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Below is user information for !*~!*~[[SpAnKaLiCiOuS sWiZzLe StIx SaM]]~*!~*!. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:spankalicious69 (159141)
Name:!*~!*~[[SpAnKaLiCiOuS sWiZzLe StIx SaM]]~*!~*!
Website:.:'*ShOuToUtZ fRoM Dv8*':.
Location:((HiCkViLLe HeLL)) *if ur herre ur more than half way dead*, United States
AOL IM:xFallinVictim2Ux (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ReAsOnS 2 ReAd My JoUrAnL
1. my life is more dramatic than a soap opera
2. my sex life is REALLY messed up
3. my boyfriends name is bryan and his best friends name is brian (and i really really like his best friend)-- a LOT!!!!
4. i update my journal whenever summin exciting happens... thats like 5 new events a day!
5. i have tons of people reading it already haha
6. my life is better than tv!

- and if u dont believe that... go read about it!!!!!-

MaH 411

naim: MiSs SaMaNtHa
nix: Spankalicious Swizzle Stix,DvBabyGurlWannaBe, OctoberAngeL, BryansBabyGurL, Sk8erChiCk,KandII, BreadstiX 2 BeefstiX,Smoothie,Surfa Babii,Sk8erChick, Thug bitch
loc: reppin-*717*
occ: BsHs
digitz: 10.28.85
sesx: Ur DrEaM gUrL
summa lovin: my one and only _-Bryan-_


hair: blondie **but not as dumb as you look!**
eyez: blue w/ grey flecks in them
bodie: thin... maybe a lil 2 thin... 97lbs =) but im happie!
height: shor-tay! standin muh ground @ 5'5''
tone: tanning... w00t!
nationality: german italian american


1. warm days cool nights
2. fall
3. best friendz
4. parties
5. blonde haired guys
6. lovin love
7. cartoons
8. boomhower (from king of the hill)
9. musiq
10. m&m's
12. Sex
13. kissing
14. sleeping
15. planning my future (LaChi)
16. monkeys
17. inside jokes
18. making ex b/f's jealous
19. carnivals/fairs/parades
20. spending tyme with friends (SPECIALLY BRYAN)
21. singing
22. dancing
23. shane west


1. cheaters
2. liars
3. bitches
4. slutty gurls
5. people who think they are better than you
6. hickvilla
7. bad teeth
8. authority
9. poser bitches like amanda
10. hicks
11. sarah michelle gellar
12. playas
13. gurls who try to mess wif my man
14. traffic
15. Skool
16. interruptions
17. reality tv
18. greed
19. jealousy
20. imperfection
21. the drinking age
22. people who take advantage of people
23. greyhound race tracks. grrr!!!!
24. clowns
25. heartbreak
26. lonlyness
27. fear

dr0p a lyne

XxOctoberAngelxX // Sk8erChick2004 // BryansBabiGurl // SpAnKaLiCiOuSsAm // MakeMeUrFantasi

xFallinVictim2Ux // CatFartinForever // GadaCrushOnYou // LiL13adass13itch // xxloveisforevaxx // LiL Surfa Babii //

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

GaDa HaVe FrIeNdS!!!

Shoutz 2: heather (my best) & bryan (my babi's) also- sh-miss ya!,bk-<3,ak,pf,bn,mp,djs,jt,hd,rf,rs,rm,rh,dv,km,kh,ksf,cb,sz,sdz,ss,sr,ser,cj,jp,sm,dr,db,lc,tw,jh,ab,zo,ar,gr,ms,ab,br,rr,rd,se,ms,mds,cj,mm,ml,mj,cs,ah,zs,sh,js,jm,tp,jj,ab,bc,fb,as,am,pb,tc,aw,ce,JJ,nv,ks,su,oj,es,ys,yn,ja,td,km,jb,jk,jb,bc,wa,bl,jb,jo,ls,pd,bk,bm,mt,gp, and any1 i 4got sry guys!

4 out of 5 critics say... my life is like a soap opera, ya never know whats gana happen next
Memories:4 entries
Interests:135: 50 cent, 776-2323, acting, anti-liar, ashanti, astronomy, bacardi, basketball games, beach, being bad ass, being blonde, being crazy, being lazy, beyonce knowles, bitchen, boomhower, boy searchin, boys, breaking curfew, bruce almighty, bustin on your momma, california, camping, candy, carnivals, cars, cartoons, catfart, chattin, chillin, chocolate experiment, city life, cold rain, concerts, cruising, dancing, drawing, dreams, drive in's, dv8, eating, eminem, fairs, fashion design, fat people jokes, field hockey, fighting, fine wine, flirting, football games, frankie j, friends, getting even, getting kinky, girls night, greed, hating authority, hating bitches, hating hoes, hating school, hating skanks, hershey park, hot tubs, hotties, inside jokes, j. lo, ja rule, kiss fm, kissing, lachietica, lil kim, listening to music, lolly pops, looking at the stars, love, love at first site, m&m's, m&ms, mackin, makeovers, making ex b/f's jealous, making fun of hicks, marshmellow cream, midnight, miniture cows, modeling, money, monica, monkeys, movies, mtv,, my chickaboo's, new york city, night clubs, oral sex, partys, peanut butter, photography, pigging out, porn, prank calls, puffs, rap, reading, reese witherspoon, revenge, root beer, ryan phillippe, seans water bed, sex, shane west, shanes truck, shopping, singing, skaters, skinney dippin, sleeping, sports emporium, stagga lee, street racing, surfing, swimming, taco bell, taking pictures, teen years, the simpsons, thongs, thug boys, thuggin, thunderstorms, volleyball, whipped cream, wreslting, writing
Friends:28: aficalledinsick, cybercutie69, deathtoall81, durtywhore54, fallinvictim2u, greensageki, ilikeurmom427, kasper1305, milyfinajernol, miss__blue, mylyfinajernol9, outofmybody, pierresp5979, p_i_e_r_r_e, quizdiva, rowdi_cowgirl, sadnessis4life, sekzyxchicka, sexy_ryan, shadowandspirit, sk8terfreak2349, southern_babi, spankalicious69, sweet99, _dv8_, _echo_, _ic0nz_, _simple_plan
Friend of:10: dedikated, greensageki, kasper1305, mylyfinajernol9, outofmybody, p_i_e_r_r_e, sadnessis4life, sexy_ryan, southern_babi, spankalicious69
Member of:2: _ic0nz_, _simple_plan
Account type:Early Adopter

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