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User:robotrock (140537)  
Name:Robot Rock
Location:Michigan, United States
Bio:I was built on a distant planet that was at the eve of it's destruction. Much like Superman I was sent to earth as the last hope and member of my robotic race. I quickly implanted myself in the womb of an earth woman as I was programmed to do and was born a Scorpio Rooster in a small town hospital. I was first clued in to my true nature while watching 'Transformers' as a tot. Buried deep with in the fleshy circuit board inside my head was the knowledge that I was "more machine than man" to quote the ska group The Decepticonz. However it wasn't till I viewed 'Short Circuit' that I fully realized my robotic self. There after I spent many hours devouring books and sitting cross-legged on soft grass attempting to understand my smoky past. It wasn't till I was 15 years old that I was able to recover the history of my 'people'. It was a fine day in Biology class and I espied some tweezers lying on the counter and was inexplicably seized with the desire to jam them in a nearby electrical outlet. The jolt from this triggered a flood of memories and a sense of purpose. I was enlightened to my mission in life, handed down through the generations of my robotic ancestary. And so I exist today, living as a 21 year old girl, indulging in human pleasures. Underneath it all is my heart, complex layers of intertwined wire and capillaries, emotion and computer language.
Interests:100: 80s punk, adrian tomine, amelie, anais nin, analog, anti racist, april march, argyle, art revolutionaries, bedroom dancing, biking, bitching, books, california rolls, cardigans, casio keyboards, cassettes, christina ricci, chynna clugston major, cibo matto, city of lost children, cometbus, comic books, converse, cowgirls, crimethinc, dan clowes, diaries, drums, dub reggae, electro clash, feminism, fishnet, flea market, fracesca lia block, freckles, gardening, gay porn, gel pens, girl bands, girl gangs, girl punk, hiphop, hitachi magic wand, holding hands, hot pink, john waters, journals, kid koala, kitties, knee socks, laptops, lenore, lip gloss, lisa simpson, lofi, lollipops, lube, magazines, mix tapes, mod, new wave, pez, photobooths, pirates, punk, riot grrl, robots, sailor shirts, sanrio, sarah dryer, schwinn, secret clubs, shows, ska, skating, stationary, stickers, sticky pics, subtitiles, suicide girls, surf rock, sweatshirts, takako minekawa, the clash, the ramones, thrid wave, thrift shop, tiger lilies, toy accordions, trans, two tone, vanilla soy milk, vegetarianism, vespas, vinyl, wes anderson, writing, x-ray specs, zines
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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