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User:punkpedagogy (1365063)
Name:John Fearless
Location:Nixa, Missouri, United States
Bio: Before the day was over he was dead. His death showed the gods were still able to fight their own battles. The clan saw no reason then for molesting the Christians.

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

I feel infinite.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Interests:87: al williamson, albert einstein's brain, all-star superman, amazing screw-on head, american gods, amy dumas, animals, april hunter, bali, batman and robin, boris karloff, bowling, brody dalle, cadillacs & dinosaurs, classic horror movies, comic book conventions, comic books, composition rhetoric, conference papers, cooking out, daleks, dead snow, dinosaurs, direct action groups, distillers, doctor who, dogs, driving, dudeism, fear agent, frank cho, frank quietly, frankenstein, frankenstein's monster, freaks, gandhi, godzilla, grant morrison, harry houdini, hellboy, indian food, ira shor, jamie hewlett, joel-peter witkin, king kong, kissing, liberty meadows, lincoln assassination, lucha libre, luchadores, luchagors, lufisto, mark schultz, mike mignola, monkeys, music, ncw-ff, neil gaiman, neverwhere, p.j. harvey, pca/aca, peter milligan, pin-up girls, pixies, pop culture studies, practical approaches to anarchy, profanity, pub trivia, pulp art, punk, ramones, robots, speaking spanish, stand-up comedy, strange history, tank girl, tattoo culture, teaching, the big lebowski, the rocketeer, tod browning, tom waits, travel writing, wally wood, writing fiction, zach galifianakis, zines
Friends:1: xbrodydallex
Member of:1: xbrodydallex
Account type:Free User

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