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User:hyperness (127240)  
Location:ft. myers, Florida, United States
AOL IM:ashmodel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:</td><td colspan="1">
[ I'm a cool kid..]

hey cuties! my name is ashley aka Ashesly, Paris, Ash, Ashes, etc. . i was born in the hot + sunny dirty south, Florida and i realized its not all cracked up to what its said to be. I took my first breath May 13 which makes me a summer baby + a taurus. i have light brown hair with blonde highlights. my eyes are light blue and i have a brown dot "angel eye" in my left eye. i'm about 108lbs and im about 5'7. i have a brother, ryan, who i LOVE to death. i have gone solo and im happy but i have my eye on this special someone. i have lots of friends and they are basically what i live for. they are the best friends i can ever ask for. therefore, i cant just choose 1 or even 3 best friends. im a BiG time SHOPAHOLiC and im SO totally proud of it! also, my number one hobby is acting. i love basically what the average teen, TV, parties, etc. if you get to know me, i can be a really cool person. maybe the coolest kid youve ever met [; im purdy outgoing if you meet me in a certain mood and i fight with people VERY seldom because im lovable like that ;D im the trendsetter at my school--i wish, always having the latest clothes + styles because im always at the mall--im always @ the mall but im sadly not the trendsetter, lol! i have some fav singers and i listen to those CD's often... i guess thats about it?!

has many talents + loves candy + is very sociable + loves flip flops + is obessed with dolphins + loves big purses + crazy as me + is a nerk + loves little kids + kisses like no one else + knows how to party + is a singer + watches disney channel + loves to act + is very adventurous + has plenty friends + can do 3 things at once + smiles 24.7 + loves to hug + loves mac n cheese+ has awesome hair + sexy eyes + is a cute chick + is beautiful + is trendy + loves M.A.C. + is Ashleyfull + is outrageous + is sexified, haha + a star + is original

well, to tell you the truth, i have alot of hobbies. Acting is my fav hobby though. its so much for me. i either go with my friends that act of course or just chill @ my play practices. Singing is awesome! Ive been doing it for 5 years with a voice teacher...<3! its really cool and i love it. im a flyer and we won first place during last years competition. SMiLiNG is also one of my other hobbies..every single day i laugh--if this counts!. once you do it all the time, it gets habitual. HANGiNG OUT is also a big time hobby for me. every weekend i "hang out" with my friends and we have the coolest time! i also have alot of other cool hobbies..but i guess those are the best.

Aero + American Eagle +MAC make up + glitter + shoes + Accesories + Aero's Bag/Purses +Perfume + Hats + lipgloss + Nail Polish + Tees + Cheerleading Shorts + Jeans + Abercrombie + Skirts + Sandles + Flip Flops + more...

- im a shopaholic
- i watch tv
- im an internet junkie :P
- i love music
- blurty's cool
- i subscribe to seventeen
- im adorkable
- im friendly
- i party alot
- I love dolphins
- I want a green beetle for my sweet 16
- i love make up
- shoppings awesome
- i have a labrador [dog]
- i love to act
- i hate jerks
- lip gloss is great
- my friends are cool kid
- shane west is a punk
- britney spears' album comes out this october
- im trying out for singing is my special talent
-I do anything for my true friends
-I am a huge gossiper!
- why do people lie?
- did you know everytime you clap your hands you kill 10 thousand skin cells?
- your hair is made up of dead skin cells
- im original
- i love you

Number: 15
Music Genre: Pop, Hip Hop + R & B
Colors: pink + purple
Movie: Legally Blonde
Season: Summer + Spring
T.V. Show: American Idol(temporarily) + American Dreams + Everwood..
Actor: so many...
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Store: Aero
Food: Mac N Cheese
Candy: lolli pops
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate chip
Disney Movie:Sleeping Beauty + Lion King
Game: Clue
Fast Food: Steak and Shake
Comedian: No fav
Restaurant: Maccarroni grill
Cartoon: BraceFace
Interests:50: acting, actor, actors, actress, actresses, adding friends, american dreams, aurora, boy meets world, britney snow, broadway, care bear, cheer bear, dance, daniel radcliffe, disney princesses, dogs, dolphins, email, emailing, emma watson, family, friends, friendship, fun, harry potter, laughing, lilo and stitch, make-up, movies, new york, performing, phones, picture, pictures, popcorn, puppies, purple, rupert grint, shopping, singing, sleeping beauty, taking pictures, talking, taurus, tests, theatre, thespians, violet, websites
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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