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Below is information about the "Lyrics" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:my_fav_lyric (680109)

This Community is about posting lyrics or quotes that mean something to you. You can post anything you want. This is about expressing your feelings.

If you wrote a poem or a song, you are more then welcome to post it.


Say who the lyrics or quote are by. If you are not sure, say you do not know. If something is not cited and you do not say that you don't know, you will be reminded.

No bad remarks. This is a community where people can come too and post something without being putdown. If someone says something to another person the the other person is offended by, you will booted from this community.

You can use HTML if you want, or you can not. It is up to you.

You can put any lyric or qoute that you want. It doesnt have to be edited. All "bad words" are accepted. Just do not call anyone in this community anything or you will be kicked out

Any Questions Go To: _mayitbe_</lj> and leave a message.

Thank you!

Thank you to pretty_pink26 for making the community icon! Thank you!
Interests:25: anger, artists, bands, desire, envy, expressing yourself, feelings, friendship, life, love, lust, lyrics, meaningful things, movements, movies, originality, partners, people, pop, punk, qoutes, rap, rock, sadness, television
Members:6: brokenpieces778, downanotherday, hilla, oximaginaryxo, stillabillyfan, _mayitbe_
Watched by:2: brokenpieces778, _mayitbe_
Account type:Free User

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