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User:greggyboy (88190)
Name:Gregory Raposo
Website:Every Summer Has A Song...
Location:Brookville, New York, United States
AOL IM:strumming x greg (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Greg is presently working on his new solo project. He is writing most all of his own music as well as collaborating with some amazing musicians to co-write and perform with. He sings and plays guitar with a live band rocking down every concert with his new sound that he categorized as "Clean Rock." Pop music is on its way out and Greg is on his way in with his legendary talent to take over the music world. Greg is not a vintage punk rocker wannabe, nor is he a conspicuous flashy popstar. His new original appeal is being the all-American, real boy, true rockstar. He is a good looking, average teenager who girls fall in love with and guys can relate to. His songs are not about suicide or drugs, but rather issues that Greg lives through and writes about. On stage he is known for his unbelievable presence and showmanship. Through the energy he brings to the stage he makes every audience feel his music and passion. His image of being a real person is what people love and what the music industry needs. Greg will bring back realness to music. He has one of the most dedicated fan bases that stretch's across the entire country of girls who have grown up and out of the pop world along with Greg. This is mainly because previously Greg was signed to Atlantic Records & Edel Records in a pop boy group called Dream Street. Their album went Gold and sold over 900,000 copies and the number is still climbing. Greg toured around the country with Dream Street on tours such as the Aaron Carter Winter Party US Tour 2002, Steve Madden Mall Tours, 2001-2002 Dream Street Tours, and numerous Radio Disney & Mall Tours. Greg also has an " Official Fan Club " and " Street Teams " across the country. Greg's management team through the years have created a fan base of over 50,000 e-mail address who receive monthly updates on Greg events.

Before the young age of 13, Greg has performed in Broadway on
Broadway singing solo at Times Square for 50,000 people. In 1997, Greg was invited by Priscilla Presley to be the only child performer world wide honoring the 20th anniversary of Elvis's death. He is a retired Broadway Kid and can be heard on three out of the four Broadway Kids albums. His many television appearances include Good Morning America, Fox after Breakfast, Saturday Night Live, Sally Jesse Raphael, Entertainment Tonight, All My Children, The Maury Show, and many more. He's done over 17 television commercials including Ellio's Pizza, Kit Kat, Olive Garden, Ford, Frosted Flakes and Crest. Also Greg has been heard on numerous radio interviews on stations such as 95.5 WPLJ, Z100, KRock, Open House Party, Kiss FM and many more. One of the most important parts about Greg is how much he contributes his time to charity. He is still currently a spokes kid and performer for a group called Kids for Kids who travels across America raising money for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Greg has never stopped working towards his dream of becoming the next rock legend and he is one of the most successful and determined teenagers you will ever find. He has many scheduled and upcoming concerts across the country. To keep posted on all that Greg is doing continue to log onto

Interests:28: 7-11, american hi fi, american idol, b-ball, britney spears, california, cars, chillin, dave matthews band, drums, ds, elvis, frank galasso, friends, girls, guitar, jesse mccartney, katie cassidy, matrix, matt ballinger, movies, music, performing, pez, soccer, stripping, thrusting, writting songs
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Account type:Early Adopter

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