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User:spikebloodyvamp (395960)
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States
AOL IM:Spikethibloody (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: Spike - a.k.a. William the Bloody Birthplace: London, England Age: Approx. 130 years old.

Spike gets his nickname - William the "Bloody" from his awful poetry. His poetry was so "bloody awful" that everyone he knew would mock and laugh. His mortal life held very little meaning. The one thing he loved in the world, Cecily - did not return his affection. She said that he was beneth him. William caught the eye of Drusilla and he soon after became Spike.
Spike traveled the world with the trio of Angel, Darla and Drusilla. He caused death and destruction everywhere he went. It wasn't until Angel mentioned the "Slayer," that Spike found a new purpose in life. He became obssessed with killing the slayer. He finally got his utmost desire when he killed his first slayer during the boxer rebellion.
Spike killed his second slayer in New York during the 70's. He would then spend time in Europe with Dru and finally have to leave after an angry mob in Prague almost killed her. Spike came to Sunnydale in order to restore Drusilla back to pefect health.
Since he had some time on his hands, he began an obsession with killing the slayer. He has tried time and time again to rid himself of the slayer, but she stops every plan that he hatches.
After one particularly bad plan involving killing Angel to make Dru better, Spike found himself helpless in a wheelchair. It wasn't too soon after that Angelus returned and made Spike's life hell. He had to sit around helpless as Angel began to work his way back into Dru's dead cold heart.
To get Dru back, Spike forms an alliance with Buffy to stop Angel from ending the world. His part of the bargain was to take Dru and leave Sunnydale. This move would cause him Dru's love. In order to exact his revenge on Buffy, Spike comes back to Sunnydale and kidnaps Willow and Xander to work a love spell.
He wants Dru back and thinks this spell will do it. He called off the spell and decided to get Dru back on his own. They were happy for a time, but all she could sense was the slayer. This sent him back to Sunnydale with a vegence he wanted to make Buffy pay for what had happened between him and Dru.
Spike returned to Sunnydale for the Gem of Amarra, a gem that would make him impervious to all means of death. Nothing would harm him. Once again, his plan failed and he was soon caught by the Intiative and fitted with a nice chip that wouldn't allow him to hurt any living creature. He has started to develop feelings for Buffy and is becoming part of the Scooby gang.
Spike has recently made his feelings known to the slayer and she did not return them. He is currently in the process of getting a robot version of her made.Spike finally gets his BuffyBot and his fantasy of the Slayer has come true. Until he is kidnapped by Glory and tortured and beaten very badly.
When his BuffyBot asks him why he didn't just tell Glory what she wanted to know - he answers that he couldn't see the REAL Buffy hurt like that. She kisses him and realizes that it's the REAL Buffy - she got rid of the Bot (which we'll find out isn't entirely true later) and tells him that it was disgusting - it wasn't real - but she appreciates what he did for her and she won't forget it.
Spike tries to comfort Dawn when she thinks that all the pain happening in Sunnydale right now is her fault. He also tells Buffy that if someone hurt someone he loved (meaning Buffy) he would go after Glory, just like he thinks Willow did, and no one could stop him.
Spike tries to protect Buffy and Dawn the best that he can - but Dawn is still taken by Glory. He tells Buffy - that he knows she'll never love him and that he's a monster but she treats him like a man. Just when she starts to respect him - Buffy sacrifices herself to save Dawn and the World by jumping into the demon dimension portal and loses her life. He crumbles to the ground near her body and cries.
After spending 147 days without Buffy, Spike finds out that she's been brought back to life. While he's happy to have his slayer back - he's worried that something isn't quite right with her - and that the scoobies kept her ressurection a secret from him. The renewed slayer can only stand to be around Spike - which makes him happy - until he realizes that she is only using him - and asks her to stay away - so he can "Rest in Peace" - but she can't - she needs him to make her feel alive - and after a few smooches - he's more than happy to help.
Spike tries to keep things going with Buffy - but she refutes his every advance - they end up fighting - and that's when he realizes that something is wrong with his chip. He hits her and there is no pain. Spike instantly tries to feed again - but when he goes in for the kill on some young thing - his chip activates.
Confused, he goes to see Warren - to get the chip examined. Warren's tests prove that nothing is wrong with the chip - it's functioning normally. Spike realizes that it's not the chip - it's Buffy. She's come back wrong and he can hurt her. They have a knock-down, drag out fight - which to Spike's surprise ends in sex.
Buffy wakes up the next morning and is disgusted with herself. Spike thinks things have changed between them - but Buffy denies that she has feelings for him. He tells her that she does feel something - it may not be love - yet - but he's in her system now - and she's going to crave him - the way he craves blood.
Spike is beginning to understand that he even though he's "had" Buffy - he doesn't really have her. After their escapades during her recent invisibility - he's come to believe that he doesn't want her - if he can't have all of her. He doesn't stick to that statement though as he and Buffy are hot and heavy the very next week. They have sex in the alley behind Buffy's new place of employment - the Doublemeat Palace. It's not a good session though - she seems distant.
They go at it again in the crypt the following week and even manage to have a converstation - the relationship is growing and Spike finally asks what this thing they have is to her. She tells him it's not a thing - it's just sex. He asks if she even likes him - and she replies - sometimes - there is a ray of hope on the horizon for Spike. He tries to help her when she thinks she killed a girl in the woods - but Buffy beats him up and insists on turning herself in.
Buffy's birthday has come around again - and Spike comes to the party and lets the sexual innuendos fly. They argue - but they spend some time together and it appears as if maybe there could be a future for them. Spike's jealous of the guy that Xander and Anya invited for Buffy to hook up. She doesn't but enjoys seeing Spike jealous.
After Riley's visit to town, Spike is left without his Slayer when she stumbled upon his money making scheme of harboring killer demon eggs. She admits to Spike that she wants him - but that she will never love him, and that being with him makes things simpler, for a while. She breaks his heart, but calls him "William," when she does it. Does this mean she's starting to see him more as a person? How long will the break-up last - don't know.
Spike is still on the outs with Buffy - but he's given her a choice - either she tells her friends about their relationship - or he will. He already kinda let it slip to Xander - but Xander didn't really understand - so we'll just have to wait and see if she tells everyone and if they have a good reaction - or a really bad one. Not everyone can be as understanding as Tara.
After having a tiny tryst with Anya - Spike has become the outcast yet again. He won't give up on Buffy or their relationship but his efforts to convince her of his love - and her love for him - end with a near rape. Disgusted at himself for what he almost did to her - and with the fact that he cares that he's disgusted - Spike leaves Sunnydale on a search to have the chip removed and return to the demon that he was before.
He endures numerous trials that including fighting a man to death - with flaming hands, and lots and lots of bugs. He passes them all - and told he will be rewarded. He says good - now he wants to be restored to what he used to be so that he can give the slayer what she deserves. The demon agrees and restores Spike's soul!
Spike is back in Sunnydale and he's living in the School basement. he's gone crazy with the torment of his soul - the voices in his head and something that is threating to destroy all of Sunnydale - starting with the Slayer. He sees Buffy but doesn't want to tell her what he's done - although he eventually does tell her that he's gotten his soul back.
Spike's been feeding again and he's an agent of the First - unknowingly. Buffy finally frees him from his capitors and he's not working with her - training the SIT's.
Interests:2: being with buffy, watchin passions
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:14: amythewitch, buffy_botxoxo, dawniethekey, dearonedarla, drusillavisionx, faith_theslayer, gilesthewatcher, glorythegodness, harmonyvampxo, kendrathislayer, kennedyslayerxo, tarathewicca, willowthewitchx, _xanderharris_
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