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*Quick Update* [28 Dec 2003|12:46am]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Right Thurr ]

~ Hope ya do good~
~ ~

Hey guys
I have a new journal its
I thinnk I might keep this journal haha.....sorry about the colors haha


4 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*Quick Update* [19 Dec 2003|02:09pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Holidae Inn ]

Just thought Id give a quick update* Nothing special has happened so i guess ill just tell you what I have been doin today haha* Well I woke up at 12:00 and talked to Jake on msn*Then Britt called* Now im talkin to Jake again lol**
*Well I guess Ill go*
*Love you guys*

2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*So Much Fun* [04 Nov 2003|02:26pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | "So Far Away" by Staind ]

Hey guys!! Sorry it took me so long to update!! haha Well I guess Ill tell ya about Crissana's Party. It was alot of fun!! haha Im sorry Brittanee!!! I LOVE YA HUN!!! Im so tired b/c I had basketball practice this mornin at 8:45am!!! haha Well I just thought Id give yall a quick update!! **Oh yeah I got ICQ, my number is 234654990***

Love you guys

9 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

How are all of yall [20 Oct 2003|09:44pm]
Hey guys!!! I just thought Id update since I havent in forever!! Well I am so tired!!! So Im gonna make this short and sweet!!! Well bball started today and I think I did pretty good!!! So Im gonna leave yall with some shout outs:

Well thats all i can think of right now****SORRY IF I FORGOT YA****

Love you guys
2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*Quick Update* [07 Sep 2003|09:16pm]
Hey just thought id update!! This weekend was so fun*!! right britt* Well ill start with Saturday.
Saturday Britt and I went to the Cornmaze!! We had so much fun!! lol* We walked with Paul, Jared,Ricky, and Chris!! lol* GODD TIMES**
Well I guess Ill go
love you guys
8 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*HOW ARE ALL OF YALL* [01 Sep 2003|05:23pm]
Hey guys!! I just thought id update since I havent in along time!! Well I guess Ill tell ya about my weekend.
Friday- I went to the football game and walked around with everybody.
Saturday- I went running Saturday morning at 7:30.
Sunday- I went to church and then we went to eat at the Huddle House.
Monday- I Stayed home watched movies and talked to Justin all day on msn.
Well thats it so I guess ill go

2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*take this* [16 Aug 2003|11:02pm]

The ULTIMATE personality test
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"21 questions"

which 5o cent SONG are you?
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6 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*take this* [04 Aug 2003|02:29am]
Hey Guys!! See how much ya know me!!

Good luck!!

Andrea Gibson

hilarious: you are as funny as the cheekiest guys
in class and know everything thats happening on
TV and all the hot places to chill. you aren't
a typical bubblegum princess, you pride
yourself on your musical picks and your
attitude. sometimes you get carried away and
often get scolded for that, but otherwise if
people want to have fun then you're the person
they'll come to! you can be as girlie as
britney when you're in the mood and as hard
assed as pink when you want. your mates love
you for being so; fun, interesting and
unpredictable, you go girl!

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4 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*Hey* [03 Aug 2003|10:02pm]
Hey guys im back from my cousins!! I thought i would change my journal I hope yall like it!! Thanks Amanda!!
Well i luv ya guys!!!

luv me always
2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*hey* [02 Aug 2003|02:53am]
Hey guys im at my cousins!! She has msn so ill be on!!

luv yas
2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*im gonna miss you guys* [31 Jul 2003|10:45pm]
Hey everybody im leavin tommorrow night!! Ill be gone for 2 days!! Im gonna miss everybody!! Well i guess ill go!!!

luv you guys

*take this* [29 Jul 2003|11:56pm]
You are very popular. You know almost everybody and
there's always a friend around when u need

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2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*take this* [29 Jul 2003|11:42pm]
Your a true BLONDE... we could definatly tell

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*take this* [27 Jul 2003|11:26pm]
You are spicy! You love being in the center of
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2 *.:.¤Came.True¤.:.*

*take this* [27 Jul 2003|11:12pm]
You're in true love....

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*take this* [27 Jul 2003|05:00pm]
I am manufactured pop music!
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*take this* [27 Jul 2003|04:47pm]

Blue Eyes

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*take this* [27 Jul 2003|04:34pm]
You're the loving smile,the one that is entirely
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person.You really can't get them out of your
head,but then,you don't really want to.

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*take this* [27 Jul 2003|04:23pm]
You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
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*take this* [27 Jul 2003|03:59pm]
cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

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