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Below is user information for it went off in my locker. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:flaregunsuicide (800946)
Name:it went off in my locker
Location:Oregon, United States
AOL IM:gutterglow (Add Buddy, Send Message)

like you really give a shit.
Interests:116: 80's anti-fashion, american mcgee's alice, arsenic, art, bipolar disorder, black, blink 182, blood, books, candy, canned bread, chewing on straws, computers, criminals, cry-baby, cut, cutting, death, detention, disorders, donnie darko, drugs, dying, edgar allen poe, elective mutism, elijah wood, elves, everclear, eyeliner, fiction, final fantasy, fire, footloose, frank peretti, fuzz, ghosts, glow sticks, good charlotte, green, green day, gremlins, hangman's curse movie, harry potter, haunted houses, history, horror, independence, ink, insomnia, john bender, johnny depp, knives, lace, lord of the rings, matches, mechanical pencils, mest, monsters, moths, music, mxpx, myst, narcotics, needles, nerds, new found glory, not talking, paranormal, pixel art, pixie stix, poetry, posion, pretty in pink, pretty things, punk rock, rancid, razor wire, razors, reading, recluse, riven, safety pins, scalpels, schizophrenia, science fiction, selective mutism, self injury, self mutilation, sharp things, shiney objects, silence, sleeping, snow, soda, speak, static, suicide, sunflowers, swinging, syberia, talking, talking in third person, tears for fears, teevee, the breakfast club, the distillers, the hours, the lost boys, the professional, the twilight transmission, theatre, time travel, toxic fumes, unexplained, vodka, writing.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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