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Below is user information for [ l 0 V E with C A u T I O N ]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:dwdrummer (137276)
Name:[ l 0 V E with C A u T I O N ]
Bio:This counter provided for free from!
Interests:60: 30 seconds to mars, a static lullaby, afi, alice in chains, bert, boxcar racer, buddy rich, chocolate syrup, coheed and cambria, computer nerds, computers, conan o brian, concerts, deftones, dishwalla, drum sets, drumsticks, finch, flickerstick, from autumn to ashes, girls, glassjaw, happiness, ice cream, kurt cobain, metallica, milton, mountain dew, mp3's, new cymbals, new drumheads, nirvana, notes, pencils with writing, poison the well, porn music, pretty guitars, rage against the machine, saosin, scooby doo snacks, senses fail, sevendust, silverchair, silverstein, smashing pumpkins, smoothies, spitalfield, splender, sprite, story of the year, straight edge, subway, the osbournes, the toadies, the trans-siberian orchestra, the used, thrice, thursday, tool, travis barker
Friends:12: 0urtimet0shine, everyone_is_emo, fallenxangel04, g00dbye_f0rever, open_heart_x, r0x0r, radiosuicide, starletinthemag, waxbutterflyz, xxtheusedxx, you_sucker, zeronimbus
Friend of:8: 0urtimet0shine, everyone_is_emo, open_heart_x, r0x0r, radiosuicide, starletinthemag, superloser, waxbutterflyz
Member of:4: emojerseyrock, finchfans, glassjaw, jetblacknewyear
Account type:Early Adopter

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