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User:kinky_qirl (187462)
heyy my names kayla. you can call me kayz.. kaylita anythinq workz. im fourteen soon to be fifteen september 16 which makes me a virqo baby! aww yah! i live in qreenfield, which is in pittsburqh,pa. it qets borinq here most of the time, sometimes it can qet a bit crazy tho. i have 1 younqer sister, that can be VERY annoyinq at times and is the dumbest blonde i know. i also have a boyfriend shawn. we've been qoinq out since o6.1o.o2 <33 even tho he lives in ohio which is bout 1 hr 30 mins. away we still manaqe. well if you wana know anythinq else, juss comment me <3

my likez shawn + my qirlz + eminem + fabolous + ashanti + lil kim + nelly + nighttime +shoppinq + tanninq + movies + partyin + dancin + bien crazy + chillin + baby phat + lip qloss + kisses + bien in love + music + mtv + bet + lolli pops + icecream +thonqz + aol + blurty + the color pink

my dislikes my mom + some quyz + liarz + stuck up bitchez + whorez + fake people + selfish people + fish + feet + cheese + school + joqqerz + buqz + my period + catz + serious people + qettinq up too early + teachers + colds + cryinq + uqly stuff + preps + ciqarettes + iqnorant ass ppl

my blinkies

contact me at AOL- bootylicious9669 AIM- lilmiisskayla

Friends:8: babie_phat, cherri_d0rk, cinnabunz, kiiss_me, kissme143x0, kt62889, xbabigyrlx, _kariixbabii
Friend of:5: babie_phat, cherri_d0rk, cinnabunnz, kissme143x0, _kariixbabii
Member of:2: free_shxt, lay0uts
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