Chris' Journal

Saturday, March 29, 2003

1:28AM - today was good/bad

well i had to go to my construction work at 730, and work till 3, then i called my other job, and it turns out i got fired, what a load of crap oh-well how ever i got a new cell phone, its the nokia 7210, its awesome. I chilled wit Jessi tonite, me missed her and she makes me happy hehe, she cheered me up.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003

9:20PM - almost 3 days

almost 3 more days to my b-day. TOday sucked i had a quiz and didn't want to take it and it hink i failed... i couldn't order my new phone, but im getting it tommrow from the store, and now im tired, i gotta be at work at 8 tommrow morning it sucks, but its money for my tatoo

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12:34AM - viva junk yard wars - (stupid idea 1)

Im obsessed wit junkyard wars, so this summer i think im gunna be a mobile watermelon launcher... Yes water mellons will be flying threw the air, why i dunno... its going to be based on parts found in a junkyard and look like a tank... yes a cock diesel tank... with a giant gun... hmmm me+plus parts+watermelon launcher = pure arrestion.

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12:06AM - Woowie, im new at this

yup im new at this crap, so this is my first post im mad bored and tired and yeah, my birday is now in 4 days woohoo... yeah, ima dork

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

11:26PM - yeah, im new at this

yeah, this is my first post im quite bored lol, 5 times to my birthday woohoo... yeah im cool

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