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Below is user information for .jessica.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hispanicshawti (62059)
Website:m0re th0ughtz
Location:Miami Lakes, Florida, United States
AOL IM:LaNenaJessica (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! (Add User, Send Message)
Bio: // name. jessica
\\ a.k.a. jess + jessie + boricua + "X"
// aqe. sweet 16
\\ lOcatiOn. miami 3O5
// sekz. lil ladie
\\ statz. bruises fade but the pain remains the same
// skOol. aint2proud2say
\\ qrade. juniOr c/o 2OO4
// natiOnality. puerto*rikan
\\ bday. may 25
// siqn. gemini
\\ bffl. no such thing
// xtina aguilera's stripped
\\ cOlOr red
// 2pac
\\ hawaiin punch
// b2k
\\ shOppinq
// pEpsi
\\ bOys wit spikey hair =]
// dancinq
\\ sinqinq
// music
\\ jewelry
+++fave sonqz+++
\\ still ballin'. 2pac + trick daddy
// cry me a river. justin timberlake
\\ all i have. j. lO + ll cOol j
\\ dO that. baby + p.diddy
// bump, bump, bump. b2k
\\ mesmerize. ja rule + ashanti
// make it clap [remix]. busta rhymes + sean paul
\\ im with u. avril lavigne
// im ok. xtina aguilera

Interests:148: 2pac, aaliyah, aol, ashanti, baby phat, bacardi, basketball players, beach, being loud, being short, being wit friends, besitos, best friends, bet, bikinis, blinkies, blockbuster nights, booty dancing, booty music, boys with spikey hair, britney spears, candy, cartoons, chihuahuas, chillin, chocolate, choreagraphy, christmas, clothes, code red, corn rows, cosmopolitan magazine, cruises, cuban food, dancing, diamonds, disney, dj's, doing crazy things, downloading music, eating, ecko red, eminem, escalade, fast and the furious, fire, flirting, food, fruit roll-ups, funny people, gettin freaky, getting my way, giggles, glamour magazine, glitter, going out, gucci, guess, gum, gummy bears, hawaiin punch, hip hop, how high, hugs, ice cream, italian food, j.lo, ja rule, jewelry, josh hartnett, kissing, latin boys, layouts, legally blonde, lexus, lilo, linkin park, lipgloss, livejournals, lollipops, ludacris, make-up, making people laugh, mall, manicures, meeting people, mercedes-benz, method man, micheal ealy, money, movies, mtv, music, my family, my nails, nas, nelly, parties, passions, pedicures, piercings, pimpin, playstation 2, powerpuff girls, preppy clothes, puppies, purses, r&b, radio, rap, reading, reese witherspoon, reggae, scary movies, sex and the city, sex dice, shakin my ass, shoes, shopping, singing, sleeping, slow jams, smiles, spending money, spongebob, sprite, stitch, strawberries, stuffed animals, summer, swimfan, taco bell, talking, the color pink, the osbournes, thongs, thuggish style, tinkerbell, traveling, trick daddy, trina, valentines day, video games, vin diesel, web designing, weekends, wine coolers, xoxo
Friends:4: infamouzshawtii, ozylovesyou, princess_sarah, puta69
Friend of:3: lilshorty, princess_sarah, puta69
Account type:Early Adopter

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