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20th June 2003

12:40pm: the George Washington University Colonial Inauguration 2003!!!

...thats all I have to say, the most amazing time ever to be had.

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19th June 2003

4:20pm: "God I'm a gay man, A gay man prances. Give me somebody to prance for, give me somebody to blow. Help me return to the world of the fruitcake by showing me where that thing goes~! Pass me the KY, give it another hard thrust! All I ever needed was the KY, lubrication and the chance to bend... for you!" - ACL

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14th June 2003

9:13am: It's Saturday morning and I'm about to leave for DC. Colonial Inauguration 2003 (aka GW's orientation) is here! I can't believe it. Up until now, when yesterday was the last day of school and tomorrow is college orientation, I haven't fully comprehended the journey that I am about to embark on... and all that I'm leaving behind. It sends waves of sadness throughout me with just a twinge of nostalgia. Yesterday, in the car with Jon and Katie, we reminisced about our old friendship and the weird things we would do. I miss that, being a child.

Who is Eric from Dix Hills East? Maybe I'll find this out at CI. This whole situation bothers me a lot.
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11th June 2003

7:12pm: I finished my fashion project today! I feel so proud of myself because I never finish artworks after I start them but today, with the help of Marissa and Emily, I colored and finalized my kimono-esque inspiration.

Right now, I'm deciding on how to start making my costume for the French project. "La Vie d'Une Fois Pour Toutes" I don't have any poster board so ... I'm just wasting the time away until I can put it off no longer.

As I sit here and think about it, senior year is hella expensive. I really don't want to pay for anything and half the stuff I do pay for doesn't seem worthwhile in the first place. Ugh... money should grow on trees.
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10th June 2003

11:52pm: Sign and Dine: So we handed out the yearbooks today and the response was positive! Yay for yearbook staff. For three hours, everyone rushed around getting peoples to sign and stuff. It makes me quite sad because I was scared I wouldn't get everyone I wanted. I didn't. I came home and made a list of who else I needed to get. ( 28 teachers/ 57 seniors/ etc. underclassmen) It's all quite overwhelming.

Nina's french presentation "La Vie d'un Montre" was so good. Her giant paper watch costume actually had working gears!! This is why she's going to Yale.
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3:34pm: Accomplished the Tri-M elections today. Yay for Christina Candal! :) In two hours I have to do the yearbook staff thing and handout yearbooks. How exciting! It's like the physical manifestation of my high school years. As the days wind down I become more and more sad about leaving this place and all my friends. What will I do? Probably shrivel up and die. Just call me Mr. Raisin.
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9th June 2003

9:27pm: btw. the men of 7th Heaven are hot. jealousy arises.

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9:22pm: Tal and I had a long conversation. I've realized that I'm going to miss her a whole hella lot. Now THAT'S a lot. She's probably the most down-to-earth, normal, nice and etc. person I know./ Along the same line, Olivia is really cool. We didn't really get along or become close during high school but today in Italian class, we bonded for a bit. Nice girl she is.

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