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Friday, May 2, 2003

5:00PM - tests

i was taking alot of tests today ... and here they r....

What Do You Wear to Bed?

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Which Piercing are you?

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Which Season are you?

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You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
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active ass

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that all for now .... ttyl

Current mood: bored
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

6:32PM - nothing really

well theres nothing really to say .. the gurl that toke a pix of katie came back today nothin hapened.... so yea this will b really short but i got a question for how evers readin this ... WHATS UR BIGGEST FEAR?¿ ... plz leave ma a msg / coment on this entery ... cuz i wanna know what ur biggest fear is ...

Current mood: anxious
Current music: good charlotte - over come
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003


ok well theres this gurl .. i wont name names cuz its mean... but w/e she was askin if she could take a pix of me n my friend katie n were like sure y not ... w/e ... (this was in the change room for gym) well katie went to the bathroom n i was waiting for her n this gurl was like "KATIE! hurry up .. if you dun hurry up i'll take a pix of u in the bathroom!!!!" i thought she was jokin around but she ran up the the bathroom where katie was n she jumped up n toke the pix n i'm like wtf r u stupid !!!!!!!!! n katie got really mad n we told our gym teacher ... newayz today our teacher told us the gurl had to go to the principals office n was suspended for a day .. so she wasn't here today ... she'll b back tomorrow for the vallyball test .. i know shes gonna b mad at us for tellin .. but who cares that was wrong she shouldn't of toke a pix of katie ... newayz i'll tell ya what hapenes tomorrow with this gurl

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Friday, April 18, 2003

7:45PM - ¤HEY AGAIN!!¤

yea .. well i know i haven't written in this for a long time ... but w/e im back ....... and i kinda got sumthin to say ...... i'm kinda mad cuz theres this person ...... i'm not gonna name names i'll just call him "BOB" .. well bob has this gurl friend that bugs me and i don't really talk to bob alot and when i do talk to him or his girl friend i end up feeling really really bad cuz i feel like i can't be myself like i have to be someone else just for them to like me .. or i have to prove that i'm better than them and it realy makes me mad cuz i always end up gettin really mad at myself or mad at them ..... i was talking to walter bout this ... n he's like "fuck them .. who cares whats they think .. you don't have to prove anything to them you are better then them ...." so yea i'm kinda stayin away from bob and his gurl and i'm feelin better ... :D ..... newayz thats the only big thing i can think of right now ... the only other thing that hapened was yesterday i got my ewars pirced again..... thast 6 pircings now :D *score!* lol
ciao ttyl

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Current music: mest - another day
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Friday, March 28, 2003

7:45PM - drugz

well in health class we gotta do a project on druigz n stuff .. yea my friend Katie got weed so i'm helpin her by givin her all this info on it n stuff ... newayz ima talk bout me friendz cuz i got nuttin else 2 do .. well Katies italian n she's really cool n shes awesome at basketball .. Naheed is her friend were all in the same gym/health class n yea there like all nice n stuff .. n yea this kinda sucks cuz it's un not interesting so i'll stop talkin n i'll add an entery when i got sumthin important to talk bout ciao bella

Current mood: excited
Current music: Elephant Man SrL 2002? - Shizzle My Nizzle
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Tuesday, March 25, 2003


shit guy .. like none of my friend can go out .. or they just dun wanna play basketball with me .. like wth i do everything wit em n they wont even come with me when i play ...o well i'll find sumthin else 2 do .. i hope ... yea wel as u probly know nottin awesome happened today .. i dun know if i already told u this ... i kinda forgett things fast .. o well if i told u'll just hear it again :p /.... dan was talkin bout movin to toronto .. so he could b with me more :D i'm so happy about that .. n he was liek i'm in love with micha n i'm like awww ... it's so cute i luv this guy .. he's so sweet .. i miss him so much :'(

Current mood: bouncy
Current music: The All-American Rejects - Swing, Swing
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Saturday, March 22, 2003

6:57PM - ~*~LiFe~*~

well .. nothing relly important is goin on in my life ... walters comin back in like a week or something , krystals all happy bout that , and her birthday is in 5 dayz (sweet 16) ... dan was talkin bout movin to toronot next year or something ... all i think about is dan ... n i can't seem to find anything fun to do .. n that really sux ............ my friend was like yo u can't do this anymore ur so playin wit dans feelin .. i'm like how .. she all like well, u know he really likes u n ur all like flirtin with him n at school n on weekendsur all liek o hey to all these guyz ..... i keep tellin her that i just tryin to have some fun with the guyz try n make some new friends .... she dun understand dan liek so important to me i unno what i would do without him , he like all i think of ............. besides the fact that i would never hurt him .. yea this journal is kinda all ova the place but hey w/e al long as u kinda get the point i'm happy

Current mood: bored
Current music: Amanda perez - Love is pain
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Friday, March 21, 2003

11:15PM - dan

latly .. i'v been really sad thinkin of dan n stuff .. like h lives in new york state n i know it ain't that far but it's still far.............. n i dun get 2 see him as much as i want , n i dun get to talk to him all the time cuz he is eather workin or busy or i'm not online .. it's really fucked up .. but neways he said ... "....i'm like completely in love wit micha" n i'm like aww ... well i said awww after omg .. wow n stuff ....... yea he's really sweet n i really like him ...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003


well nothing really important happened at school today ... we just walked outta second period ... it was really stupid ....... newayz i'm getin better at playin b-ball lmao ... i can get the ball in the net ... now ...o well it's only gym wel i g2g right now my friend needs me i'll add some cool stuff later


Current music: Nick Carter - Help Me
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Monday, March 17, 2003

8:34PM - back to school .. n other shit

shit guy school sux ass ... like i didn't do anything today i just sat there the teachers talked n that was bout it like y the hell did we go back to school if we wen't gonna do anything ? ... i unno

other stuff

M.M.R.C + D.J.T = LUV 4 EVA
i sooooooooo can't wait till the summer i so need to see dan again like i just really miss him n i probly sound stupid cuz i'm always sayin o i miss dan n he's so sweet n i luv him n shit like that but i can't help it ... i reall miss him n i like never really get to talk to him so it sucks , yea i'll stop now since who evas readin this is probly like wtf can't she think of anything else besides dan ??? well the answer is yea i can but i just dun wanna

xoxox LUV YA LOTZ xoxox

Current mood: naughty
Current music: slipknot-wait and bleed
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Sunday, March 16, 2003


well ... this sux march brake is ova .... didn't do much today just chilled wit tina smoked , got chips ... (mmmmmmm.. chips) lol , and we walked around so yea it kinda sux ...... but last night i was talkin to dan n shit it suxed i was so sad cuz he was like on the phone or something n then like i talked to him for like 2 seconds n he's like shit sry i g2g i got called into work :'( this sux i miss him so much and i never get to talk to him i really hate this ....... o yea about the caution tap all ova my room well my mom got mad n made me take down some of it ... o well i still got it on my roof n on my door so it's all good n i goot get more signs n shit like no trespassin n stop , danger , ..... shit like that .. yea my rooms gonna look really stupid but o well it's still cool neways i g2g i'll add more shit l8er ... ciao

Current mood: disappointed
Current music: sean paul - shake it
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1:16AM - my room

well kiki came ova today ... n we started to fuck around wit my room .. lol i got caution tap all ova my room .. on my roof , doors , comp , like it everywhere n i got a stupid sign on my door sayin .. "sry were closed" lol yea it's cool it ain't done yet but when it is it i'll b killer .. newayz kiki's in my way right now she tryin to put tap on my comp so i'll add more shit l8er

Current mood: busy
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Friday, March 14, 2003

10:37PM - cute shit

Never give up on something if you still wanna try
Never wipe off your tears if you still wanna cry
Never settle with an answer if you still wanna know
Never say you dont love him if you cant let him go

Everyone says to give up on you, but they dont see you like i do, your the one who broke my heart, your the reason my world fell apart, your the one who made me cry, yea i still love you and i dont know why!

You were right and I was wrong
It was my fault all along
You stayed with me until that day
That day you went away
I cried that day
I died by the bay
Turning over in the grave
I couldn’t be saved
Called you back
But I haven’t the knack
Now it’s too late
I suppose it was fate
You were right and I was wrong
It was my fault all along

~A million stars and a million dreams but your the only one I see in my dreams~

"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but I accidently threw it away, I wrote your name on my hand but It washed away, I wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away, I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay"

~*~When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, and remember that those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever~*~

Current mood: artistic
Current music: Amanda Perez - never
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10:14PM - tonight ..... with the guyz

well i havn't really chilled with the "guyz" in a long toime cuz i when me n mile broke up we kina stoped chillin 2gether so i stoped seein mike but 2night it was miles , christina (his new gf) , mike , kiki n me it was cool miles n mike were like jumpin in da snow n doin stupid stuff .. it made me laugh :) yet ... kiki keep talkin bout walter like shit he'll b back in like 2 weeks just chill ..... NeWaYz .... i still miss dan , and it really sucks cuz there nothing fun 2 do here ..... o shit i forgot kiki was tryin to slid down the rail on da stairs n stuff n there was this lil kid standin in her way n she hit him ... n yea it was funny u had to be there to see this kids face he was liek uh .. shit n then he started walkin away form us ... lol o well his fault or standin there ..... so neways that bout all that happened 2night ... if i remember nethin else i'll add it later .....


Current mood: content
Current music: Christina Aguilera - i'm ok
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9:20AM - lotz of shit

"God sent me an angel from the hevens above ... sent me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love cuz all i do is cry , god sent me an angel to wipe the tears from me eyes"

"Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today."

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile and leave footprints in our hearts, and we are never ever the same"

"TrUe LoVe CoNnOt Be FoUnD WhErE It DuZn'T ExIsT, NoR CaN iT bE HiDdEn WhErE It DuZ!!"

"SoMeDaY YoU WiLl Be SoRrY, SoMeDaY WhEn YoU'rE FrEe, MeMoRiEs WiLl ReMiNd YoU, ThAt U CoOd Of BeEn WiT Me"

"2 luvers 2 be 2 gether 4 ever = 10der love"

"Love isn't finding a perfect person, it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

"aT FiRsT U DiDnT MeAn MuCh To Me BuT NoW u'R aLL i NeEd"

*I will Forever LOvE You
I will FoReVer CaRe
I will FoReVeR lIvE MY life Wishing YoU Were There
and as for long as I live I will neva WaLk AwAY
aS long as YoU Promise me one thing..
If YoU Come to Me.. YoU wiLl stAy*

"if you truly cared for me you would do what is best for US! "

"Bruises fade, but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me so afraid"

"i often wonder why I carry all this guilt
When it's you that helped me put up all these walls I've built"

"Shadows stir at night through a crack in the door
The echo of a broken child screaming "please no more"

"Every day is so wonderful
And suddenly, it's hard to breathe
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the fame, I'm so ashamed"

"It’s been too long and I’m lost without you
So what am I gonna do, said I’ve been needin’ you,
wantin’ you
Wonderin’ if you’re the same and who’s been with you
Is your heart still mine, I wanna cry sometimes"

i'v been thinking .. it's probly just me freakin out n shit .... but it kinda feel like all my friends r like pussin me away or they just dun wanna spent time with me .. unno whats goin on ..

kiki's b-day
Krystals birthday is in 13 dayz (march 26) she'll be 16 ... u know she's an awesome friend i likes to try n help all of her friends wit ther problums n she dun like to see her friends hurtin .. and it seems like she understands everything thats happining 2 u .. it's nice to have someone to talk to that really understands how u feel

"i see u everywhere , on the street , at school , near my house.. only problum is u never seem to see me"

- being alone
- pain
- dying ( i'm scared its gonna hurt)
- never being able to see they guyz at the camp ground again (i.e Dan , Kyle , Tim ..)

xoxo~LUV YA LOTZ~xoxo

Current mood: indescribable
Current music: Amanda Perez - god sent me an angel
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Thursday, March 13, 2003

9:21PM - pixs n quotes

some quotes...

"a simple touch, the look in your eyes, the sound of your voice they do something to me I’ve never felt but i dont ever want to leave"

"you taught me many things like how it feels to miss someone so bad it feels like a part of you is missing"

"and i promise i will try, can you promise me you'll try. but if this is a game i dont want to play, this means too much to me and you so far away, but i will wait for you we an see this through, now its up to you, please tell me do you feel the same wat too"

"i dun care what anyone says .... as long as i'm ur gurl"

"the pain never seems to fade"

"You get me .. When nobody understands .. You come and hold my hand"

"you understand me thats why i love you"

"is your heart still mine .. ? i wanna cry sometimes"

"i can't fight the feeling ... i need u .... i want u ....finally ready willing and able"

"Loneliness is the worst feeling ever your all alone everything feels like it's closing in on you , your always sad and it hurts alot!!"

"i'm givin u all i got but it doesn't seem to be enough...what do you want from me , just tell me you know i'll give u anything"

"your my everything , your the reson i wake up , i think of u constintly....i'm givin u all i got"

"am i yours ?? i don't know tell me if you want me or if i'm free"

"i wonder how i can go on .. when i'v been hurt so much"

"i'm lovin u cuz thats all i can do"

"thinnking of you holding me makes me sad , knowing i can't be with you"

"i know you had to go away ... I died just a little ... And I feel that now, you're the one I need ... I believe that I ... Would cry just a little ... Just to have you back now, here with me ... Here with me"

"Lovin' Always, My baby Dan!"

thats just some quotes to kinda let u in on how i'm feeling

if you dun understand this page it's ok cuz i know not many people will u have to feel the way i feel to understand these quotes the way i do....


Current mood: frustrated
Current music: mudvayne - trapped in the wake of a dream
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why don't people understand?

i dun get it no one understands what i'm feelin .. well only krystal but were like sisters n we understand each other .. but no one else get that it hurts me alot cuz i can't see dan when eva i want n i know he wants 2 see me n stuff n ... it's just really hard cuz i really miss him and i feel like no one cares cuz they dun understand my relationship wit him and it's hard ... i guess i just wish more people understood me , cuz when i try and explane whats happening most of my friends r like o well dun try n kill ur self it's not the answer like i wont kill myself ova dan i just get reall sad n i just really miss him alot......ok i'm kinda startin to cry so i ain't gonna say nemore 2day


Current mood: depressed
Current music: alot os sad songs :(
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12:47PM - lotz of stuff

well i talked to dan last night :D i was so happy like u dun get it i like luv this guy.....it sux cuz i never get to see him ... i miss him so much , i keep thinkin bout the time we were at the camp ground in the field n he was huggin me it was like 10 or something it was really cute....

b4 i just 2 always b like oh death i welcome death if they want me they can come n get me n shit like that yea i wasn't scared of dying .. but last night i realized i am scared of dying not the part about death n not seein any of ur friends anymore .. i'm scared its gonna hurt i can't take pain very well , and i'm scared of being alone when i die .. i think thats my worst fear eva...

shit dude .. everything in my life is messed up right now .. mostly my friends like unno i never really see my friends from st.johns n i dun really see my friends from scarlett on the weekends i mostly just see Krystal .. n tina but not as much as i'd like ... like her dads kinda mean n wont really let her go out alot n she can't go out after it gets dark so it kinda suxs ass

i just wanna goout n do something stupid / fun

yea thats bout all i'ma say today since i kinda gotta go..


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Current music: saliva - always
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Wednesday, March 12, 2003


omg .. i watched the ring today ... i'ma die in 7 dayz! :'( ... lol it wasn't as scary as i though it would b but it was cool ... diana was gonna come ova today but she didn't :( that suxs but martian came ova n we had fun ... n i got my gum!!! YES!!! i got a thing for gum lol ... i talked to dan today :) i was so happy i miss him so much .. but w/e he sucha cutie n he was like oh i love you cuz my msn naem is unloved unwanted yea as kiki would say it's all gravy baby lol


Current mood: crazy
Current music: boxcar racer - sorrow
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well ... nothing interesting goin on today ... just Diana and Martina r comin ova to watch The ring wit me .... and i'm make some more icons today ... yea my life is kinda boring .... well i always got the guyz .. u can always have fun wit them ;) .. neways i g2g ciao

luv ya lotz

Current mood: bored
Current music: reggae
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