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Below is user information for -fall unmasked-. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sepulture (307070)
Name:-fall unmasked-
Bio:I'm not fun.
Interests:138: a perfect circle, alabaster skin, ancient egypt, anime, anthros, art, art garfunkel, beaches, being hateful, being in love, being smote by god, black sharpies, bleeding, blood, bloody desire, burning, candles, cannibalism, champagne, cirque du soleil, club kids, code 100, cradle of filth, cults, cutting, dark rooms, deadstar assembly, deadsy, death, denouncing god, dextromethorphan, disco bloodbath, diseases, drawing, drinking blood, dune, dying, dying hearts, earth, earth majick, edward scissorhands, egyptian gods, emotions, fanfiction, furry art, gackt, gay boys, gloom, gohatto, goth boys, goth girls, green eyes, hallucinations, hentai, hey happy, hocico, incense, individuality, japanese cinema, kenna, knorkator, kokain, lacuna coil, lan yu, lestat, lord of the rings, lords of acid, lotr slash, lying, majick, malice mizer, malikxryou, marine life, maud'dib, mental institutions, midian, monsters, moonlight, moonspell, music, mutations, my digimon bank, natural disasters, nature, nightwish, oomph!, pain killers, parasuicide, party monster, perfect love, piercings, poetry, poisoned wine, poppy z. brite, prostitution, rain, rammstein, rating, reading, religion, rose-red lips, ryuhei matsuda, samael, scarification, screaming agony, secrets, sedatives, shounen ai, skulls, smoke, stories, suicidal boys, suicidal feelings, suicide, tarantulas, tattoos, tatu, the ocean, tiamat, tokomon, tool, trance, twincest, vampires, vast, velvet acid christ, verbal fights, vnv nation, voodoo, watership down, weed, wiccanism, within temptation, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut, yaoi, yugioh
Friends:1: _mike_
Friend of:3: immortal_moon, m1xedcravings, _mike_
Account type:Free User

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