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Below is information about the "..::Lovely:Graphics::.." community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lovely_graphics (899345)  
Website:Owners Journal

This community is for sharing graphics with other users.
We have icons, colorbars, friends only banners, and soon we should have headers and layouts.
If you don't want others to use your graphics then don't post them.

1) Please be respectful of the other members. Don't start any fights or cause any problems
2) Only post graphics you have made yourself. Don't post anything you've collected from other people
3) NEVER claim somebody else's work as your own
4) If you take somebody's graphics, please comment and give them credit
5) If you are posting more than 3 icons or large graphics, please put them behind an LJ cut {{learn how here}}
6) Requests are always welcome, but please be as specific as possible so I know what you're looking for
7) When requesting you have to supply your own images **i can't make animated icons, sorry

HOW TO CREDIT AN ICON: when you upload the icon from your computer, put the artist's name in the 'keywords' area

..::ICON.ARTISTS::.. @

xoxGraphics @

Interests:44: .gif, .png, 100x100, actors, avatars, banners, blends, buttons, cartoons, colorbars, colors, dividers, fonts, free graphics, freebies, friends only banners, friendship, graphic making, graphics, headers, heartache, holidays, humor, icon bases, icons, layouts, love, lyrics, making new friends, meeting new people, movies, ms paint, music, paint shop pro,, photographs, photography, photoshop, ps, psp, quotes, requests, singers, templates
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Account type:Free User

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