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User:prettypoison (23259)
Name:Shes So Empty and Beautiful...
Website:Jessabears pics
Location:Duluth, Minnesota, United States
AOL IM:CutieInSadness (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:XJessabearX (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:Littlerockstar69
Bio:^ ^
. .
Name~Jess*Jessa,Jessie,Jessabear,Barbie or Legs*

girl. 15. writes, draws, creates. fears/loathes bitchy, annoying, rude, asshole people in general, yet also pretty friendly. life's too short to be a bitch. honest. anti-fake, although Im told constantly that I resemble a Barbie Doll.. Sweetheart, yet sometimes obnoxiously loud.. giggly. girlish/dolllike.. Aries.. gives good advice (or so she's been told). anti-slut.

vices: smoking, swearing, blasphemy and shopping
most common emotion: Sadness
happy thought: Bein surrounded with a bunch of people i can actually tolerate.
obsessions: stars, movies, 80s hair bands., makeup, flowers, writing, guys.
loves: all my friends, my pets, my family, music,, ..

i have tons of issues. funny thing is, they're all inside my head. the outside world doesn't bother me much, it's me that bothers me. i have mood swings. i freak out. i cry. i get depressed. i rage and scream.. the next day i'm fine. that's me. i'm not on meds, i don't smoke pot, i barely ever drink. i don't cut myself, i don't fuck every guy that i see.. i haven't quite figured out how i deal, i just know that i do
Interests:42: 80s, blackmetal, bonjovi, bush, chaos, cigz, clubs, downtown, drinkin, driving, freakz, friends, gothz, guyz, horror, journals, lifehouse, liquor, lita ford, lust, marvelous3, metal, metallica, mirrorz, motley crue, movies, music, nirvana, ozzy, parties, piercings, poison, punks, quiet riot, rammstein, ratt, rob zombie, rock, sharks., tattoos, trouble, whitesnake
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: xmyleenx
Account type:Early Adopter

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