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User:cancer_crab (36609)
Location:Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:gc chick 0x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: [RiOt GiRL]
Hey! My name's Amanda Michelle and I'm from Bloomfield, New Jersey. It's sad how I've never lived out of Bloomfield. Even at the hospital being born, I was born on the Bloomfield side. My birthday is June 26th, which is also the same day as NY Yankee's, Derek Jeter, lol. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I *love* my eyes. All my friends have like, perfect color eyes and they all want color contacts, but I don't even though my eyes are really dark. I love them because no matter what, they always shine and they're big and bright. As of right now I'm a single woman, but I do have my eye out on a few people. I love Eminem and Good Charlotte. Eminem is my role model. Why? I want to be different. Ya know, every always says that girls should have role models like Britney Spears and all these other fake girls but Eminem is mine. Why is he, Eminem, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, my role model? Haha, because he's real. No matter what kid of shxt goes down, he pulls through. And he speaks his mind. Ya know, he has all these people saying that his lyrics are so 'harsh' and 'inappropriate' but does he care? No. That's why I love him so much. Anyways, my hobbies include alot; dancing, singing, acting, modeling, volleyball, cheerleading, soon to be basketball lol, wrestling [haha Adrienne], chillin, shopping, phone, aim, aol, hanging out with my friends, soccer [when I have the urge, lol], and anything else that's fun! I'm gonna be famous some day, so watch out! ;D

this girl's, hot girl. a riot girl and i'm takin on the world

[GiRL's & BOYS]
My friends mean the world to me. I love them to death. Although most of them wnd up turning me and hating me, I love the one's that stay true. A true friend means someone I can trust, one that won't tell what's not suppoed to be told, someone that has things in common with and can relate to, and someone I can have a great time with, where there's never a boring moment when we're together. Someone you can trust, someone on your side, someone who loves you for who you are; those are what I call friends. I love you all so much!

girl's don't like boys, girls like cars and money.
boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny..

Chyea, I aint got a hunny. I had one.. thought I didn't love him anymore.. broke up.. found ut a week later I was in love with him.. and chyea, he didn't like me anymore. I do have my eye on someone.. well, a few people. One of them I have no chance in hell with, the 2nd one is like.. a mllion years younger than me [no just kidding but he's WAY younger], and the other one is my ex who I would love to have *another* chance with. I know I was the one who screwed up, but I didn't realize I really loved him so much. Go figure..

i ripped down her throat and called you on the telephone..

So, this journal isn't enough of me, ehh? Well, you can read my other journal, shady_lady. My AOL screen names nd email adresses are CANCER xX crab, I0SE yO0RsELf 1x, and X bAyBe MaNdA x. They'e all My AIM screen name [as of right now] is gC chick 0x. If you wanna know anythng else, use one of the email adresse. :D

little things, little things, they try to bring me down
little things, little things, they always hang around.
Interests:150: 3 south, 50 cent, acting, adam sandler, adidas, aeropostale, aim, al green, aol, apples, audioslave, avril lavigne, b2k, baby blue, belly button rings, bikinis, blink 182, blinkies, boxcar racer, boy meets world, boys, britney spears, brownies, bubble baths, bubbles, butterflies, cameras, candles, candy, cds, cell phones, cheerleading, cherries, cherry coke, chillin, chinese food, chocolate chip cookie dough, christmas, concerts, cookies, cruel intentions, d12, dancing, daniel radcliffe, destiny's child, disney world, eminem, eye shadow, eyebrow rings, eyes, five iron frenzy, football, frankie muniz, friends, glitter, glowsticks, good charlotte, harry potter, homepages, hoobastank, hot topic, ice, ice cream, icicles, ja rule, jeans, jennifer lopez, jimmy eat world, joel madden, joey fatone, josh hartnett, justin timberlake, justincase, legally blonde, less than jake, limp bizkit, linkin park, lip gloss, lip rings, lollypops, m&ms, michelle branch, modeling, movies, mtv, music, myrtle beach, nail polish, necklaces, nelly, new found glory, new york city, nose rings, orlando bloom, otown, penguins, pepsi twist, perfume, piercings, pillows, pink, profiles, punks, purple, purses, real world, rent, roller blading, roller coasters, run dmc, ryan phillippe, screen names, sean biggerstaff, sev, sex, shakira, shopping, simple plan, singing, skateboarders, skateboarding, skittles, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, soccer, something corporate, spike bracelets, spikey hair, spongebob squarepants, stars, sum 41, sun glasses, swimming, talking on the phone, taproot, tattoos, the osbournes, the starting line, thongs, toe rings, tom felton, tongue rings, tough enough, twizzlers, video cameras, vin diesel, volleyball, weezer, z100
Friends:33: 0ranqe_qurl, 742617000027, adorkable25xo, babii_chelle, baby_cakez, barbieunderoos, cherriez143, cherri_d0rk, devilishangel7, fiqhter_x0, heartbrokenqurl, inn0cent_kissez, i_lovejustin, justinzbabe, liddobebe, lillaww, me_and_my_star, piinkteardropz, pink_shoelaces, pink_thongz, respiration, sassi, sugarhit, villain, volcom_vixen, _bxckii, _daffyxoox, _friendly_, _jiggawhat, _mzvicious_, __glitter, ___hearted, _____punkster
Friend of:16: 0ranqe_qurl, barbieunderoos, cherriez143, devilishangel7, fiqhter_x0, inn0cent_kissez, i_lovejustin, liddobebe, lillaww, me_and_my_star, pink_shoelaces, pink_thongz, villain, _daffyxoox, _mzvicious_, _____punkster
Account type:Early Adopter

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