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Below is information about the "_____ Evenstar Icons _____" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:evenstaricons (543144)
Name:_____ Evenstar Icons _____
Website:Evenstar Icons at
Location:United States

\\ RULES //

1. All of these icons are for sharing. Don't be greedy. Anyone in the community can use them UNLESS they are a request. If I find that someone is using someone's requested icon without permission, you'll get a warning.

2. When taking an icon and not giving proper credit or no credit at all or stealing in general, you'll get a warning. Do it again and you'll be banned from my community.

3. Proper credit is by commenting and telling me you are taking an icon and what number it is. (They are all numbered in the entries so this isn't hard to do). Also, under your picture keywords you must have EVENSTAR ICONS or evenstaricons something along those lines. If not, it's not crediting.

4. Be friendly. Don't steal. Give me credit. And DO NOT take my personal icons. Pllllleeeeaaassssseeeee. Ask first. Most likely I'll say no but I might say yes. <3

5. Don't manipulate my icons in any way shape or form unless you ask for permission first.

6. Don't clam I stole your icons. They are all 100% mine unless I say otherwise.

7. That's all. For now.


Where do you find your pictures?

Most of the time I find them at modeling sites, clothing brand sites, Getty Images, but mostly m wn collection of art I have collected through the year

What fonts are you using?

I use all the 04 fonts. And pixel fonts are wonderful too. I find all my fonts at along with and a few of my friends sites have fonts to download.

What software are you using to make the icons?

Paintshop Pro 7 AND Animation Shop 3.

Can you make me a personalized Icon?

Only when requests are open and I will say on the journal when they are.

Can I use your personal icons for my own journal?

No no and no. Pleeeeease don't take my personal icons. My spork will come unleashed.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me via :

AIM: waited for night
Yahoo: inkthatlies


seduce - Seduce Icons
gusicons - Gus Icons
belleicons - Belle Icons

If you want to be listed here, contact me!
Interests:67: 100x100, animation, animation shop 3, animations, art, artistic, avatars, award banners, awards, blend, blend artists, blend challenges, blend making, blend topics, blending, blends, blinkies, blurty, brushes, celebrities, challenges, color, colors, creativity, critiques, design, designing, drawing, effects, feedback, friends, friendship, getty images, gradients, graphic, graphic design, graphics, icon makers, icon making, icons, images, join, joining, layers, layouts, learn, learning, livejournal, making blends, making icons, moderation, moderators, originality, paint shop pro, paint shop pro 7, paintbrushes, paintshop, pictures, pixel art, pixels, psp, psp7, psp8, sharing, talent, teaching, tools
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