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Below is user information for michael kenji shinoda. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:m___shinoda (218822)
Name:michael kenji shinoda
Website:forget the possibilities
Location:LA, California, United States
AOL IM:mikenoda (Add Buddy, Send Message)

this is my truth and i am your guide.

i am mike shinoda.

this is my band:

Mike Shinoda - Emcee
Rob Bourdon - Drums
Chester Bennington - Vocalist
Phoenix - Bassist
Brad Delson - Guitarist
Joe Hahn - Turntablist

this is my information:

Name: Michael Kenji Shinoda
Birthday: February 11, 1977
Location: California, at times.

I'll add other important information for stalkers later. MAYBE, if you're good children.

and i don't like porn. i like graphics!
Interests:87: a perfect circle, agoura, animaniacs, anna, anna lovejoy, anthrax, aphex twin, art, art school, being half-japanese, being single, biting, black eyed peas, brad delson, chester bennington, chicken fricasse, cock, computers, dc shoes, deftones, delta, dido, disturbed, dogs, draven bennington, drawing, drunknmunky, emceeing, eminem, fans, garbage pail kids, graphic design, guitars, hair dye, hip hop, hybrid theory, ibanez guitars, incubus, japan, japanese, jay shinoda, jazz, joe hahn, jurassic 5, killer b, kittie, linkin park, linkin park street team, linkin park underground, lmno, madonna, meteora, mike shinoda, my big fat ass, my middle finger, nine inch nails, nipping, outkast, p.o.d., painting, paul reed smith guitars, people, phoenix, piano, portishead, protools, ps2, public enemy, rob bourdon, samantha bennington, sex, showering, simplistic, sneaker pimps, speaking in third person, stone temple pilots, styles of beyond, sucking, system of a down, taproot, the name 'bradford', the roots, the word 'fook', the x-ecutioners, tits, tool, z-trip
Friends:10: allimack, amyacker_, ava_ballerina, ayala_t, a_pinkness, badbeckham, beatboxin_jrt, benjis_made, brandonbooyd, brittish__murph
Friend of:11: 0rlando_bl00m, aman_chinelatto, ava_ballerina, call_me_kendal, comfortablyjohn, idol_with_ears, jakegyllenhaal_, kinky_toph, mrprinzejr, nick_the_dick, shaun__white
Account type:Free User

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