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Below is information about the "R0LE M0DEL ---> R0LE PLAYiNG C0MMUNiTY" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:r0le_model (170938)
Location:United States

A roleplaying community
"I got no role model, no footsteps I can follow.."
User Number: 170938
Date Created:3-30-03
Number of Posts: 0

The maintainer journal for this community is: rm_mod Comment in the mod journal if you wish to join.
Disclaimer: Role Model is a role playing community for 'normal' people like you and I to roleplay as the celebrity(ies) of your choice. We do not know the actual celebrities and we are not claiming to be the nor are we trying to be them. This is simply a hobby so do not post anonymous comments in the journals talking about how we are not the person we are role playing because WE ARE FULLY AWARE OF THAT ALREADY. Thank you for reading the disclaimer now onto the rules....
1.) If you would like to join you must contact one of the maintainers of th community. They are listed above ^ ^ ^
2.) You must have AIM if you would like to be part of the community. Most of the roleplaying is done in IMs so if you don't have AIM don't bother asking to join. Also if you rp more than one person with the same screen name that will not be allowed. Please create a new screen name for all the people you roleplay that refers to something of the character like sexii lil emily refers to Emily get the point.
3.) You must update at least once a week. There will be journal checks once a week and if your journal hasn't been updated you will be kicked out of the community. And also you cannot just post quizes, surveys, or one sentence updates. Try and make the update interesting. .
4.) NUMBER ONE ROLE PLAYING RULE: you CANNOT under any circumstances whatsoever kill off you character. It is stupid and not excepted. If you try and kill off you character you will be thrown out of the community immediately. If you want to leave the community do not kill the character just simply leave it's as simple as that.
5.) You cannot have the same journal for any other communities. Your journal should be just used for Role Model or else it just gets too confusing. If we see your using the same jounal for any other communities we will ask you to leave your other communities and if you refuse you will be kicked out of the community.
6.) Please do not make a younger than 17 year old character pregnant. If you really want to ask one of the maintainers if you can. If we think you have a good idea for a storyline than we'll say yes. But if your just trying to impregnate a 13 year old girl than we will say no.
7.) If you are holding a grudge against someone that you know who rp's in the community please do not bing the fights in character. It's just stupid and makes everyone upset.
8.) You MUST have icons. If you don't have icons or do not hav the ability to make them simply ask somebody in the community and surely someone will make you some. You CANNOT steal icons. It's a big CANNOT and if we find out you've stolen icons you will be asked to remove the icons or else you will be kicked out.
9.) That's all for now, now go contact the maintainer to join! :) If you don't like the rules or the community simply click the [x] in the corner and mosey on by. Hope to see you in the community! ^__*

iS BROUGHT TO YOU BY - emily_vancamp // OFFiCiAL R0LE MODEL PIMP - ???
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