I'm All Grown Up Now

yoooo [16 Dec 2003|04:52pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | mariahhhh ;) ]

hey there ' well its been a while - actually right now were about to get on a much needed breakkk ! yessum im excited.. not really sure what i will be doing because a certain someone is leaving me for a cruise cough CarLie cough.. hah oh well i guess i will have to make new friends?

midterms this week : i totally aced the tv production test ( which was expected lol ) tomorrow is the day of hell - american government ` not too bad but then .... biologyyy grrrr i gotta study soo much for that one.

my grades are actually looking upp ;D i brought my d in spanish up to a b ... which after the exam - possibly an a?? hmm . .an a in bus/tech easyy - c in englishh ugh please get a b .. an b in american gov't : a b in tvproduction which can be an a i thinkk. an b in algebraa. theres no way im getting kicked outta IB !! can you belive they can kick you out of school for your grades lol !?! i think thats soo strange but i guess thats what us IB kiddos have to deal with.

yupp : well wish me luck on my midtermss !!@_


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dont stop cuz im halfway there .. ;D [28 Nov 2003|11:47am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Brit CD (of course) ]

hah helloo .. well were on breakk !!! yessum its cool . thanksgiving was yesterday - heres what i did : well we went to like our family best friends house on the river ` ah can we say rich?? there house is soo nice i <3 it. anyways soo me and katie (shes a junior) drove around in her mercades - lol yeahh nice ass car hah then we went back home and laid out and went on the jet ski's . yeaahaa * we ate . it was alright ` this is my first thanksgiving with my parents divorced =/ . its a tad odd !?!?

carlies homeee ! yess she invited me to the movies last night but i couldnt goo = instead we got our xmas tree ~ tonight were going to emiLys with some people . i hope its fun .. hes gonna be there mmhhmm

yeppp :

agh i gotta showerr . i will update lataa !


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i guess i need you baby.. [20 Nov 2003|05:01pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Breathe on Me ]

another weekend is coming upp

friday : pep rally ` yay i love those - the only problem is that the freshman are soooo lameee for real . they have no school spirit i swear. come on guys ! stand up move around yell !! we dominate the school we could over yell the seniors most def. but that prolly wont happen oh well i like cheering anyways its fun.. i guess like one girl wants to quit and so does our so-called captain wants to quit too .err. i mean "she doesn have time" bull shit you always were complaing at the games and practice - you want to quit . some captain huh? and now since our coach told the other girl that if she quits she wont ever be able to try out for cheerleading for the next 4 years shes not gonna quit.. why do we want people on the team that dont wanna be there? whateva whateva .. anyways back to the plans... then theres a game - im going ! yeaah. i dont know about afterr tho.. carlies grounded / not grounded mk???

saturday: cotillion yesum in goin - watch outt ! carlie and i are going in camoo, were gettin a bunch of shiit and cutting it (like the sluts we are) hah` j/k so that will beee funn ya knoo !@_

uhmmm ... i had an encounter with 'him' today - its was grand... i dont think he actually saw me tho hm? gosh hes hard to find ... i need to meet him~maybe tommorow?? yeah tomorrow!

monagomys the way to go
just put your lips together .
and blow

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asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm [18 Nov 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Britney CD yeaah ]


supppp ! ahh i got the britney spears cd .. yeah im def. obsessed with it hah * my favorite song is tOxic. gotta love brit


cotillion is saturday ` theme : Jungle ..er something like that .. i dunno about the whole sit ~ carlie might not go and the truth is - if she doesnt go i wont have anyone to hangout with. its not like i dont have other friends but its the fact that i dont wanna hang out with any of them except carlie lol. its so funny and weird how its like the freshman class and then me and carlie. we dont even talk to them or anything . its like they dont like us either - uhm sorry we hang out with juniors 24/7 .. everyone makes such a big deal about that ` the freshman are just so lame - i mean they are nice i guess but i dont even want to try to hang out with them. i have no desire to is that a bad thing ? and also - on that subject . this weekend brian called me to see what i was doing and i invited him and brad over. ive been feeling bad because the 3 of us used to hang out all the time and i have been kinda leaving them for others. so invited them over just to hang out and they dont come ... i can deal with that - i guess and then sunday night i called them and invited them for dinner and hes like oh were just gonna stay here. ughhh i try to be nice and shit but i guess *what goes around comes around* huh?

wow i think i should celebrate ` im over him. its about fucking time ;D
time to move onn..

for reaal !!

i love carlie and zach `they are like my best friends. they are also going out lol. i love hanging out just us three - yeah sometimes i feel a little outta place (its them 2 and er.. me lol) but i dunno its just fun . they both make me smile!!@_

thats it - till next time .. which hopefully will be soon !

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@#$%^&*( [15 Oct 2003|06:59pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | hands by jewel ]

i vow never to gossip about anyone or anything

it just screws you whole life up

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!@#$%_* [15 Sep 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | back to you - john mayer ]

all i gotta say is guys suck ;x

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im back ! [01 Sep 2003|10:14am]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Baby I Love U - JLo ]

hey guys - wow im soo sorry i havent updated in soo longg ! but i was juss startin school and all this other stuff is going on so i juss didnt have time lol .. okay well heres whats new in my life .....

school is great : i <3 it . the teachers are hm alright but not too badd... i have classes with like a lot of my friends (except carlie =[) i made freshman cheerleading !!! ah im soo happy . its me carlie alex amy anna cam kelsey alyssa katie and moreeeeeee . were gonna be so good heh'

my friends are great * me and carlie have hung out for like 3 weeks straight haha were inseprable ! i love her BEST FRIENDS FOREVERRRR. haha

theres so much crap going around about me and what goes on during the weekends and stuff. everyones like people are saying ure the party girl and all this stuff. well SO WHAT haha yeaa i do like to party but like what the hell ?!!??! i go out one weekend and people are freaking out . whatever lol i could care lesss.

guys - well thats a very interesting subject hah' lets not go into that ! but dont worry everything good with that! lol

well thats it for now ! thanks for commenting on my last entry ! <3ya'll

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New Layout!! [07 Aug 2003|09:56am]
new layout finally whoo hoo ! thanks soooo much to twiist for makin this and my icon for me : i luv ya girl ! well tell me what ya think - im also doing a friends cut .... comment if you want to stay * <3ya

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!@#$% [03 Aug 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | tv - road rules ]

okay heres whats been goin on in my life -

yesterday night jon c. and troy b. picked me up and we drove around and then went to the movies and saw american wedding it was soo funny ! so that was a really fun night - i kinda like jon so i dunno whats gonna happen with that ... then michael sarlo and greg yank . called and said they were coming over so they did and they came on their bikes and were all sweaty hah it was all good tho ;] so yeah that was my night

today is brad and brians birthday ! yayee . . . so i went to church and sat with braddd so that was that - so then i went and worked out with my mom that was pretty cool : so now im at home and i think if jon doesnt call ;[ . then im gonna do sumthing with greg !

whats up with all these guys all of the sudden? oh well im not hatin it ! ;D


EdiT - i need a new layout really bad ! im thinkin of sumthing with britney or justin .. if theres any chance that you can do it i would love you ! thanks guys

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im backkkk!!!!!!! [30 Jul 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Alanis Morsette 'Oughta Know' spelling ?????? ]

hello hello - im finally back home yayee! well the cruise was awesome - i met this kid jake ; hmm... yeah anyways ... so i had a lotta fun with my cousins and stuff ! so i got back monday night and talked on the phone with allie . i missed her so ! the next day my momma picked me and adam up and took us home and then got alex allie and frankie from fmhs and took them here for lunch : i was so happy to see them ! hah' anyways so that night parker invited me and some ppl to the movies to see bad boys 2 . so i told allie and carlieeeee to come so i met them there ! that movie was pretty good . after carlieee and allie spent the night and we had a load of fun !yaaa...... then allie had to leave at like 8for vball camp so its juss me and carlieeeee ! ! ! ! we decided to walk to fmhs and visit alex frankie and allie so we did ! then we accidently sat down in the gym when the coach was talking and we couldnt get out so we like crawled out hah it was so funny. then we went to juicy lucys ! yummmy and fed snowflake brownie sky and barney (birds) lol it was fun .. then we had to cross the street and carlie was like falling with her crippled self. good times .... so tonight alex allie frankie carlie emily and the guys are coming over that should be fun ... well im out

byee byee

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[17 Jul 2003|03:31pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Intuition ]

hey guys ! okay well tomorrow im leaving for alaska with my family!!!!!!! ah im excited who knows maybe i will score with some ppl on the crusie haha ;D - i will be gone for 11 days so dont cut me please !!! i will talk to everyone when i get back : yeah so car spent the night and that was fun! shes soo cool - we watched harry potter lol .. then yesterday night we went to the movies with alex ems allie dru david mitch danny zac and marcus it was fun we saw pirates of the carribean ~ it was awesome !!! zac and alex are going out ;] ygood for her ! and then brian and kyndra are going out - thats all good tho now b/c i dont like brian nemore .. at the movies last night i saw jon c. and i havent seen him in like forever ! but since i had to go we didnt talk much ... well we were texting each other and then started talking online all night.. so yeah . we are gonna go on a 'date' when i get back im so happy . hes really cool and hot hah' well i hope i have fun on my crusie ~ ttyl

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wow! [15 Jul 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Walk Away br Xtina ]

omg okay sunday night alex allie and emily spent the night : that night brad brian and chas came ova ;] brian broke my camera ;[ i was soooo pissed but anyways.. we walked up to 7-11 and bought some stuffffffff hah and then we walked backin the rain to my house that was fun hah and i think we flashed every guy .. anywhoo... then we went to the river and were there for a while and did some fun stuff. then the guys left and us gals went back to the river and had SPICY CIRCLE TIME ! whoohoo that was fun.. then me and alex called about every person we knew to ask them to pick us up and take us for a ride but no one could *tear* so we went to scotts and watched like 15minutes of a movie and then alexxx ate some FeTa cheese yumm yumm heh' thenwe went home and slept !
alright CONCERT DAY! me alex allie and emily all took showers and got ready in the morning for the Justified / Stripped Tour ! omg wow we were so excited ! anywhoo... so we drove up and went to the international mall in tampa (my fav mall lol ) and shopped for about 4 hours. i bought 3 shiirts from Hollister (gotta love that place) me and alexxx got this ADORABLE little (and i mean little) polka-dotted skirt and black cami and then i bought a colorful halter :i got all of that from foever XX1 - then i got a shirt from abercombie and thats it.. it was fun shoppin with the girls ! then we ate at fridays and the waited was pretty hot. lol he gave us his email! score ! lmao yaaa.... so then it was CONCERT TIME ! we all redid our make up and stuff like that and when we got there we were like 30 minutes late so we missed the black eyed peas no biggie tho .. so we get in and i start hearin xtinas into song and i was like no way am i missing the first song so i start running my ass off to my seat and alexx em and allie followed haa this guys was like run forest run lol so finally we get to our seats and she starts! omfg wow all i can say about her concert was that it was amazing ! i loved every minute of it - she has such a great voice its unreal and her dancing was great . shes my fav girl artist everrrrr ! and omg when (my fav song) walk away came on there was this guy that was totally pole dancing and stripping WOW that was the hottest thing ever haa then justin came on !!!!! and he was awesome too. hes hotttt lol ... he did really good - he didnt do a lotta his songs but thats alright hes still the great! hah so that was sucha good concert i wanna go again . okay so we had the best time ! i love xtina and jT they rock !!!!! ah well comment please ! <33ya - sorry it was really long haha

lauren . alex . brad = _______ buddies !

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[11 Jul 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Low by Kelly Clarkson ]

hello hello - real quick update ! ugh yesterday this girl jipped me for my ea .. god people like that are so lame.. and surprisingly enough it was one of kyndras blurty friends ... ugh !!!!! yesterday night kyndra slept over and brian and neil came over..ya heh' today - i was so happy i finally talked to alex !! i cant wait to see her ; tonight were all going to the movies it should be fun. then allie and kyndra are sleepin over.. yayee. . . well thats it for now ! oh yeah LAYOUT HELP AHHH! hah' i know it looks soo totally bad but im gonna fix it when i have time.. but i need some help because im 'layout impaired' lol


oh yeah i almost forgot ! everyone check out this new communtiy - scream_here - and join!!!!!!

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[10 Jul 2003|01:41pm]
hollaaaa - whats shakin? well ive been very busy latly... on monday allie spent the night and then on tuesday kyndra came over in the mornin... my mom came home and took all of us to the mall! i bought kahkis and a pink sweater thing - from ae ; then me and kyndra both bought these halter tops that say express yourself they are pretty cute ! ; then i bought a much needed white tank top from gap ; and hm... some underware from vickys lol ... so yeah i have NO money left haa... anyways then we came home and allie left for practice - and then me nd kyndra hung out for a while and allie came back and we got ready and brad and chas came over so yeah tha was fun.. hah ;] then they spent the night yayee ! we have a cat NeMo!!! haha its awesome.. the next day we put together m new bed - im movin downstairs ! haha s yeah that was some tough work.. allie left for practice ;[and me ad kyndra went to the movies - i saw jimmy orr haha allie !!! the jason came.. ya thats all i have to say about that hm.. so then went to buy ou tickets and i saw callie and parker ! haha ... so we talked for a lilm bit.. then we went into 2f2f it was pretty good . i missed like 1/2 of it oh well.... then we got ice cream and went to kyndras and now me and ken ae sittin here haa .. were doin sumthing with emily tonight i think how fun... well i will say more later ! <33ya Lo

ps.. where did all my blurty friends go?????? ;[[
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[07 Jul 2003|03:14pm]

What prep label are you?
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new layout! [03 Jul 2003|08:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Feel Good Time by PINK ]

hey guys me and allie are up at my lake house for the weekend - we juss did this layout for fun but now were gonna try to make our own lol this should be interesting ! if you wanna help out im me on Lo4Sho24 ! haha thanks and tell me how you like this one - ya i know i need to change the icon sowwiee

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[01 Jul 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Colorblind by Counting Crows ]

hey gorgeous ~ hows things going? last night me carlie julia kyndra and melissa went to the movies ;] hehe it was fun we went to see 28 days later and it was really weird it was like sky-fi!!! ah so we left early and ate at fridays yum . then we walked around and took some pics and had some ice cream . then i went home and allie came over - in the morning me and allie didnt feel like going to tennis today becasue yesterday was so horrible those little kids haha so we stayed home and juss hung out and made some of my web page ! check it out - http://hometown.aol.com/lo4sho24/index.html - yeah so .. allie left and now i was supossed to go to cheerleading but im skipping it once again ha im a bad kid anyways.... casey and brendan want me to go to the movies tonight but i went last night and im going tomorrow night so i dont think so ! lol plus i prolly dont have a ride. so yeah im spending the night at allies tonight and tennis in the morning tonight people will probably be mean to me and hate on me . hey what can ya do ? ive said sorry i dont know what more it will take hm... any ideas?? well i will write later


Lauren <3s comments !!!!!!!!

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I back !! [29 Jun 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Ju's cell ring!! haha ]

heyy guys - well i got home from camp yesterday ! ah it was soo much fun you have no idea ! last night allie carlie juju brad david and brian came over it was fun - hehe tatas !! anyways.. then the girls spent the night and allie left early and then julia left so then brad and david came over again for a bit .. then carlie left and then allie came and the guys left ! now im at allies - and let me tell you there is some bad shit happening. i messed up .. real bad. i hope things will blow over. well tomorrow me and al are off to another exciting week of tennis camp!! haha sorry so short im really tired ..

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hey hey (; [19 Jun 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

heyy guys this is allie .. lauren is at camp and will be at camp for 2 weeks .. she gets back around the 29th .. so dont take her off ur friends list or anything ;DD <33 allie

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[13 Jun 2003|12:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]

hey guys - i am soo tired today. my dance recital is tonight and saturday night so i had dress rehersal tuesday and wednesday . then on wednesday my dance team spent the night at Laras and in the morning we all went to Islands of Adventure for our end of the year trip! britts guy friend derrick came with us - hes a bunch of fun lol. anywhoo.. so yeah that was really fun! britt drove home and when we got in Laras neighborhood we saw a lot of people from canterbury and other places playing a huge game of cvapture the flag like all around the neighborhood. it was weird ! ;] i have my recital tonight at 5 ... a bunch of people are going to the movies tonight too .. im gonna try to make it but who knows. theres no reason for me to go anyways - nothing excitin is gonna happen there lol ya...

omg i hate my journal .. i need to make a layout but i have no idea how . will someone please help me out i will love you forever! juss comment and i will respond PLEASE !!!!!!!!

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