cresent moon and star on the underside of my wrist
Anymore peircings?: my tongue
Hair color?: maroon maybe or a redish brown
Eye Color?: my natural one
Is i could change anythign about my physical appearance it would be?: my stomach
Worst memory?: My father in his coffin
R u in love?: mayybe :p
song that brings tears to your eyes?: like a stone - audioslave
Last word you said?: i havent talked to anyone this morning
Last song you sang?: keep singing my song
Last person you hugged?: Erin
Last person you said 'I love you' to?: Jake
Last time you cried?: during the summer {{the insadent with Mom and w/e his name was}}
What's in your CD player?: xtina xp
What color socks are you wearing?: none
What's under your bed: umm clothes some pistures a monkey and an empty bottle
What time did you wake up today: 9 30 {{skippin school}}
Current taste: that taste you have when you first wake up
Current hair: staright down
Current clothes: heart pajama pants and my bob marley shirt
Current annoyance: aches
Current longing: for ppl to get on.. theyr all at school
Current desktop picture: um this design hard to explain
Current worry: my bloodtest im getting done
Current hate: aches
if you sould live newhere were would it be?: EAst hill i will be living there in a couple months
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[11 Sep 2003|11:17am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | la raido ]


1. name: Caitlin Elizabeth
2. nicknames: none really
4. birthday: February 21st
5. height: 5'2" or sumthin like that
6. weight: i dont step on a scale
7. sisters?: noda
8. brothers?: Jeb and Brian
9. parent's names: Patricia Quinn and Bruce Marsteller((in loving memory <<3))
10. pets?: Sassy--Sasha--Venture--Rachel


11. color: Hmm thats hard
12. food: Subway
13. drink: Root Beer
14. song: alott Ecstacy{{BoneThugsNHarmony}}The Recluse{{Cursive}}Lover I Dont Have to Love{{Bright Eyes}}
15. band(s): AAR, Bright Eyes, Cursive
16. singer: Tyson Ritter ! <<3
17. cd: ?
18. show: The O.C., Gilmore Girls, That 70s Show
19. day: Saturday
20. season: Summer

41. took a shower: last night
42. brushed your teeth: last night
43. gave someone a hug: yesterday
44. went swimmin: last Friday
45. went to the movies: when my cousins were here ughh
46. went sleddin: neva!
47. ate: two hours ago
48. drank: last night
49. watched tv: tuesday

50. bf/gf: yes
51. name: Jake
52. love em: not sure


59. PB or Jelly: peanut butter
60. Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
61. Real World or Road Rules: real world
62. MTV or VH1: MTV!
63. Milk or Water: milk
64. Blue eyes or Brown: doesnt matter
65. Comedy or Chick Flick: comedy
66. Bath or Shower: Shower
67. Gold or Silver: Silver
68. White or Black: Black
69. Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate i guess

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- .he brings life to my fantasys. - [11 Sep 2003|10:55am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | makeover - xtina lol ]

- Today is September 11th. Im staying home from school though. My moms makin me get this blood test done where i have to fast for a day then they take my blood. uggh i hate needles. Its to make sure that im not low on iron or sumthing since ive been sick lately and because of what happened at Kelseys dads on Sunday.

- Jake and Dillon are suppose to be coming over tomorrow but i dont know if they are because my mom said only one of them can come but hopefully Brian will talk her into letting both of them come. i have a feeling if only one of them is coming its going to be Dillon.. blah.. Maybe illl go swingin with Erin instead i hope so. kelseys suppose to be spending the night so shed have to come too.

- I was talking to Raegan about going to Brandees one weekend and doing ex but i dont know now. We were suppose to do it this weekend but shes going to Traceys. The more i think about it the scarier it seems but at the same time i want to try it. Dillon wants me to take it with Jake lmao. But im not ready for that. Ive been thinking about all the people that have died recently and its just shoking and freaky to think that we could die any day any hour any minute. you never know when its your time. And like all my friends r starting more complex drugs like Coke and shit that really scares me. i dont know what i would do if anyone of them oded. Everyone says it would be their fault and they would deserve it but that still doesnt make it right or any better. i just wish they would stop or just think twice.. do they even relize after that one pill they could be on their last minutes r those couple hours that you feel high r they worth risking the rest of your life. i dont want to end up like Mia or Todd dead at 18 or younger.

well i guess im guna go but ill post later yall -peace n love xoxx- xp

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omfg [03 Sep 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | shitty stuff ]


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