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~Living to Die~'s Journal

20th November, 2004. 12:59 am.

its been quite some time since i update anything.. in fact anything at all over at blurty.. yeapz.. i wonder those tat i've given this url still visits the entries? haha.. well.. i wonder why i maintain 2 such writing accounts.. wadeva for? one may ask.. split personality i guess.. one self gravitating towards who i wanna be.. and the other seeking to be myself in the purest form.. haha.. i think i'm madz..

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25th February, 2004. 11:42 am.

You are the blue moonlight. You are peaceful and
serene, kind and loving. Your heart never
stears you wrong. You let out uncertainess with
tears, and you let out fear with light. The
blue light means distance. You are afraid to
get to close to people. You have been betrayed
once before and can't do it again. Your dream
job could consist of a counsler or a traveler.
You love humanity and lonliness. You will have
love in your life and will never pass by
unnoticed. Your beauty attracts many, but your
personality is rare. The uniqness in your mind
will always separate you. You can always find
yourself lingering near the ocean, thinking
about life. Your head seema to be up in the
clouds, though you body is down omn Earth. You
change and each time come back a better person.
The blue moonliht will always guide to safety
in the darkest hour.

What shade of moonlight are you? (Boys or Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

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9th February, 2004. 7:01 pm.

Have been wrecking my brains to do up a recent discussion for my lab report. After so much work, it still seems kinda ditzy and incomplete. Sianz. I want to go for a swim, but is the swimming pool so damn outta reach from home?

Current mood: ditzy.
Current music: Jay Chou 安静.

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8th February, 2004. 3:51 pm.

Your wings are BROKEN and tattered. You are
an angelic spirit who has fallen from grace for
one reason or another - possibly, you made one
tragic mistake that cost you everything. Or
maybe you were blamed for a crime you didn't
commit. In any case, you are faithless and
joyless. You find no happiness, love, or
acceptance in your love or in yourself. Most
days are a burden and you wonder when the
hurting will end. Sweet, beautiful and
sorrowful, you paint a tragic and touching
picture. You are the one that few understand.
Those that do know you are likely to love you
deeply and wish that they could do something to
ease your pain. You are constantly living in
memories of better times and a better world.
You are hard on yourself and self-critical or
self-loathing. Feeling rejected and unloved,
you are sensitive, caring, deep, and despite
your tainted nature, your soul is
breathtakingly beautiful.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla

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7th February, 2004. 9:26 pm.

Fun to be with. (think that depends who I'm with)
Secretive. (yes, i tend to keep things to myself)
Difficult to fathom and to be understood. (true to certain degree)
Quiet unless excited or tensed. (haha.. am even more quiet when excited or tensed)
Takes pride in oneself. (true)
Has reputation. (wad kinda reputation??)
Easily consoled. (i doubt)
Honest. (i would think so, as i would like others to be honest with me too)
Concerned about people's feelings. (yes, too overly concern at times)
Tactful. (tat's for others to comment)
Friendly. (eh.. dependent on the emotion emanation of the day)
Approachable. (as above)
Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. (most certainly true)
Moody and easily hurt. (as above)
Witty and sparkly. (but usually kept for own amusement)
Not revengeful. (true)
Forgiving but never forgets. (true)
Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. (absolutely true!)
Guides others physically and mentally. (ah.. was true.. now.. not too sure)
Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. (yeah..)
Caring and loving. (hmm.. dependent on who is the recepient)
Treats others equally. (i dun think so)
Strong sense of sympathy. (because of being emotional?)
Wary and sharp. (but often being overriden by sympathy)
Judges people through observations. (yes. I am JUDGEMENTAL)
Hardworking. (haha.. dependent on the subject)
No difficulties in studying. (tat is strongly dependent on the subject!!)
Loves to be alone. (unless its with my other half.. where is he??!)
Always broods about the past and the old friends. (nah.. i dun brood.. just nostalgic.. :P)
Likes to be quiet. (yes.. i cannot take high decibels)
Homely person. (cause my room at home is rather cosey.. hee)
Waits for friends. (yes, cause most of the time, they are late)
Never looks for friends. (issit?)
Not aggressive unless provoked. (yes, so dun provoke me)
Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. (true.. very true.. entritis do act up now and then..)
Loves to be loved. (yup.. who doesn't?)
Easily hurt but takes long to recover. (absolutely)

Current mood: thoughtful.
Current music: Kelly Chan 'Lovers' Concerto'.

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5th February, 2004. 8:08 pm.

Ha. Daddy brought home 'yu sheng', otherwise known as chinese raw fish salad to me, because Mummy wants to eat it. Gosh, this is one year chomping madly away on the salad. Think we have eaten it for more than 4 times in the past 15 days. Crazy.

Wanted to continue to watch my Heaven Dragon - The Eight Episode, but sis is watching some drama on channel 56. I wonder I have done myself disfavour by subscribing cable TV for the family.

Current mood: crazy.
Current music: P.O.D. 'Sleeping Awake'.

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4th February, 2004. 4:41 pm.

Went for a swim in the morning before my tutorial. Shit. My stamina is really getting bad. Tried to force myself to hit >20 laps, but could not. At the end of my 20th lap, I was resting by the side of the pool panting. I need to spend more time to work on my stamina for swimming again. Sigh. Cannot believe that all my years of training during my JC/NS days have gone to waste. Need to work harder. Only about 4.5 months to meet the deadline that I have set for myself.

Current mood: determined.
Current music: Jay Chou 'Xing Qing'.

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2nd February, 2004. 5:56 pm.

Went cycling today.. had great fun zipping through the rain.. school starts again tomorrow.. ah.. the damn lab report.. have got to start work on it..

Current mood: bored.
Current music: Jay Chou 'An Jing'.

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1st February, 2004. 11:47 pm.

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

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1st February, 2004. 11:29 pm.

Just finished watching another 2 episodes of "Heaven Dragon - The Eight Episodes". Another 8 episodes to go.

Think I am really going cranky for starting another online journal using live journal, for I already have another journal with blurty. I must come up with a system of recording for my two different journal accounts. I do not see the point having two accounts recording similar entries.

Current music: Jay Chou 'An Hao'.

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