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Below is user information for telepathic pothead. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:wowbobwow (110640)  
Name:telepathic pothead
Interests:133: !!!!, 23, 8-bit theatre, abandonware, absurdity, alcohol, ant-zen, anti-war, babes in toyland, banksy, beck, beefcake, bellydance, bellydancing to noise, bia, bikini kill, books, buena vista social club, chicks on speed, cinema, cities, clive barker, coffee, coil, console rpgs, crucifucks, dancing, danzig, david lynch, dead kennedys, death rock, deviantart, douglas coupland, electroclash, elvis, emir kusturica, esplendor geometrico, etymology, everything, fallout, fruta fresca, gaudi, gigs, glitter, goggles, green tea, groovy, hair dye, harry potter candy, henry rollins, hymen, hypnoskull, ice tea, imminent, in slaughter natives, indymedia, jello biafra, jonathan carroll, klf, lava lamps, literature, lolita lempicka perfume, lucky people center international, lydia lunch, manu chao, margaritas, marlon brando, melt-banana, mirrorballs, mojo nixon, mucha, muslimgauze, negativland, nicole's mini-lectures, no sleep, noise, old school industrial, old school punk, online comics, ouzo, photography, pop culture, psychic tv, psychobilly, retro games, rhythmic noise, rocky horror picture show, seafood, seiken densetsu 3, ships, short films, shrimp, shrimps, sideburns, skinny puppy, snes, sonic youth, spk, stanley kubrick, stencils, street art, surreal people, swimming, synchronicity, taschen, tear garden, tequila, terry gilliam, the collective subconscious, the cramps, the misfits, the ramones, thessaloniki, this morn' omina, tim burton, tisgiagiassoutompougadokofino, too much coffee, trains, trash tv, travelling, tweek, twin peaks, urban exploration, urbanism, venetian snares, violent femmes, vodka, wandering, wolverine, zoolander, η βίααα που λέγαμε, το τέτοιο, χιπισμόα
Friends:3: c0re, no_direction, voidwithin
Account type:Early Adopter

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