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Below is user information for Insanity is Relative. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:nothing_lasts (715250)
Name:Insanity is Relative
Memories:20 entries
Interests:150: 60s, 70s, 80s, a perfect circle, aliens, alternative, amen, angel, anne rice, arch enemy, art, back to the future, being alone, black, black sabbath, books, breathing, buffy, butterfly effect, chatting, classic cars, computers, concerts, conspiracies, creepshow, darkness, dead kennedys, death, death metal, depression, detectives, devildriver, die hard, disinformation, disturbed, down, drowning pool, ebay, exodus, farscape, fear, fear factory, fire, flying, futurama, garbage, geeks, glass casket, godsmack, guys, hate, hatebreed, heavy metal, holden, holden caulfield, hoodoo gurus, horror, hurt, in flames, incubus, infatuation, iron maiden, j.d. salinger, jerry cantrell, john grisham, johnny depp, journalism, killswitch engage, kittie, lamb of god, late night conversations, laughter, life, lightning, loathing, lonely, loner, love, lust, marilyn manson, mark frost, metal, monkies, movies, msn, mudvayne, muse, nail polish, nerds, new friends, nirvana, no doubt, old school, outer limits, pain, painting, pantera, photography, poison, poison the well, procrastination, punk, queer as folk, quiet, rammstein, ramones, reading, rebellion, red, rob zombie, rock, rolling stone, sanity, sci-fi, science, sepultura, sex, sherlock holmes, silence, simpsons, slayer, snow, space, stargate, stars, strapping young lad, suicidal tendencies, supernatural, swings, tears, that 70s show, the crow, the white stripes, thrift stores, thunderstorms, time, tomahawk, tool, travelling, tv, twilight zone, used book stores, vampires, vintage, vinyl, weakness, winter, writing, you, zoo
Friends:9: abundantskies, boo_hsst, eccentrico, i_start_again, katalana, madscientist, outermost, remedyz, thisdesertlife
Friend of:14: abundantskies, booocasper, boo_hsst, descendingangel, eccentrico, i_start_again, kerto, madscientist, mogther, outermost, remedyz, thisdesertlife, vishnu612, zemime
Account type:Free User

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