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Below is user information for ಌ Nicole ಌ. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pangs (891423)  
Name:ಌ Nicole ಌ
Website:user pictures
AOL IM:a bit snarky (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:140: 007, 42nd street, adrianne curry, alex borstein, alyssa milano, ambulance ltd, america's next top model, amy acker, angel, audrey hepburn, band candy, ben folds five, big o, bolero of fire, brand new, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, carol burnett, catherine zeta-jones, charisma carpenter, charmed, cheers, cher, chicago, colin mochrie, david boreanaz, death has a shadow, debra messing, din's fire, din's pearl, dliia, e. peterbus unum, earshot, eliza dushku, emma caulfield, entrapment, epona's song, eric mccormack, fairly odd parents, family guy, farore's pearl, farore's wind, fear itself, fifteen minutes of shame, fountains of wayne, french, from method to madness, get smart, gilligan's island, gilmore girls, goron ruby, hal sparks, heath ledger, holly marie combs, home movies, hush, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, intolerable cruelty, james marsters, japanese, jennifer love hewitt, john cusack, killed by death, kokiri emerald, lacey chabert, lazy town, leah remini, lie to me, lucille ball, magick knight rayearth, mean girls, megan mullally, michael ian black, michelle branch, mila kunis, mind over murder, minuet of forest, miss swan, monica horan, moon lips, moon revenge, moonlight rain, mr.griffin goes to washington, nayru's love, nayru's pearl, new wave bossa nova, next to godliness, nicholas brendon, nicole sullivan, nocturne of shadow, norelle van herk, omnisexuality, once more with feeling, once upon a mattress, pangs, peach hips, pierce brosnan, pink sugar heart attack, pointe, prelude of light, prophecy girl, rachael harris, rachael macfarlane, requiem of spirit, richard gere, road to rhode island, rooney, rose mcgowen, sailor chibi moon, sailor moon, sailor neptune, same place same time, sarah jessica parker, sarah michelle gellar, sean connery, sean hayes, selfless, serenade of water, seth green, seth macfarlane, sex & the city, something corporate, sonata of awakening, stacy london, starlight rain, stuck together torn apart, sugarcult, tabula rasa, team rocket, the legend of zelda, the vancome lady, the wedding date, to love/die in dixie, wasted talent, when she was bad, will & grace, zodiac p.i., zora sapphire
Friends:1: pangs
Friend of:1: pangs
Account type:Free User

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