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User:dryxtears (170848)
Name:I've Become A Dusty Memory
Website:Look Into The Mirror Of The Past
Location:Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:I wanna feel for you tonight.
But I won't make you.
Scream my name just one more time.
To be here like this...
And just to lay you down.
And just to taste your lips.
And just to keep me up.
God I'm tired of sleeping.
And just to lay beside you.
And just to know this feeling.

Interests:114: 80s music, acdc, adam sandler, afi, aim, alec, aliah r. perretta, alkaline trio, all american rejects, aqua, being helpful, belts, black, black nailpolish, blankets, blink 182, blurties, bowling for soup, boy sets fire, boys boys boys, burger king, bush, cheese, chicken, chocolate donuts, christmas, chuck taylors, clash, cold, comedy central, converse, dana carvey, dorkals, dudes, evanescence, eyeballs, ferris buellers day off, finding icons, fingernail polish, first lady, funky shoelaces, giggling, goo goo dolls, gray, green day, happy bunny, hearts, home alone, hot pink, hot topic, i love the 80s, iced tea, icons, jack off jill, jellyfishes, jim carrey, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, judd nelson, keep truckin', layouts, long talks, mike myers, monty python, mountain dew, my friends, my green striped socks, my knee high socks, nachos, nirvana, pearl jam, popcorn, pretty in pink, punk rock music, rainstorms, rings, road trips, roller coasters, scooby doo, semi colons, sex pistols, simple plan, sixteen candles, sleeping, snl, socks, something corporate, south park, spinny chairs, spring, stan from south park, stand by me, stars, stupid people, sugar packets, sum 41, summer, taco bell, the ataris, the brady bunch, the breakfast club, the offsprings, the phone, three doors down, toaster ovens, toe socks, tomatoes, tonic, turkey, vans, vendetta red, watches, weezer, writing notes
Friends:14: babygurl17, behindblueeyezx, bruisedemotions, deadxgrrl, deathseulogy666, glazeddonutx, mypaintedsmile, onehope, slicethroughme, xhugsnkisses00x, xocristenox, xojenny14xo, xxhazeleyezxx, yoxitsxkelso
Friend of:18: babygurl17, behindblueeyezx, bruisedemotions, captainwaffles, dadyslildeefect, deadxgrrl, glazeddonutx, onehope, ooiloveyouoo, plastikxhearts, shadowedxheart, slicethroughme, tinkerbell517, xhugsnkisses00x, xocristenox, xojenny14xo, xxhazeleyezxx, yoxitsxkelso
Member of:1: blurty_gods
Account type:Early Adopter

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