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Thursday, March 18, 2004

9:28AM - merely hours away, people.

leaving for florida in a few hours. think i've packed? 'cause we all know that i haven't. i don't know if i have enough film, i mean, i know i'm going to take a ridiculous amount of pictures so ill probably just have to get more when i'm down there. i would have one empty roll and about another 11 pictures but last night, i was feeling really bored and got an idea to take all my ties off of the rack thing and lay them out on my floor and photograph it. i mean, we're doing hand coloring so that should be fairly cool to do. so that leaves me with just one roll. ah, it's all good.
i got this new fleetwood mac cd the other day. i mean, i liked their really early stuff so i figured, "why not?" it's actually turning out to be pretty good. one of those cds that you can push play and just listen the whole way through without skipping over tracks or anything. plus lindsay buckingham (it's a guy, if you didn't know.) is a great guitarist.
went over to dylan's house yesterday to watch spinal tap. it was great. in the dvd box there was this huge list and i didn't really see what it was at first. just saw a list of names. so then i look and see that the list is titled: "drummer necrology." haha, gotta love spinal tap.
"well, the second drummer, he died from choking on vomit. the thing is, it wasn't his vomit. we sorta left that one alone, you can't really dust for vomit, mate."
if you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT.
not much else to say, i guess. i should go and pack. later.

Current mood: energetic
Current music: you gotta move (pre-release) - aerosmith.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


ooh, just woke up. today should be a fun day..things to do:
1. pack (leaving TOMORRRRROW)
2. forget step 1. it just won't happen. ill get to it tomorrow before i leave or something.
3. go over to dylan's to watch spinal tap: collector's edition (wonder what the "collector's edition" means...cool box?) which should be guh-reat. gotta love spinal tap.
4. go into boston and give calls to little children who are going to be coming to school next year. have fun, new freshmen!

yesterday i finally passed 1200 on the song count. i mean finally. i think it's about 1202 or 1203 or something. take that!. ooh, got to talk to priscilla about five minutes ago. she's in taiwan. how awesome's that? hm, a question for all you readers out there. i heard that if you take the wizard of oz and play it through muted with floyd's dark side of the moon playing, then they'll fit together and the sound clips on the cd will go with the stuff you're seeing on screen. any truth in that? don't know, seems way too cool to be true. well, that's just about it. comment and leave your answer to my oh-so-puzzling question (if you really know the answer, that is). later, my friends.

Current mood: lethargic
Current music: riding with the king - eric clapton and b.b. king (a great buy, id recommend it)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

3:51PM - my f-f-first entry, people.

...did one of those "put your music on random and see what the first 15 songs that play are." here goes nothin, eh?
1. young lust - pink floyd
2. a kind of magic - queen
3. going down slow - clapton
4. blues before sunrise - clapton
5. us and them - pink floyd
6. bohemian rhapsody - queen
7. anyone for tennis - cream
8. tonight ill be staying here with you - dylan
9. angie - rolling stones
10. why dont we do it in the road - beatles
11. cops theme - cartman (funny shit, man.)
12. when the levee breaks - zeppelin
13. mrs robinson - simon and garfunkel
14. setting me up - dire straits
15. mama kin - aerosmith

to be completely honest, i'm not that disappointed with the outcome. i know it's supposed to be all "oh how embarrasing! people should never know that i like that song", but oh well. hm, not much has been going on..i mean, it's vacation, people. leaving for florida in two, coun'em, two days. man it'll be great: warmth, ocean...oh yes. well, im off.

Current mood: calm
Current music: sun king - the beatles

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